The Old Mill Shops of Pigeon Forge, everything you need to know

The Old Mill Pigeon Forge
The mill is a real, operating gristmill that uses water for power (photo submitted by Laura Akens)

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The Old Mill strikes a distinct contrast against the amusement rides and T-shirt shops you’ll see on Pigeon Forge’s main drag.

Likewise, the collection of Old Mill shops skips the standard souvenir stock for a mix of pantry favorites, distinctive kitchenware and handcrafted items that will serve as tasteful, if subtle, reminders of your trip to the mountains.

About the oldest operating gristmill in the country

The mill is a real, operating gristmill that uses water for power.

According to the City of Pigeon Forge, this is one of the oldest, continually operating gristmills in the country.

The mill began grinding grains for local settlers in 1807. Alexander Hamilton died in his infamous duel with Aaron Burr in 1804, just to add some perspective.

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The best shops at the Old Mill

The Old Mill General Store

The Old Mill General Store offers fresh-from-the-millstone pantry standards.

You can take home a bag of cornmeal or white, unbleached flour or you could try something a little more exotic, like a bag of breading for fried green tomatoes.

Not sure about fried green tomatoes? Don’t knock ‘em until you try ‘em … it’s a classic.

The Old Mill General Store also offers some great cookbooks you can take home with your grains to create Southern dishes that will impress your friends.

Shoppers will also find many items those 1807 shoppers would be looking for: cast iron cookware, jellies and jams, honey, flavored syrups.

For the 21st century shopper, you’ll find some useful utensils and, of course, a few souvenirs.

The Old Mill Kitchen Store

The Old Mill Kitchen Store is adjacent to the Old Mill General Store.

If your kitchen needs it, you’ll find it here.

Check out the aprons – you’ll be attracted to both the colorful patterns and the practicality of five or seven separate pockets.

The store always has an array of pots and pans for the modern cook. Think Christmas in this shop. You’ll find unique gifts for any cooks or wannabe cooks on your list.

Pigeon River Pottery

Pigeon Forge Pottery is across the parking lot from the Old Mill. The quality of the pottery will make you feel like you’re in a museum.

Let me be the first to warn you. This is not Wal-Mart or even Target.

The prices are a little up there for most Pigeon Forge stores. A pie plate, for example, might set you back around $50.

But that pie plate is the only like it in the world AND you’ll pass it down to your kids. Pieces are made on-site by very talented craftsmen who specialize in practical art.

The store does have lower-priced items like coffee cups and the clearance rack is always full of interesting pieces.

The Old Forge Distillery

Finally … everyone’s favorite store: The Old Forge Distillery.

This liquor store specializes in our local favorite, moonshine. You can stick to the original or branch out to apple pie or peach.

If you’re interested in the process or would like to try a few samples, call before you go. Tours and tastings can be arranged.

The shopping center also offers a new store featuring women’s clothing and accessories, an ice cream parlor and a candy kitchen.

Additional tips for going to The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Tips from locals: The City of Pigeon Forge reports that this mill is one of the most photographed in the nation, and it provides a dramatic and rustic background.

Save time for selfies or groupies. Remember that fellow tourists, locals and even employees usually oblige to take a more traditional photo of the whole family.

Parking: Park at Patriot Park. It’s about two blocks away and will save your possible hours of time looking for an on premise space.

Feed the ducks: This a great place to feed ducks and (what a coincidence) a duck food vending machine is right there. This might be a place for dad to take a breather with the kids while mom shops.

The Shops at Old Mill are located at 160 Old Mill Avenue in Pigeon Forge TN. What are your tips for going to the Old Mill? Let us know in the comments!

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