The new Pigeon Forge Axe House will make you feel like a real lumberjack

Axe throwing

Now you can practice axe throwing in the Smokies at the Pigeon Forge Axe House (photo by Daniel Munson/

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Let’s get the pedantry out of the way early. 

Yes, the “axe” throwing restaurant in Pigeon Forge should be called the Hatchet House, but it is not. 

Let’s all just get past it. 

Axes, as everyone knows, are large two-handed jobs best used for felling trees and/or big bad wolves. 

Hatchets are little axes best used for chopping, cutting smaller wooden objects or throwing. 

Technically, when you go to Pigeon Forge’s sharpest new family fun center, the Axe House, you will not be chucking axes at large wooden targets under the close supervision of well-trained Axe House employees. 

This ain’t Braveheart.

You’ll be throwing hatchets like the good civilized people we are. 

Now, having cleared the technicalities aside, let’s paint our faces blue and go throw some freaking axes while yelling freedom at any English dandies who dare venture too close to our basket of chicken wings. 

Bachelorette party
A bachelorette party celebrates at the Pigeon Forge Axe House (photo by Daniel Munson/

The Pigeon Forge Axe House 

The Pigeon Forge Axe House brings the sport of axe throwing – in the form of a family-friendly experience – to the former Red Roofs outlet mall on the main drag in Pigeon Forge. Where formally prices were slashed in the name of slightly ill-manufactured name brand goods, you can now slash away at vacation boredom.

Does the idea of going out for a night on the town, having some pizza and a few beers while launching sharp metal blades at approved and monitored targets seem odd? 

Think of it this way: It’s just darts for people who lack fine motor skills.  

All kidding aside, the Axe House takes several measures to ensure safety. 

Here is their explanation from the FAQ’s on their website.

Axe throwing lanes
Axe throwing lanes at the Pigeon Forge Axe House (photo by Daniel Munson/

Is it safe to throw axes?  

“Yes, just like darts or archery, axe throwing is very safe when participants follow the instructions and safety rules detailed by the axe coaches. Our staff is experienced and highly trained. There will always be a staff member monitoring your throws for safety and guidance through your entire experience. Only participants that have gone through our safety lesson and signed a waiver are allowed to enter the throwing arena. This also includes those that are wanting to just observe. All players must follow all instructions from their axe coach. Failure to do so could result in removal.”

See? Just like archery. Now hit the draft beers and let’s throw some axes!

What are the restrictions at the Pigeon Forge Axe House? 

You cannot throw before the safety briefing conducted by an experienced coach. There are no age requirements, but kids must be old enough and strong enough to safely throw the axe. 

If you’re unsure about that part, do not perform any test runs at home. The Axe House has test lanes designed to help parents make an informed decision before letting their kids start launching deadly weapons. 

Also, closed-toe shoes are required.    

The Axe House does reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not taking safety seriously. I’m probably already out just for the jokes in this story. 

The cost is $24.99 per person for a one hour session. Children 9 and under throw for half off, and there is a discount for first responders and the military. Additional time is $15 per hour and is based on availability. 

Your time starts once your coach takes you back to the lane. Because lanes are available on an hourly basis and by reservation, if you are late you may not be able to reclaim your time. It is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation. 

Pizza at the Cove
The Axe House also has pizza, wings, desserts and beer (photo by Daniel Munson/

There are places for observers in your party to eat or snack while others make their throw. The Axe House offers fare from Pizza at the Cove, including pizza, wings, appetizers, desserts and beer on draft. 

The Axe House is affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League and all equipment meets league specifications. 

And yes kids, you can bring your own axe, but it must meet WATL specs. Just a suggestion, if you do bring your own axe, don’t plan on doing a lot of other activities in town with it. Don’t take your axe to Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf, for example. That ain’t the kind of hacking they’re talking about. 

For more information about WATL specifications, visit

Reservations are accepted, but walk-ins are also welcome. The Pigeon Forge Axe House is located at 2850 Parkway Suite 13, Pigeon Forge TN 37863. For more information, visit their website at

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