Southern desserts you'll have to see to believe

Top 5 Crazy Smoky Mountain Treats

The Smoky Mountains area is known for having fantastic food 

But our desserts are often an unsung hero! 

Here are 5 crazy desserts you have to see to believe! 

A new milkshake bar in town that has beautiful creations which topple over the mason jar. 

Crazy Mason Milkshakes


Things must be big on the farm, cause this thing is the biggest roll we've ever seen! 

 Farm-Size Cinnamon Roll 


That's no typo! Dollywood in Pigeon Forge offers a 25lb pie, served in a huge skillet.

25lb Apple Pie


Buzzed Bull creamery offers traditional ice cream and shakes, but for the adults, you can add a little something "extra". 

Alcoholic Milkshakes 


A traditional ice cream cone wrapped in cotton candy looks crazy but tastes pretty good! 

Ice Cream on a Cloud


Do you know of any desserts we missed? 

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