This NEW mountain waterpark will have you counting down to summer

This new waterpark is aptly named  SOAKY Mountain  Waterpark

Because it's located on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

Here's 5 reasons why it'll have you counting down to summer: 


This double decker bus was once in the London Transit System. Now it serves yummy tacos! 

The food trucks

And it's not the only food truck! This one has fun takes on the classic: macaroni and cheese 


There are tiny slides for the little ones that are pint-sized versions of the big slides 

Your kids will love it 

As well as amazing play areas for kids of all ages

Its rides feature first-of-its-kind, thrilling water coasters for adventure-seekers

The water coasters


And tons of other classics, like its wave pool and not-so-lazy river

There's even calm areas for the adults (and adult beverages)

There's something for everyone


It's all located in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains 

The best part is... 


Learn more and start planning your visit! 

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