Dolly Parton releases new music, says life is “gonna be better”

Dolly Parton
Screenshot from Dolly Parton's music video "When Life Is Good Again"

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This week, our Appalachian queen Dolly Parton sat down (via video chat) with Edward Felsenthal, editor-in-chief and CEO of TIME, as part of the TIME100 Talks: Finding Hope series. 

TIME100 Talks began in April and feature conversations with leaders and experts who address the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview, Dolly sits on her patio and talks about hope and encourages people to help others if they are able.

“We should all just do everything that we can do to help,” Dolly tells Felsenthal. “I really admire and appreciate all the wonderful things I watch on the news every day of what all the good things that people are doing, just helping.” 

While the rest of the world was seemingly exhausting their respective Netflix queues, Dolly says she has been spending her isolation time with song writing. 

“It’s my therapy to be able to write songs, but I see and hear what other people are going through and what they feel, so I really try to write what I think everybody is going through right now.” 

The music video for Dolly’s new song, “When Life Is Good Again“, premiered during the TIME100 Talks. The song is about looking forward to the time when the pandemic has ended, making amends and opening our hearts.

“When life is good again, it’s gonna be better than it ever was,” Dolly says in the interview. “I know I’ll be a better person. And I can see a lot of things that I can do better than I did before. And I hope that everybody during this time, if God had no other reason for this to happen but to just make us sit down and analyze ourselves and what’s going on in the world and how selfish we’ve been and how blind we’ve been to so many things that really matter if we’re to survive as humanity, really.” 

Dolly has been a beacon of hope to many people during the pandemic. In April she donated $1 million to coronavirus research at Vanderbilt. She also recently launched Goodnight with Dolly”, a 10-week series where Dolly reads books to children in an effort to comfort them during the shelter-in-place mandates. 

“I try to just keep the faith. I try to let go and let God, as I say in my own heart,” says Dolly. 

“Hope for the best, pray for the best, and live your life the best way you can and when life is good again, it’s gonna be better than it ever was.” 

If you need a heart-warming moment, or maybe even a good cry, check out the new music video for “When Life is Good Again” here, or listen wherever you get your music here.

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