A look at this 2.9-star  Pigeon Forge attraction

Jurassic Boat Ride:  Tourist trap or icon?

The Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride has a 2.9 average rating on Google ...

With some funny reviews. 

"This ride transports you back in time ... to the 1960s to be specific." 

But some say it's great for kids who really like dinosaurs! 

Pro tourist trap argument: 

The 10 minute ride is almost $20 per rider, and it's a bit outdated. 

Pro icon argument: 

It's the Sharknado of rides. It has potential to be a beloved classic. 

It's similar to "It's a Small World" but with a smaller budget and more dinosaurs. 

Check out the full review and comment with your opinion.  Would YOU ride this ride?