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When we set out to build TheSmokies.com, we imagined a site that would become a resource to locals and tourists alike, and unlike other tourism sites in the area, wouldn’t be controlled by a government entity or large corporation, but instead owned, operated and produced by the people who were born in, live in and love the area.

We want TheSmokies.com to be the personified voice of a friend who speaks to you in the way that your southern momma does – honest, plain and with the occasional hint of good ol’ fashioned southern sarcasm.

As locals, we understand the importance of community integration, which is why we want to hear from you!

Have a local business that you’d like to feature on the site? Have an idea for an article? Want to become an affiliate? Interested in becoming a TheSmokies.com contributor? Reach out to us by filling out this form or emailing [email protected].

Morgan Overholt, TheSmokies.com

Morgan Overholt


Alaina O'Neal, TheSmokies.com

Alaina O’Neal


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James Overholt


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Kimberly Grayson

Public Relations

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John Gullion

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