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10 Things NOT To Do at Buc-ee’s From a Fan

buc-ee's store in crossville tn

Above: The Crossville Buc-ee's location (photo by John Gullion/TheSmokies.com)

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Tips to maximize your next Buc-ee’s experience

As the Buc-ee’s brand is growing across the South, the Texas-based gas station has transformed road-tripping across the nation. I used to evaluate road trips based solely on the time we made. Now? We’re checking for Buc-ee’s stops along the route.

If our 10-hour trip becomes an 11-hour trip with a Buc-ee’s stop in the middle, so be it. Also, there’s a certain level of method to the madness. For example, the family is excited about a Buc-ee’s stop. It gives them something to look forward to as the miles drag on.


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What should I NOT do at Buc-ee’s?

I’m not one to harsh anybody’s good time. But within the bounds of any society, there is a proper way to comport yourself. Buc-ee’s is no different. Here are some tips for your next Buc-ee’s experience:

beaver nuggets at bucees
Beaver Nuggets are a signature Buc-ee’s snack (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

10. Don’t forget the Beaver Nuggets

We’re talking about Buc-ee’s signature snack. They’re puffy, crunchy corn nuggets with a brown sugar caramel coating. They remind me slightly of Sugar Smacks but better. No trip to Buc-ee’s is complete without a bag of these corn nuggets.

ghost pepper beef jerky at bucees
Bring a phone and let your family know where you’ve stopped to explore (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

9. Don’t leave your cell phones in the car

Buc-ee’s is vast. It contains multitudes. So, by the time you use the restroom, pick a snack and get your picture made with the Beaver, you will have inevitably lost contact with the other members of your party. A couple of “I’m near the jerky wall, where are you” texts should clear things up a little better. 

A Coffee Bar Area at Buc-ee's
Some people get a little messy with their coffee at gas stations (photo by James Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

8. Don’t leave trash around the coffee bar 

This is kind of a good rule anywhere, right? But please think of the Buc-ee’s workers. Buc-ee’s pays well and has good benefits. But it also seems like one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Whether that’s shouting about the fresh pulled pork every 45 seconds or putting on an extra chipper façade at the checkout line, Buc-ee’s work looks hard. So, don’t make it harder by leaving your mess at the coffee bar, the snack bar or the soda drink bar.

The Buc-ee's Drink Cup
If you would like free refills, buy a Buc-ee’s travel mug with your purchase instead (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

7. Don’t abuse refills

You’ve seen the culprits. The first thing they do is fill up a large drink at the soda fountain and then partake of their drink as they wander the store only to return to the soda fountain and refill before leaving to pay. Is this illegal? Will it get you banned from Buc-ee’s? Maybe, maybe not. Buc-ees policy – per my understanding – is that there is a charge for refills unless you buy one of the Buc-ees travel mugs that include lifetime free refills with purchase. 

Employees Preparing and Selling the Bus-ee's Brisket
We came for the barbeque, remember to keep the peace (photo by James Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

6. Don’t get political

Look, we all have beliefs. My guy. Your guy. Blah, blah, blah. I’m not here to say you shouldn’t have your beliefs or stand proudly for them. But can’t we just agree that Buc-ee’s is the Switzerland of gas stations? We came for the barbecue. We didn’t come to turn the Buc-ee’s into the marketplace of ideas.

Buc-ee's No Semis Sign
Semis are not allowed at Buc-ee’s (photo by James Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

5. Don’t bring a semi-truck

Buc-ee’s is a gas station, not a truck stop. Big trucks and rigs are not welcome at Buc-ee’s.

Cars at Buc-ee's Gas Pumps
Since Buc-ee’s can be time-consuming, park your car after pumping gas (photo by John Gullion/TheSmokies.com)

4. Don’t hog a gas pump while shopping

This is a tough one for me. A lifetime of driving has taught me that unless there’s a line of cars at the pump, you can get your gas, go inside and handle business without having to move your car. The Sevierville Buc-ee’s has 120 gas pumps. You might think that’s enough for you to go inside for a minute. But you don’t go inside for a minute. Buc-ee’s is a time warp, and it takes at least half an hour. Be a good sport and move that car to one of the many Buc-ee’s parking spots before heading inside. 

cold sandwich wrapped in saran wrap at bucees store
A deli sandwich from Buc-ees is actually pretty good (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

3. Don’t feel weird about getting a gas station lunch 

There are parts of the country that would be aghast at thinking of a gas station as a proper culinary outlet for anything other than snacks. There are also parts of the country where the best eateries in town are gas stations. Buc-ee’s doesn’t have the best barbecue and isn’t the best food I’ve ever had. But – in my experience – it’s better than almost all of the typical fast food places you find running up and down the interstate. Personally, I like the deli sandwiches. Don’t worry about the stigma around gas station food. You’ll be fine. 

Buc-ee's Pickled Quail Eggs
Maybe try some quail eggs at home (photo by James Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

2. Don’t order crazy food for the road

Some foods are not meant to be consumed in confined spaces with other people. I’m looking at you, pickled quail eggs. Other foods aren’t packaged in such a way as to be conveniently consumed while bouncing down the interstate. Order with a sense of responsibility and an understanding of purpose. 

Buc-ee's Merchandise Clothing
The Buc-ee’s experience takes some time (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

1. Don’t be in a hurry

I know the purpose of your road trip is to get from A to B so you can enjoy as much B as you can before you have to go back to A. We were riding with some family recently – they are not Buc-ee’s people. But they decided to stop to let the kids enjoy Buc-ee’s. As a result, about 10 minutes in, they were ready to get back on the road. I was aghast. 10 minutes? Sir, I have not yet begun to Buc-ee. It is a place where you take your time.

What is your don’t-do tip at Buc-ee’s? Let us know in the comments!

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