Is Wilderness at the Smokies Worth It? 3 Pros and Cons

Wilderness at the Smokies is located in Sevierville, Tenn (photo by Alaina O'Neal/

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The Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and Family Adventure Center in Sevierville includes an impressive list of amenities, including Tennessee’s largest Wild WaterDome indoor waterpark, two outdoor waterparks (Lake Wilderness and Salamander Springs), a lazy river, an adventure ropes course, laser maze, mini-golf, an arcade, on-site restaurants and much more. 

The resort opened in the late 2000s. So, unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of experiencing it as a kid. But I think young me would have really liked it. 

Actually, I’ll admit that adult me really liked it, too. But with just about anything, there are pros and cons about this place, so let’s dive in.

Is Wilderness at the Smokies Resort worth it? We’ll start out on a positive note. 

The Adventure Forest alone will keep kids entertained for hours (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Pro #1 – It’s convenient (and fun)

Theoretically, you could pack up your family, drive them to the Wilderness at the Smokies, never leave the resort and still have a great vacation.

There’s a lot to do here, and it will take a while for your kiddos to get bored. Also, there’s just something nice about staying where the action is.

And the resort is located close to the Sevierville Convention Center and also Pigeon Forge.

It’s not very fun to spend your vacation sitting in traffic.

Guests can ride a water slide in any weather at Wilderness at the Smokies (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

The indoor waterpark is pretty impressive, and when I was there it didn’t feel overly crowded, either.

There’s a surf rider, a wave indoor pool, “vortex” waterslides and hot tubs, basically everything you could want when you visit a waterpark. 

The resort also provides towels for guests and parking is free. Never underestimate the power of free parking. 

The shuttle was extremely convenient (photo by Alaina O’Neal/ 

Pro #2 – The shuttle

There are two main buildings to this resort: Stone Hill Lodge and River Lodge. The River Lodge usually runs a bit more expensive because that’s where most of the amenities are located.

But, if you want to save a little money, you can easily stay at either location and have a shuttle take you back and forth between the two lodges.

Now you may be thinking, “What if I go in the winter and don’t want my kids to be outside in the cold in wet swimsuits?”

And that’s a good thought.

There is a convenience to being in the same building, probably more so in the winter.

If you do decide to “shuttle it” in colder months, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and bring some layers that are easy to change in and out of.

The bar area, which is unfortunately not open at around 9 am (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Pro #3 – Food and drinks

You technically can’t bring in outside food or drinks, but the prices aren’t totally unreasonable if you want to eat on-site.

The pizza is pretty affordable, and they have a buffet spot where kids eat free (with one paid adult). 

There’s a lot of places to eat within the resort, such as the Mountain Marketplace for coffee and convenience items.

There’s also the Thirsty Miner Restaurant, Grizzly’s Grill, Billy Jack’s, Firefly Bar and Grill, Coyote Cove, Hidden Trail Restaurant and more. 

Sometimes, you can even catch live music at the Firefly Bar and Grill patio.

They also have a poolside bar area within the waterpark so the adults can unwind. 

And now for the complaints. In the grand scheme of things, the complaints are very minor. Let me clarify that overall, I was actually quite impressed. But no place is perfect.

A slide at Wilderness at the Smokies
There is a mandatory daily fee of $30 (plus tax) for all guests (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Complaint #1 – The resort fee

At the time of this writing, there is a mandatory daily fee of $30 (plus tax) for all guests. To their credit, it does mention this on their website.

But unfortunately for me, I missed that when I booked my stay, so I was surprised when I arrived to be immediately hit with another charge.

I understand that amenities cost money, but personally, I’d just rather it just be included in the base cost to avoid surprises and additional charges.

However, Wilderness at the Smokies sometimes offers Groupon specials which can help more than offset that annoying fee. We recommend always checking the Wilderness Groupon listing before booking.

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The walls can be a tad thin, but overall the room, with a microwave and refrigerator, is nice (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Complaint #2 – The weird noises

I arrived after dark with my mom and parked my car in the garage. We heard a very strange screeching sound and thought a wild animal had made its way into the garage and decided to die there.

We hurriedly rushed into the elevator, wondering what animal makes that noise. The next morning, we heard it again, and embarrassed, noticed speakers this time.

Now, I’m not sure if this has changed since the last time I was there. I hope it has, because it was the oddest soundtrack I’ve ever heard.

The walls are also a little thin for a place that is sure to have a lot of young kids running around, but it didn’t become a major issue for us during our stay. 

Complaint #3 – The hospitality

Honestly, I felt like the staff wasn’t overly friendly. This is something I never truly enjoy critiquing because I have worked in customer service, and I know I was never perfect.

Maybe they were having an off day. But that being said, I just didn’t feel that overly-friendly, Southern hospitality that you usually get at a place like Dollywood.

And maybe I’m biased. Dollywood is basically my happy place, and you can almost tell that it’s a lot of people’s happy place because everyone seems to just genuinely be in a fantastic mood.

It’s not quite the same vibe at Wilderness at the Smokies.

The hot tub opens to the outside and is available in colder months (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Wilderness at the Smokies Groupon, other tips

We cannot emphasize this enough. Wilderness at the Smokies usually has a couple of offers (like up to 40% off) on their Groupon page.

Always check there first for specials before booking.

In the slow season, you can find deals as low as about $99 per night (plus the resort fees). They also offer free and discounted attraction tickets in the area for resort guests. For the best deals, check out Wilderness at the Smokies’s Groupon listing.

Another tip includes getting an early start.

When I was there, the waterpark was not very crowded when it first opened, so arriving early is a good way to avoid long lines.

Check-in starts at 4 pm, but you can pre-register as early as noon to enjoy the amenities. Check-out is at 10:30 am, but you can still enjoy the parks all day after checkout. Times are subject to change, so always check your reservation.

Also, check your expectations. I would rate this as fantastic for families, and still fun for young (and young-at-heart) adults. While it’s good for all ages, it’s definitely more geared for families.

Wilderness at the Smokies day pass

If you’re curious about the resort but not committed to stay on-site, you can always get a day pass instead.

Prices range depending on the season, but it’s (roughly) half the price for a resort stay. Click here to learn more about the day pass. 

The wave pool is a popular spot inside the Wild Water Dome (photo by Alaina O’Neal/ 

Is Soaky Mountain part of Wilderness?

If you like waterparks, be sure to check out their sister park, Soaky Mountain Waterpark.

Soaky Mountain is a standalone waterpark, but it’s right next door to Wilderness. Since the two are sister companies, you can often get discounted tickets, or sometimes free tickets, to the waterpark depending on available packages and specials.

Remember to check Groupon before you book, or check the discounts page on the Wilderness at the Smokies website for current deals.

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Wilderness at the Smokies is located at 1424 Old Knoxville Hwy, Sevierville, TN 37876. For more information, visit their website at

Have you stayed at the Wilderness at the Smokies resort? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


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7 thoughts on “Is Wilderness at the Smokies Worth It? 3 Pros and Cons”

  1. We were also not impressed with the hospitality. Being at similar resorts owned by other companies we were left very disappointed.

  2. I went last year and the hospitality was not acceptable we switched rooms got up the next morning to shower blood was all in shower but the treated me like it was my fault it took hour before someone came and cleaned it up they was not nice about it at all

  3. We went there with our grandkids who were teenagers at the time and they loved it and i loved it and the employees were all very nice i don’t know what you did we had a wonderful time grandma grown kids and teenage kids loved it dollywood not so much

  4. We stayed there for the first time this past summer with my son’s 13U baseball team. It was fantastic! It was so great to know that we could just let all of the kids go off and be together and then the parents could do the same by the pool for the day. We never had an issue with the hospitality and at the main desk. We did feel the service was slow at all of the restaurants and bars but it was summer and fairly busy. Overall I feel it exceeded our expectations! We are a family of 4 and our boys were 14 & 12 at the time.

  5. Currently here now..for my sons Bday..& they loved the water park..lots to do. Hispotality has been great & its a def place to return this summer..Birthday package so not worthit at all so dont do it.

  6. Was going to stay here in August but it is so frustrating to see these resorts let outside people come in and overpopulate it when I am paying the price to stay there for a week that I am, no thank you

  7. I love this place I mat be a little biased but it is the best waterpark I have ever been to I love the tubes and the lazy river they have remodeled since 2020 tho I really enjoy the resort tho especially the arcade I may be an adult but I’m like a kid at play when I’m here .

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