Dolly Parton to Guest Host New Game Show in Tennessee

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Pigeon Forge Family Challenge show to premiere February 2024

Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Entrepreneur. Queen of the World. Now, a preview video for a YouTube reality show debuting in early February has fans asking if Dolly Parton is about to add another job title to her already crowded business card.

Parton appeared recently in an Instagram video promoting a new YouTube show: the Pigeon Forge Family Challenge. The multi-episode reality show competition features five families competing in Pigeon Forge-related challenges for the travel website Of course, there were hopes that Dolly herself would be the host. While it does not appear that she will be joining the likes of Alex Trebek or Jeff Probst anytime soon, it does seem that she will at least appear as a guest host on one of the episodes.

Will Dolly compete in the challenge?

A former East Tennessee news anchor named Beth Haynes is hosting the show, which will have five episodes and air weekly on YouTube beginning Feb. 6. Haynes was on WBIR – channel 10 out of Knoxville – for 20 years before leaving the station in November of 2022 to pursue other opportunities. And if you’re wondering, Dolly will not be competing either … as if the queen herself would participate in something called the “Gravity Park Zorb Challenge.”

However, Dolly popped up on Haynes’ Instagram channel and made it plain in a way that only Dolly Parton could that she would not be competing. “I don’t compete with anybody but me,” Dolly said. It’s unclear just how many of the episodes Dolly will appear as guest host or co-host. Haynes mentioned on her social media that Dolly was involved in the filming of at least one episode. Video clips also show her interacting with the families in a group setting. However, my money is on Dolly featuring prominently in the Dollywood Trivia Challenge episode, but keep an eye out for the Lumberjack Feud Adventure Skills Challenge. Maybe Dolly will get her Alex Trebek on and ask a few trivia questions after all.

What are the five challenges?

The show itself features five families competing over the course of multiple episodes. The score will be kept on the show for the viewer, but the teams will not know where they stand until the last episode. “The families competing in our Pigeon Forge Family Challenge are every bit as interesting and varied as the lineup of fun here in Pigeon Forge,” Haynes said in a promotional video. In all, the families will compete in five challenges which include:

  • Compete Outdoor Gravity Park Zorb Challenge
  • Country Tonite Dance-Off
  • Old Mill Pancake Challenge
  • Lumberjack Feud Adventure Skills Challenge
  • Dollywood Quiz Competition

Will there be prizes?

What will the fabulous influencer family that takes home the grand champion title win? It’s unclear. A previous version of the show announced way back in 2011 promised a $10,000 grand prize, but there’s no such promise for the 2024 version, which was filmed back in the early fall of 2023 when the leaves were still green and the weather warm.

How to watch the Pigeon Forge Family Challenge

To follow along in the fun, subscribe to this YouTube channel. New videos will be released each week starting Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024.

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