The Space Needle in Gatlinburg: 9 things you didn’t know

The Space Needle in downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn., is an iconic landmark in the Great Smoky Mountains area (stock photo)

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There’s an Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas. 

A great pyramid sits on the shore of a mighty river in Memphis. The one in Tennessee, not Egypt.

There’s a Parthenon in Nashville.

And the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. 

So is it really all that strange that you can find a Space Needle in Gatlinburg?

Why is there a Space Needle in Gatlinburg?

Sitting at 407 feet tall, the Gatlinburg Space Needle pales in comparison to the 605-foot tall version in Seattle, but the Tennessee tower stands on its own.

While many visitors to the region are familiar with the Space Needle’s familiar silhouette along the Gatlinburg Skyline, not everyone knows the unique place the tower holds in Gatlinburg history. 

Here are several interesting facts you probably never knew about the Gatlinburg Space Needle in Tennessee:

1. The Space Needle is more than just a view

The top of the tower, of course, offers unequaled panoramic views of the mountains – with free viewfinders.

But it’s also something of a museum in the sky.

There are several information-packed, higher learning exhibits that enrich the viewing experience, offering facts and history about Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. 

2. It has a cross-country cousin

The Space Needle in Gatlinburg opened just seven years after its cross-country cousin.

The Seattle Space Needle opened in 1962 as part of the World’s Fair exhibit.

The Gatlinburg Space Needle opened in 1969 and was, at the time, the second tallest tower in Tennessee.

It now ranks fifth. 

3. It almost burned to the ground

While the Space Needle escaped the deadly 2016 wildfires that caused massive damage and death throughout Gatlinburg and the mountains, another fire nearly destroyed the landmark decades earlier.

In 1992, fire destroyed the Ripley’s Gatlinburg Museum which was, at the time, located at the base of the needle.

The needle suffered extensive damage and was closed for three years.

Now Ripley’s attraction sits just down the road.

Arcadia the arcade sits below the Space Needle in Gatlinburg
Arcadia is directly below the Gatlinburg, Tennessee Space Needle (photo by Stephen Goodwin/shutterstock)

4. There’s an arcade and game center at the bottom

Arcadia sits at the bottom of the Space Needle in Gatlinburg.

This 25,000 square-foot indoor playground features video and redemption games, as well as escape games.

It took me a minute but redemption games are the ones in which you can win a prize. The Arcadia’s escape game is called “The Captured.” 

5. There’s a mentalist at the bottom of the tower

Arcadia also houses the Iris Theater, which is home to the mentalist and magician Erik Dobell whose show is “Mindblowing,” according to Penny from Hendersonville, Ky., who is quoted, no doubt accurately, on the Arcadia website.

Dobell has performed around the world in places from Las Vegas to South Korea. This show promises a night of “stunning magic, reality-shattering mind-reading and hilarious mayhem.” 

You know, I’m really starting to think Penny undersold the show. Tickets for the show range from $13 to $30.

It appears hilarious mayhem does not come on the cheap.  

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6. The Space Needle is open 365 days a year.

Christmas? Yep.

Easter? Check. Chanukah, Lent, July 4th and Flag Day?

Yep. Yes. Of course and yes, sir.  

7. The Space Needle has two glass elevators

There is a fantastic opportunity to make Willy Wonka jokes here.

The observation deck is served by two glass elevators.

Entertain your fellow riders with quotes from Wonka’s classic ending like “But this roof is made of glass! It’ll shatter into a thousand pieces! We’ll be cut to ribbons!”

Great fun for the whole family. 

A view of the Gatlinburg Space Needle at sunset
The Gatlinburg Space Needle costs about $20 per adult and $10 per child, which is very affordable when compared to the Seattle Space Needle (stock photo)

8. The Space Needle is comparatively affordable

Tickets to the Seattle Space Needle are $49 for adults and $35 for youths.

In Gatlinburg,  you’ll pay $15.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids 4-11.

On a per foot basis, I think that’s a significantly better deal. Family pass and VIP options are also available.

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9. This Space Needle has connections to New York

At the foot of the needle is a classic New York-style Pizzeria, which promises a taste of the Big Apple in the Smoky Mountains.

The cleverly named Slice Pizza Bakery offers Italian-esque cuisine including calzones, sandwiches, pizza and salads.

While the Slice Pizza Bakery promises the best Italian good in Gatlinburg, I will admit I am dubious about this claim.

Go for the games, stay for a history lesson, enjoy some games and a mind-bending show.

If you get hungry, I’m sure you could do worse, but my recommendation is manage your expectations.

How much is the Gatlinburg Space Needle?

Admission tickets cost:

  • Adult: $15.95
  • Child: $9.95
  • Senior and Military: $12.95

Children age three and under are free with an adult ticket.

And here’s a pro-tip: Space Needle Tickets are frequently offered as a Groupon deal at up to 38% off admission. So always check their listing on Groupon before you book.

Entertainment family packages are available for $67.95, which includes two adult tickets, two child tickets and four $10 play cards.

These prices are subject to change and may vary by season.

The Space Needle is located at 115 Historic Nature Trail in Gatlinburg TN.

Have you been to the Space Needle in Gatlinburg? Let us know in the comments.

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