River Rat Tubing celebrates Year of the Rat with 25% OFF Splash Passes

Photo courtesy of River Rat Tubing

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It’s 2020 and the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac has reset itself.

It is, once again, the Year of the Rat.

Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life. The rat represents the beginning of a new day.

That seems appropriate to the folks at Smoky Mountain River Rat, an award-winning destination for tubing and Whitewater Rafting, bookending Sevier County from locations in Hartford and Townsend, who have christened 2020 #YearoftheRiverRat.

To celebrate that new day, a new year, a new decade and, of course, a new season, Smoky Mountain River Rat is offering a one-day only special available all day on January 25, a 25% discount on adventure combo passes, aka Splash Passes. On January 25 only, that’s today, y’all, $35 buys you unlimited tubing trips for the duration of your vacation and through the rest of the season plus a whitewater rafting expedition.

Now, you might be saying to yourself who wants to go rafting in January?

If you are asking yourself that, maybe it’s time to take a break from the computer. Walk around. Splash some water on your face. Have a muffin.

You don’t have to use the passes in January, only buy them then. You can book now for anytime from May through September. And if you haven’t firmed up your plans, you can book now and change your reservations later as necessary.

Listen, rats are clever, quick thinkers. It’s the year of the rat. Be a rat now buying the passes and a river rat later when you hit the water in the warm summer months next to the Oxen, Tigers or Dragons who didn’t take advantage of this deal and paid 25% more than you, a clever river rat, for the same experience.

Once you have your passes, it’s time to decide what kind of rat you want to be. For tubing, head to Townsend, located 15 miles from Pigeon Forge just on the other side of Wears Valley in Blount County.

There are two tubing options on the Little River. First, the lower section and main outpost is the family-friendly float and features relaxing rapids, scenic views, and even a rock jump. The lower outpost is ideal for those with young children or those who are first timers to The Rat.

The upper section is the “adventure float.” It features a scenic float with adrenaline-pumping rapids and cool, refreshing swimming holes. The upper outpost is suitable for ages six and older.

(Photo courtesy of Smoky Mountain River Rat Tubing)

You should, however, be aware that high water conditions may change the suitability of the float. Consult with the folks at Smoky Mountain River Rat for the best options for your family or you could be like me, barefoot running along the bank trying to catch your elderly grandparents as they float away from your high-school graduation celebration on the river. “Nanny! I said ‘Go around the waterfall.’ Papaw. Are you stuck in the low-hanging tree branches again?”

The whitewater rafting is out of Hartford, in Cocke County near the Tennessee-North Carolina state line. There are several rafting options appropriate for families and first timers, fishermen or those looking for a full blown rafting adventure. The Pigeon River is the premier location for whitewater rafting in upper and middle East Tennessee.

You can learn more about Smoky Mountain River Rat you can check them out on their social media feeds:

The Year of the Rat has begun.  Be a rat!


  1. Visit this link anytime on January 25th – https://smokymtnriverrat.checkfront.com/reserve/?item_id=116
  2. Select any date between May – September on the calendar=
  3. After you have selected the date and the number of Splash Passes you’re purchasing, click “Continue.” If you are unsure when you plan to raft, select the “Will reserve whitewater at a later date…” option and add it to your booking.
  4. Finish checking out and get ready to be a river rat.


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