Treehouse Grove Gatlinburg: A treehouse for adults in the Smokies

The Willow in Treehouse Grove

The Willow in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek allows guests to stay in the trees (photo courtesy of

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Sure, you can come to Gatlinburg and stay among the trees.

Or you can come to Gatlinburg and stay in the trees.

Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek Resort, a mountain getaway in the Smokies, offers luxury treehouses for those coming to the mountains in search of peace and quiet.

Located at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Grove is a unique getaway experience. It’s an escape to a secluded environment, perfect for a time of social distancing when we could all use a little more peace.

There are eight cabins in the treehouse village, each named for a different type of tree and designed and built by Pete Nelson and the Nelson Treehouse & Supply team.

Nelson, who is known for the hit Animal Planet TV show “Treehouse Masters,” carefully selected the sites, trees and design of each treehouse.

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The Willow in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek
The treehouses are set a bove ground and surrounded by spacious decks (photo courtesy of

The treehouses, like Swiss Family Robinson with a significantly better budget, are set above ground and surrounded by spacious decks so you can get out and enjoy staying among the trees.

All eight come with an upper level to enhance the viewing experience and the feeling of being high up in the trees.

Most of the houses are accessible by long wooden decks and several stairs. Two of the houses are accessible by ramp, but the proprietors note that the site is not wheelchair accessible.

It should be noted, Treehouse Grove is itself a destination, not necessarily a base of operations.

This is a place to come chill out and enjoy the unique experience.

Certainly, you can get out and enjoy all Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the mountains have to offer, but if you’re not going to be spending much time in the treehouses, I think you’ll be missing the point.

How many guests can stay in Treehouse Grove cabins?

Each of the cabins sleeps up to four people.

Children are allowed but all guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guests are asked not to bring children under 6 for overnight stays, and pets are not allowed.

The good news? Unlike the treehouses of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club, girls are allowed.

“We are a place to relax and reconnect,” the website explains.

Certified service animals are allowed, but the Grove requests prior notification. Emotional support animals are not allowed.

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The Willow in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek
Each cabin has high speed internet and indoor plumbing (photo courtesy of

Treehouse Grove cabins offers all the basic amenities

Down to brass tacks, each cabin has high speed internet and indoor plumbing, but cell service will be spotty at best. A minimum two-day stay is required and prices vary according to date.

Sightseeing is not allowed as the owners wish to provide their guests a relaxing, uninterrupted experience.

The grove is the brainchild of Joe and Joseph Ayres, whose names will be familiar to most East Tennesseans as they are the descendants of Dr. Brown Ayres, the 12th president of the University of Tennessee. Ayres Hall, the university’s flagship building atop the Hill, is named in his honor.

High end developers, the Ayres hoped to create a unique lodging experience close to the Smoky Mountains. They shared their dream with Nelson and the rest is history.

The Willow in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek
The Treehouse Grove cabins are built for relaxation (photo courtesy of

Though rustic themed, these are not rugged treehouses.

The eight cabins are small resorts. They are all quite beautiful, rustic wooden designs with plenty of glass to enjoy the view.

And they come with a bit of personality. The Maple, for instance, is billed as especially intimate and the most suitable for honeymoons or anniversaries.

I would have gone with the Hemlock for the honeymoon suite, but not everyone shares my affinity for poison-based humor.

“We’ve built the stuff of daydreams: a mountain getaway where you can relax, recharge, reconnect with nature and take in views more beautiful than you thought was possible,” the Grove says on its website.

The cabins vary in height off the ground, but each comes with a view deck, as well as heating and air, a television and fridge. They also have a microwave, a sink and a coffee maker.

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The Willow in Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek
The Treehouse Grove cabins sleep up to four people (photo courtesy of

How much does it cost to stay in Treehouse Grove?

The resort is billed as a place to indulge your inner child, but my inner child – and my actual children – are way too manic for that business.

This is an indulgence for my outer adult, who craves peace, who craves quiet and who can sit peacefully high among the trees, listen to the creek and the breeze and nap to my heart’s content.

Meditation. Yoga. Deep thinking. Reading a book. Soaking in the best views of the Smokies.

These are perfect activities for Treehouse Grove and they fit neatly with the Venn diagram of activities that would bore my inner child half to death.

Single night stays range from $280 to $450 depending on the cabin and the season.

Click here to make your reservation.

Have YOU ever stayed in Treehouse Grove? Let us know in the comments!

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