Your Guide to Every Moonshine Flavor in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge

Moonshine flavors put together a comprehensive list of moonshine flavors around the Smoky Mountains (photo by Alaina O'Neal/

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Tennessee is, in fact, moonshine country.

If you want proof, just listen to the lyrics of “Rocky Top” – one of the state’s official songs and the fight song for the University of Tennessee.

As a kid, I happily sang along about missing federal agents who are still looking for that moonshine still.

I also rode Thunder Road in Dollywood, happily being jolted around my motion seat while getting an education in the history of NASCAR and moonshine.

However, if I’m being honest, the true meaning of things like Rocky Top and Thunder Road was lost on me until I became an adult. But by that time, the lore of Tennessee moonshine was just part of my DNA.

And so, it’s this culture around moonshine that allowed Popcorn Sutton to thrive.

Although Sutton left behind a complicated legacy, the man was the father of moonshine. And he is also likely a huge reason you’ll see so many distilleries across the Smokies today.

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Sugarlands Shine
A case of Sugarlands Shine (photo courtesy of Sugarlands)

Moonshine tastings in the Great Smoky Mountains

Although the legal distilleries are taxed, regulated and also arguably watered down versions of the real thing, folks still get pretty excited about the stuff.

Not convinced? Consider the fact that Ole Smoky is currently the most visited distillery in the world, drawing in 4.5 million visitors just last year.

So if you’re visiting Gatlinburg and want to see what all the fuss is about, you might be thinking about doing a moonshine tasting.

Some moonshine tastings are free. However, some cost $5.

I find that the $5 tastings are more of an experience. Your moonshine guides will put on a bit of an informational comedy routine while you get buzzed on moonshine.

Completely unrelated, the jokes tend to get funnier after you’ve had a few samples.

If you’re planning a moonshine tour for your upcoming trip to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville, a good place to start is our list of top moonshine distilleries in the Smokies.

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What are the best moonshine flavors in Tennessee?

Certainly, choosing the right flavor for your palette can be intimidating. With many distilleries in the area and every flavor under the sun to choose from, it can be hard to know what to even start with.

While we all have our favorites, it’s hard to go wrong with the classics like the blackberry, apple pie and coffee flavors.

But if you’re the adventurous type, try something you never knew existed. Banana Pudding moonshine? Sounds weird, but it might just surprise you.

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Your guide to Tennessee moonshine flavors

Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of the moonshine flavors you can find around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tenn., organized by proof and maker.

Vote for your favorites and let us know what you think the best moonshine flavor is down below.

High Proofs

Ole SmokyWhite Lightnin’
Ole SmokyMoonshine Cherries
Ole SmokyBlue Flame
Ole SmokyOriginal
Ole Smoky153
SugarlandsTalladega 50th Anniv. Corn Whiskey
SugarlandsSilver Cloud TN Sour Mash
SugarlandsJim Tom Hedrick’s Unaged Rye
SugarlandsDaytona International Speedway® Limited Edition
SugarlandsCole Swindell’s Peppermint
SugarlandsBristol Motor Speedway 60th Anniv. Corn Whiskey
Old Forge1830 Original UNAGED CORN
Old Forge1830 Original Distiller’s Blend
Old Forge1830 Original Miller’s Blend
Old TN TN Frost
Old TN
TN ShineMoonshine Cherries
TN ShineStraight Off The Still
TN ShineSmall Batch Corn Whiskey
Smith CreekStraight


Ole SmokyApple Pie
Ole SmokyHunch Punch Lightnin’
Ole SmokyMoonshine Peaches
SugarlandsMark & Digger’s Rye Apple
SugarlandsMark & Digger’s Hazelnut Rum
SugarlandsTickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon
SugarlandsRoot Beer
SugarlandsPiña Colada
SugarlandsPeanut Butter and Jelly
SugarlandsMark Rogers American Peach
SugarlandsMaple Bacon
SugarlandsBlueberry Muffin
Old ForgeChocolate
Old ForgeFrench Toast
Old ForgeCoffee
Old ForgeBlackberry
Old ForgeLemon
Old ForgeApple Pie
Old ForgePeach
Old ForgeCinnamon
Old ForgeVanilla Bean
Old ForgeBananas Foster
Old ForgeOatmeal Cookie
Old ForgeKettle Corn – Seasonal
Old ForgePumpkin Roll – Seasonal
Old ForgeElderflower
Old ForgePineapple
Old ForgeCola
Old ForgeCoconut
Old ForgeCarmel
Old ForgeOrange
Old ForgeBackwoods Cut
Old TN Watermelon Falls
Old TN French Vanilla
Old TN Summer Strawberry
Old TN S’Mores
Old TN Pumpkin Patch
Old TN Red Haven Peach
Old TN Chocolate Merrimint
Old TN Autumn Maple
Old TN Toasted Mango
Old TN Little River Lemon
Old TN Orange Dreamsicle
Old TN Salted Caramelicious
Old TN Bananashine
Old TN Blackberry Bramble
Old TN Apple Pie
Smith CreekVodka
TN ShineSalted Caramel


Ole SmokyMoonshine Pickles
Ole SmokyBlackberry
Ole SmokyApple Pie
Ole SmokyMargarita
Ole SmokyStrawberry Mango Margarita
Ole SmokySour Watermelon
Ole SmokyCranberry Lime
Ole SmokySour Razzin’ Berry
Ole SmokyCucumber Mojito
Ole SmokyRed Grapefruit
Ole SmokySour Apple
Ole SmokyPumpkin Pie
Ole SmokyButter Pecan
Ole SmokyMountain Java
Ole SmokySome Beach
Ole SmokyWhite Chocolate Strawberry Cream
Ole SmokyBanana Pudding Cream
SugarlandsPatti’s Wild Mayhaw
SugarlandsCole Swindell’s Pre Show Punch
SugarlandsAppalachian Apple Pie
SugarlandsStrawberry Dream Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsRyder Cup Lemonade
SugarlandsPumpkin Spice Latte Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsOld Fashioned Lemonade
SugarlandsElectric Orange Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsEggnog Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsDark Chocolate Coffee Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsChipper Jones’ Sweet Tea
SugarlandsButterscotch Gold
SugarlandsButter Pecan Sippin’ Cream
SugarlandsBlockader’s Blackberry
SugarlandsBanana Pudding Sippin’ Cream
Old TN Cinnamon Bonfire
TN ShineMoon Pie Strawberry Cream
TN ShineMoon Pie Chocolate Cream
TN ShineMoon Pie Mint Chocolate Cream
TN ShineMoon Pie Coconut Cream
TN ShineMoon Pie Pumpkin Spice Cream
TN ShineMoon Pie Banana Cream
TN ShineKeylime Cream
TN ShinePina Colada
TN ShineDream Cream
TN ShineChoco Moo Shine
TN ShineSmall Batch Apple Pie
TN ShineBlue Houdini
TN ShineNanner Puddin
TN ShineCotton Candy
TN ShinePumpkin Spice
TN ShineBig Orange Dreamsicle
TN ShineBlackberry Shine
TN ShineButterscotch
TN ShinePeachy-Peach
TN ShineWild Cherry
TN ShineWinter Cream
TN ShineRoot Beer Float
Smith CreekSweet Tea
Smith CreekPeach
Smith CreekApple Pie
Smith CreekChocolate Silk
Smith CreekCoffee
Smith CreekOrange Cream
Smith CreekLemon Lime
Smith CreekButter Cake
Smith CreekSalted Caramel
Smith CreekCinnamon
Smith CreekStrawberry Shortcake

Which ones do YOU want to try? Let us know in the comments!

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