Real life Ghost Town theme park in North Carolina may get new life

Will This   Abandoned  Ghost Town Theme Park Reopen? 

Did you know there's a real Ghost Town in Maggie Valley, NC? 

Ghost Town in the Sky is a long-shuttered Wild West-themed amusement park. 

It opened in the 60s. But by the 80s, the park was in serious decline. 

In the 90s, rides were either frequently shut down or closed. Money to maintain the park dried up. 

Millions of dollars have been spent to try to revive Ghost Town. 

But attempts have been met with a series of unfortunate events, including mud slides and ride failures. 

But now, new investors plan to invest up to $200 million to bring the park back to life! 

Some buildings will be saved, but only a few. 

One developer noted that Ghost Town has "totally been through hell". 

No matter what happens, we're curious to see what becomes of the old theme park! 

Special thanks to Gary and Carol Cox for these photos, circa 2007 during a brief reopening. 

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