These Smoky Mountain gems are gone, not forgotten

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg receive about 12 million visitors each year 

So it's no surprise that business owners come to the area with big hopes and dreams 

But not all attractions survive more than a few seasons. Here's our top lost attractions ... 

Ogles was once a summer staple along the Parkway. Today, it's home to a Lumberjack show 

Ogles Waterpark 


Bringing dolphins to the mountains was probably a logistical nightmare 

Porpoise Island 


Magic World was once a place of wonder, but today you can still see some remains of it at a mini golf course 

Magic World 


Tommy Bartlett had two locations for his water circus show, but the one in the mountains was short-lived 

Tommy Bartlett's Water Circus


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Do you remember any of these? Do you know of any that we missed?