Which of these theme parks is better? 

It's hard to compete with Disney's notoriety 

(and Star Wars)

Still, Dollywood holds its own and has become an award-winning theme park 

So which is better? 

Let's break it down by category ... 

Winner: Disney 

Disney covers 47 sq miles. Dollywood is less than 1. 


Which is bigger? 

Winner: Dollywood 

Dolly Parton is one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. 


Which has better music?

Winner: Disney 

It's hard to compete with Disney on this one ... 


Which is more nostalgic? 

Winner: Dollywood 

Disney is over $100 for a 1-day ticket. Dollywood is $84.


Which is more expensive?

Overall, Disney won the most categories, but ... 

Either way you can't go wrong! 

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