BREAKING: Dollywood announces reopening for passholders June 15

Dollywood Reopens

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We finally have the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: When will Dollywood open?

After Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group announced that they would be lifting capacity restrictions on restaurants and retail locations across the state and start working towards facilitating the safe reopening of larger, non-contact attractions, we knew it was only a matter of time before Dollywood would make the big announcement.

And that announcement finally came mid-morning on Wednesday, June 3. According to its website, Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Country will reopen June 15 to passholders and June 17 to all guests. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa reopens June 10.

This is huge news for friends and residents of Sevier County after weeks of uncertainty surrounding the park’s future.

Dollywood will be adopting several new safety measures during phase 1 of the park’s opening. Here’s what you should know before you plan your trip:

  • Daily capacity will be limited – Season Passholder Reservations are required and date-based tickets will be available for general admission.
  • Face masks or face coverings are required for all visitors ages 3 and up, with some exceptions. Some of the exceptions where masks are not required are while eating, on water park attractions or select coasters at Dollywood. For a full list of exceptions please visit the FAQ Page.
  • Temperature screenings will be taken prior to entry.
  • Attraction and dining capacities will be limited to allow guests to have more space to move around during their visit.
  • Physical distancing measures have been put in place including physically distanced queues, marked barriers and social distancing reminders.
  • Additional sanitation measures have been implemented. This includes high touch point areas being cleaned more frequently and providing additional hand sanitizing locations.

Dollywood 2020 season passes, which were originally extended through June 1, have also been extended through June 15, 2021, to align with the park’s new reopening date.

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Dollywood has been closed for over two months since deciding to delay their season opening over coronavirus concerns, on Friday, March 13 in the middle of season-pass holder preview day and just hours before the park was set to open for the season to the general public.

Dollywood has been closed since March over coronavirus concerns. (photo by Daniel Munson/

“Growing up the Smoky Mountains, I learned that everything goes quiet for a spell. Then one day, everything starts to bloom and grow again,” says Dolly in a special video message on the Dollywood’s website. “Things have changed for all of us, but that’s okay,” Dolly continues, “because now we’re ready to see you happy and here with us again, to share the beauty of our mountains, to just be together — safer and stronger than ever before.”

Planning a trip to the park

In an effort to promote social distancing and crowding at the park, Dollywood has instituted a reservation system. Effective immediately, all season passholders and daily ticket guests will be required to make a reservation prior to visiting. This rule also applies to Splash Country.

Reservations can be made for one date and one park per session. If you’d like to visit multiple dates you will need to complete a reservation for the first date, then make a separate reservation for the next date. Reservations can be made on the day of your visit but are subject to availability based on capacity. Reservations can be made up to 45 days in advance.

Reservations can be made by visiting the park’s reservation page and filling out a form.

Getting a refund on your season passes

Since the park’s reopening announcement, has been receiving numerous inquiries about obtaining refunds on their Dollywood season passes. Here’s the good news, Dollywood is currently offering full refunds to season passholders who have not yet visited the park during the 2020 season. Guests qualify for a full refund regardless of whether or not they have paid in full or are currently making payments. Guests who visited the park in March on passholder preview day only may be eligible for a partial refund.

Guests wishing to obtain a refund must call the Dollywood customer service number and speak to a customer service representative at 1-800-DOLLYWOOD or 1-800-365599663.

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More information is available on the Dollywood website here.

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  1. Dollywood can forget about me coming and asking for a refund. I’m not going to waste my money to be told I have to wear a mask. I’ll be asking for a refund since I renewed this year before they opened.

  2. No way young kids are going to wear masks ask day. Plus if people pass out from heat they will be a lot of lawsuits against Dollywood


  4. Dollywood your asking a lot of everyone and will lose people due to this. Heat and mask will not work. Kids and mask will not work. Kids especially my son that has sensory issues has a hard time with it, and rides has been one is his biggest things he has started doing and that makes this mommas heart so happy but now that it’s to this point… takes away the fun Dollywood can bring. Like one said you will be having lots of law suits do to this heat and people passing out. I think the ones that are sensitive don’t need to come out to big population if they fear they could get sick. It’s more common sense and doing good hand washing skills. I’m fine with distancing myself to others.. let’s think, unless you are limiting to the amount that can come in? Social distancing will NOT happen.

  5. NO MASK GOOD.. STAY HOME ! I’m still Virus FREE why cause I wear one.

  6. I won’t gonif I have to wear a mask. If you are so worried about getting Covid after the time period that passed then sta home. I am not paying money to get heat exhausted due to a mask around my face. Do they really think kids will go.6 hours in a mask stand in uncomfortable heat. Nope not doing it!!!

  7. Sadly, as it stands it isn’t worth driving 8 1/2 hours to only be able to visit the park for 3 days if you can get a reservation.

  8. I’ve not bought passes or been to Dollywood in 3 yrs I guess we sure won’t be buying passes or going this year! My 11 yr old has autism an wont wear no mask in that heat and my 4 yr old can’t stand anything on her face and my husband and I would have a heat stroke ? with a mask on!
    I understand taking precautions but why even open if you have all these rules that clearly can’t be met? I guess y’all expect them to wear mask in dolly splash country too? Good Luck with That One

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