Paws and Claws Gatlinburg: A look inside the fashion boutique for pets

Paws and Claws Pet Fashions

Paws and Claws Pet Fashions is located in the Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg (photo by Morgan Overholt/

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The Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg is located across from Ripley’s Aquarium between the Parkway and a ripple in the space-time continuum. 

The mall consists of multiple stories of eclectic mom-and-pop retail shops operating in ways that confound and amaze. 

Would you think, for instance, it would be a good idea to close your store for an hour in the middle of the day in the busy season to go get lunch like it’s 1953 and you live in the absence of retail competition? 

No. You would not. But you, my friend, are not a shop owner in the Mountain Mall. 

For as long as I can remember the mall has been, quite literally, anchored by a music store in the basement.

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inside of the mountain mall
A walk through the Mountain Mall in Gatlinburg makes you feel like you’ve been transported back in time (photo by Morgan Overholt/

The Rhythm Section has been Gatlinburg’s go-to music shop since 1978. 

Today, it’s still there, selling hard-to-find CDs, albums, DVDs and concert T-shirts in genres from death metal to bluegrass and ambient sounds. 

In this age of streaming music, should a purveyor of CDs, albums and DVDs continue to hold such a prominent position in the middle of a thriving tourist town? Not in any place where the advance of time continues in normal progression.

But it appears the Mountain Mall exists in a wormhole that allows it to be the summer of 1994 until the end of time. 

Of course, The Rhythm Section isn’t the Mountain Mall’s only eclectic option. 

There are all manner of strange and wonderful options, including Paws and Claws Pet Fashion. The bright and spacious store devoted to selling, well, among other things, clothes for your pet.

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Paws and Claws's NFL jerseys
Mini NFL jerseys from a variety of teams are available in a plethora of sizes for your beloved pet (photo by Morgan Overholt/

What does Paws and Claws Pet Fashions sell?

But John, you might say, my pet came with a heavy fur coat. Does it really need clothes? 

Let me answer your question with a question.

Did your pet Labradoodle Miss Fuzzy Britches come with an authentically licensed, pet-sized NFL jersey appropriate for everyday wear or for game days? Was your pet born with an official Alabama Crimson Tide No. 1 jersey? 

I think I’ve made my point. 

Paws and Claws doesn’t limit itself to college or NFL-themed apparel. There is also a wide array of squeaky toys, chew toys, treats and cat toys. 

It’s a great place to buy souvenirs for Fido.

And it’s also a great place to shop for the pet owner in your life with a selection of pet-themed signs, posters, coffee mugs, lamps, cookie jars and more.  

The store also offers pet-friendly strollers which are perfect for sightseeing in the Gatlinburg crowds where leashing your dog might not be the best option. 

And that’s not all.

Is your pet a big NASCAR fan? There’s a whole wall of NASCAR collectibles, including a wide variety of diecast race cars and other sports memorabilia. If your beagle is a huge Dale Jr. fan, you’ve hit the jackpot, my friend.

Paws and Claws itself is pet-friendly with wide aisles and plenty of room to negotiate as you explore its wares. 

And the fashions are not limited to sports-themed attire. There is a wide variety of pet clothes of all types and for all sizes of pets. They are made to be comfortable, not confining, to allow your pet a full range of motion to participate in natural activities. 

Photo of the inside of the store
Strollers, toys and pet-themed souvenirs are also available at Paws and Claws (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Does Paws and Claws carry seasonal fashions? 

Of course!

You can dress your pet for any big event year-round from Christmas to Halloween and everything in between at Paws and Claws. 

Paws and Claws also sells a wide array of pet calendars which is perfect because you can mark your new calendar for Jan. 14, 2022 to celebrate National Dress Your Pet Day, a special day to celebrate with your pet and show off their fashion style and not something I made up. 

Remember when selecting fashions for your pet to keep a few things in mind

  • Some pets just don’t like wearing clothes. If your pet just doesn’t like dressing up, don’t dress them up. Paws and Claws has many other fun pet-related items that won’t make Fido want to hurt you in your sleep.
  • Be sure any pet fashion you buy fits properly. Restricting movement or ability to breathe can cause injury or illness.
  • Many pets like to chew. Avoid loose or dangling pieces which can cause choking hazards and be sure to check out Paws and Claws selection of appropriate chew toys.
A wall of pet toys
A wall of pet toys at Paws and Claws in Gatlinburg (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Where is Paws and Claws located? What are their hours?

Paws and Claws Pet Fashions doesn’t have a website.

According to their Google Business listing, they are open every day from 10 am-10 pm. When we called to confirm those hours, we were told the store usually closes at around 9:30 pm daily.

Smokies pro-tip: It’s always best to call ahead with these mom-and-pop style shops in the Smokies as actual operating hours are rarely updated online.

You reach the store by calling (865) 430-5082.

Paws and Claws is located inside the Mountain Mall at 611 Parkway #B9, in Gatlinburg, TN.

Have you been to Paws and Claws? Let us know in the comments.

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