Authentic Dollywood decorations go up for auction May 8

Dollywood auction items include pumpkins and a large model train

Decorative items from Dollywood's warehouse will be available at the auction on May 8 (photo submitted by Bear Land Realty and Auction)

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If you’re a Dollywood fanatic, get your wallet ready. 

You’re about to have the very rare opportunity to own your very own piece of Dollywood memorabilia during an upcoming warehouse liquidation auction. 

The Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., has commissioned Bear Land Realty and Auction and Kennedy Real Estate and Auction to liquidate a surplus of their warehouse items.

Get ready to buy your greatest souvenir ever. The auction will be held on May 8, 2021 at 10 am. 

What items will be available at the Dollywood auction? 

The items up for bid will include Christmas and fall decorations, photo props, barrels, toy soldiers, pumpkins, water fountains, antiques, flower arrangements, Christmas trees, train models and much more. 

Tim Milks, owner and operator of Bear Land Realty and Auction, says there has been a great deal of interest in the upcoming auction so far. 

“We’ve been getting phone calls from other states from people wanting to come in,” Milks says. 

Milks says they acquired about 26 truck loads of items from the Dollywood warehouse. Many of the items up for sale are brand new and have never even been used.

Tall decorative scarecrows will also be available for bid at the auction (photo submitted by Bear Land Realty and Auction)

“Until we go through them, we don’t know what’s in them,” he says. 

Some of the items will be sold in pallets, and others will be sold individually. 

For the Christmas trees, people will be able to buy either just one or as many as they want. The trees will be labeled by size.

Milks estimates there will be about 50 Christmas trees available, along with many wreaths and other seasonal decor. 

One of the most unique items includes a 9-foot, functional ferris wheel that can hold candles as it rotates. There’s also a 9-foot tall Jumbo elephant figure, giant Christmas sleds and larger-than-life nutcrackers. 

Props from the Dollywood warehouse will also be featured at the auction (photo submitted by Bear Land Realty and Auction)

This auction has seen a huge amount of interest

“We feel very fortunate to have this auction,” says Milks. “We are tickled to death that Dollywood put their trust in us to do it. The money, I am sure, is going back to their foundation and charities.”

He says they’ve never done anything like this for Dollywood before. In fact, it’s the first time they’ve ever done an auction with a theme park. 

“It takes a lot of planning to try to put this together. Dollywood came to a couple of our auctions and liked what they saw, so they approached us. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity.” 

Milks says that this auction has received an unusual amount of attention. 

“We did a Facebook post and last night, Channel 10 called, two channels this morning, then News Break. It must be going out all over for us getting calls from out of state.”  

The amount of attention has been a bit unexpected, but when it comes to Dolly Parton’s namesake park, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising. 

“I will be truthful, we weren’t expecting this,” says Milks. “I think the name Dollywood and the fact that she has done so much for this county, it means a lot to people. Not only the county, but nationwide, maybe even worldwide.”

Auction iems will also include props like this wheelbarrow (photo submitted by Bear Land Realty and Auction)

Will all of the items at the auction be from Dollywood?

Most of the auction items will be things acquired form the Dollywood warehouse, about 98 percent, Milks estimates. 

“There will be other items at the auction, other than what was acquired from the Dollywood,” he says. 

Notably, the cars at the auction are not from Dolly or Dollywood. 

The classic cars that will be available include (but are not limited to) a 1976 T-Bird, a 1968 Chevelle, a 1976 Corvette and a 1974 Chevy C 10. 

When is the Dollywood auction? 

A preview of items will be held on May 7 from 11 am until 6 pm ET. 

Then, the auction will take place on Saturday, May 8 at 10 am ET. 

The auction will be held at 3173 Newport Highway in Sevierville, TN.  

A concession stand will be open all day. For more information or to see a preview of the items, visit

Which piece of Dollywood memorabilia would you want to own? Let us know in the comments. 

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