the old mill district and a manatee

12 Utterly Bizarre Animal Sightings in Tennessee – Scorpians, Manatees & More!

Tennessee is known for its variety of fauna. Some of the sightings on the list are surprisingly common, others are nothing more than escaped pets. I have lived in the Deep South and also spent a lot of time cruising around the Gulf in Florida for much of my life. Therefore, I’ve seen my share of strange or exotic creatures.

standalone chimneys at elkmont

The Eerie Standalone Chimneys in The Smoky Mountains You Need To See

Found deep within the Smoky Mountains is an abandoned town with an unusual sight – a collection of standalone stone chimneys As someone who grew up about 20 minutes away from Elkmont – maybe 30 if there’s traffic – I was aware of remnants of a strange settlement dating back to the days before the National Park. But the history

2024 flooding in gatlinburg tn

Important Tips You Should Follow When It Floods in the Smoky Mountains

Local offers advice for heavy rainfall in the Smokies It’s not uncommon to see heavy amounts of rainfall and flooding in the Sevier County area. And of course, since the Great Smoky Mountains area is a major travel hub, knowing how floods may affect your vacation can be handy. With that in mind, as a local, here’s what I think