Practicing self isolation? Here’s our top 7 ways you can still get a taste of the Smoky Mountains from home (for both kids and adults!)

COVID-19 has put the world on lockdown, and while everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance, it still leaves many of us stuck at home —  lonely, scared, bored, or some combination of the three.  In response, some businesses in the Smokies are offering help in creative ways. Here’s a list of those doing their […]

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Top 5 must-try flavors guaranteed to give you the full moonshine experience

John Lennon once sang ‘We All Shine On’, and while I don’t think he meant we all drink moonshine, in East Tennessee it certainly seems that way. Moonshine went from the backwoods to Main Street seemingly overnight. The quick ascension left many trying to catch up.  If you’re new to the moonshine game choosing the […]

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What does Ole Smoky’s 4.5 million visitors in 2019 mean? Mostly money – and lots of it

Moonshine, once the scourge of revenuers, Bible thumpers and prohibitionists from Turtletown to Bulls Gap has come out of the hollers and set up shop on the biggest stages of East Tennessee.  There was a time, not that long ago, that if you wanted moonshine you had to know a guy – and more often […]

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Legend or lawbreaker: The real story of Cocke County’s Popcorn Sutton and his moonshine

Tennessee loves the lore of its moonshine.  From mountain boys outrunning revenuers in hopped up hot rods, to the illicit pleasure of drawing a sip of untaxed apple pie whiskey made in a copper still in someone’s mountain barn, there’s a rugged outlaw poetry that even the most straight-laced, law-abiding East Tennessean embraces when it […]

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An insider’s guide to The Old Mill Shops of Pigeon Forge

The Old Mill strikes a distinct contrast against the amusement rides and T-shirt shops you’ll see on Pigeon Forge’s main drag. Likewise, the collection of Old Mill shops skips the standard souvenir stock for a mix of pantry favorites, distinctive kitchenware and handcrafted items that will serve as tasteful, if subtle, reminders of your trip […]

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