the biltmore estate and cornelia vanderbilt on her wedding day

Biltmore’s Dark History: Odd Happenings at the Asheville Landmark

Just as there are Titaniacs in the world, attracted to the intersection of wealth and tragedy, so are there Biltmoriacs As someone who has written extensively about the Biltmore Estate, I find the darker parts of its history appealing. The trappings of power and extreme wealth and decadence are seemingly attractive to those of us whose nature leans a little

a pinkish purple lake

The Legend Of Atagahi – A Hidden Lake In The Smoky Mountains

According to Cherokee legend, the enchanted lake only reveals itself to those who are pure of heart The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is dotted with well-preserved conclaves of cabins and barns. And the occasional mill or silo. Places like Cades Cove or Greenbrier or Roaring Fork serve as reminders of life in the mountains in the decades leading up

an ai generated image of a skinwalker

Are Skinwalkers Real? The TikTok Buzz on Sightings in Appalachia

A Smoky Mountain man addresses alleged skinwalker sightings, currently trending on social media As someone who has lived in and around the Appalachian Mountains for most of the last 35 years, I have had the opportunity to fly over the mountains on several occasions, usually on a commercial flight but sometimes on a smaller private plane. The bird’s eye view