6 Funniest Tweets From the Hilarious National Park Service Twitter Account

A Tweet/Xeet by the NPS reads "Your chances of being hunted by a turkey are low, but never zero." with the photo of a turkey staring straight into the camera from a windowed door

A Tweet/Xeet by the NPS reads "Your chances of being hunted by a turkey are low, but never zero."

The National Park Service has jokes, and we’re here for it

​​Like any massive bureaucracy, the United States government has its strengths and its weaknesses. Strengths? Good at starting clandestine wars in faraway lands. Weaknesses? Not really known for quality humor or at least not until you get to the folks at the National Park Service who use their official Twitter (aka X) account like they’re workshopping material for a set of “Catch a Rising Star.” 

A lot of major entities try and use social media to show how hip and happening they are to the young generations. They use all the slang terms like “rizz” or “bet”. But often they come off as cringeworthy or cheugy (See? We can do it, too!). There are a lot of try-hards who come off like the Steve Buscemi meme where he’s 50 years old, but dressed young and says “How do you do, fellow kids?” 

But then you meet an account that does it right – or hires someone who gets it. Wendy’s for years was among the best. Those of us in East Tennessee are currently enjoying the work being done on behalf of the regional gas station chain Weigel’s. But the National Park Service – despite what you’d expect in terms of extra red tape – stands among the best in the game … and that’s no cap, as the kids say. 

How do we rank these Tweets (aka Xeets)? The right spot is funny, engaging and potentially informative. Dad jokes are welcome. The following, are what we think, some of the best tweets from the National Park Service.

1. Where do you keep the unicorns?

The Tweet: “Visitor: When will you tell us where you keep the unicorns? 🦄 Us: As soon as visitors stop feeding squirrels and taking dangerous selfies with bison, we’ll let you know where the horses with giant spikes on their heads roam.”

Just the right level of snarkiness. One of the most annoying things about working for the Park Service has to be people who refuse to listen to rules designed for their safety. 

2. Geese don’t play

The Tweet: “Do not play dice with geese. They cheat.”

It’s a visual joke on a sign warning visitors not to feed the wildlife. The representation of a hand throwing food to a goose – maybe a duck – looks a bit like they’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, or possibly craps. Either way, it’s funny because geese are well known for being the a-holes of the animal world and would totally cheat. Finally, it’s a good reminder to not feed the animals in the park which is dangerous for them and you – I’m not kidding about those geese. 

3. Karate masters walk into spider webs

The Tweet: “One does not simply become a master of karate. First, you must accidentally walk into a spider web.”

Solid work all around. Plays on the “Lord of the Rings” “one does not simply” meme and puts me in mind of Dayman from” It’s Always Sunny.” Also, if you’ve ever seen someone freak out after walking into a nearly invisible web, it’s hilarious. The post also leads into an informative discussion of spiders in the National Parks.  

4. See big buttes (we cannot lie)

The Tweet: “See big buttes (we cannot lie), fascinating fossils and curious creatures in your national parks!”

Sir-Mix-A-Lot reference? Well, played, NPS. Well played. We also had an option of an Ice, Ice Bison tweet but buttes always win in the end. 

5. Miss Congeniality: “Same”

The Tweet: “Miss Rhode Island: ‘“’I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not
too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.'”‘ Us: Same.”

I’m a sucker for a good movie reference, and this cut from the Sandra Bullock classic “Miss Congeniality” is just about perfect. Asked about her favorite date – by William Shatner – Miss Rhode Island took it in a literal direction. Perfect for you to steal next April 25. Not particularly informative but the accompanying picture does make you want to enjoy a Spring day in a park. 

6. Bird identification expert

The Tweet: “Me: ‘I’m an expert at identifying birds.’ Friend: ‘OK, what about that bird over there?’ Me: ‘Yep, it’s a bird.'”

Reminds me of the line from the classic 80s movie “Top Secret.” Nick: “I’m sorry, I really don’t know any German.” Hillary: “That’s all right, I know a little German …. He’s sitting over there.” 

Perfect. No notes.  

In a digital world that can be overwhelming, the National Parks Service aims to be informative and entertaining while lifting people up. It’s a nice change of pace and something that should be applauded and enjoyed. 

What are your favorite NPS tweets? Let us know in the comments below.

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