Remembering old rides from the Pigeon Forge TN theme park, and why we miss them

Dollywood Rides that don't exist anymore

Dollywood's journey to the top came with some trial and error. 

Over time, some rides were shuttered for bigger and better things. 

Here are some rides we miss the most: 

This ride had a unique twist to today's Drop Line, but it only lasted about four seasons. 

Timber Tower 


This ride lasted 32 years. Rumors are that the cost to maintain the ride outweighed its value.  

Mountain Slidewinder


Also known as the Log Flume, this ride existed before the theme park became Dollywood. 

Country Fair Falls 


This thrilling motion ride taught us all about moonshine. Today it is home of the Dreamsong Theater. 

Thunder Road


This (creepy) old ride depicted prisoners escaping a flooded mine. It still exists in Dollywood's sister park. 

The Flooded Mine 


Learn more about these and other Dollywood relics. And don't forget to leave a comment to let us know which ride you miss the most!