Gatlinburg Haunts offers in-person, virtual ghost tours for Halloween

Gatlinburg Haunts

Gatlinburg Haunts uncovers Gatlinburg's dark past (photo courtesy of Gatlinburg Haunts)

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If you’re in the mood for something spooky this Halloween season, Gatlinburg Haunts is currently offering both guided walking ghost tours and virtual tours to help get you in the “spirit” of Halloween. 

Guests who go on walking tours can expect to visit eight separate haunted locations around Gatlinburg, each with its own unique piece of Tennessee history.

The tour takes about an hour from start to finish and covers 1.0 miles round trip. The extended tours add 30 minutes and 0.5 miles.

These tours are family-friendly and generally considered not-too-scary for kids. 

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In addition to their regular tours, to celebrate this Halloween season, Gatlinburg Haunts has also added four all-new, virtual ways to enjoy Halloween from home.

These new features include streaming ghost tours at home, haunted dolls, a self-guided mobile app and even an Alexa and Google app. 

Here are four new, virtual ways to enjoy Halloween from Gatlinburg Haunts: 

1. GHOSTFLIX virtual ghost tours

GHOSTFLIX is an on-demand streaming platform for live video ghost tours through the streets of Gatlinburg and 19 other cities.

Tickets start at $13. For more information, visit

Lily Doll
Just waiting to scare the crap out of someone (photo courtesy of Gatlinburg Haunts)

2. Lily, a haunted doll

You do elf on a shelf, why not do Lily on a … hill-y?

This month, set the mood by welcoming a new friend into your house!

Following a Viking tradition to ward off evil spirits, Lily is a haunted doll and effigy. Use her to ward off other ghosts and ghouls around Halloween. Set her on the porch, hang her on a door or put her on a shelf.

Just don’t put Lily in a room where you sleep!

You can purchase your own Lily Haunted Doll for $25 plus shipping. For more information, visit

3. Junket Ghost Tour App

The Junket Ghost Tour app is the ultimate socially distanced tour.

The app turns your phone into your own personal tour guide. Use it to “walk” through the streets of Tennessee to haunted locations.

This app is available for iOS and Android.

4. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps

If you’re looking for a modern way to invite ghosts into your house, simply ask Alexa or Google!

Just in time for Halloween season, Gatlinburg Haunts has launched the first voice app to tell ghost stories on Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The voice app lets people listen to ghost stories from any device that is equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, delivering over 100 voice actors narrating ghost stories from more than 20 cities.

To use the app, simply say the invocation word:

Google Assistant: “Hey Google, talk to Ghost Adventures”

Amazon Alexa: “Alexa, open Ghost Adventures”

About Gatlinburg Haunts

Gatlinburg Haunts allows visitors to experience the haunted side of Gatlinburg and opens up the mysteries that it holds. There are strange things lurking in the woods and hills of East Tennessee. Gatlinburg certainly has its fair share of spooky!

Gatlinburg Haunts uncovers the dark side of Gatlinburg’s history, which you will discover as you walk to popular destinations with experienced guides. Learn about those who have died long ago and walked on the streets that are now filled with tourists.

Gatlinburg is home to some of the most vile crimes committed. Will you look at this town the same way again after this tour? Book your reservation and find out. 

Gatlinburg Haunts tours will visit iconic places such as Rocky Top Village Inn, Rocky River Motel and Oliver’s Restaurant, which once operated as a county jail.

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Group sizes will be limited during the 2020 season. The meetup location for Gatlinburg Haunts is located at 115 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg TN. For more information, visit

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