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Get a bit of inspiration from our many guides on local attractions and things to do in and around the Smoky Mountains

Area Guides for Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville

There are hundreds of things to do in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas. Below, we’ve attempted to organize those activities in the simplest way possible and provide “best of” guides for each.

Pigeon Forge Guides

dollywood entrance and showstreet

10 Top Things To Do in Pigeon Forge

As someone who has lived in and around the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge for the better part of 35 years, you can say I’ve “seen and done” it all. And that’s quite the feat because there are hundreds of restaurants and attractions packed into the otherwise small tourist town of Pigeon Forge (population roughly 6,000) …

Spring Mountain Farms Fried Chicken

10 Best Restaurants in Pigeon Forge

In my opinion, the most challenging part of a Pigeon Forge vacation may well be picking a place to eat. Do we want to be daring? Or do we want to play it safe? Do we want dinner and an experience? Especially with over 100 different restaurants to choose from in a town that covers less than 14 square miles …

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Gatlinburg Guides

treetop skywalk at anakeesta in gatlinburg tn

12 Top Things To Do in Gatlinburg

There’s a joy that comes with being someplace like Gatlinburg with time to burn and a little money in your pocket. We recently spent a day in Gatlinburg with my kids starting with Ripley’s Aquarium, followed by some shopping at The Village and dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants. It was a good day, a full day. A day in which the entire family had a good time …

11 Best Restaurants in Gatlinburg

In essence, Gatlinburg’s economy is built upon a three-legged stool of tourism commerce: Lodging, entertainment and food. And it’s probably not in that order. People come to Gatlinburg to do a lot of things, but eating remains dang near the top of the list …

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Sevierville Guides

streets of downtown sevierville tn

10 Best Things to Do in Sevierville

Recently, I was able to escape my home office and enjoy one of my favorite things during a workday: Work on site. My staff at had a long list of photos we needed of new attractions and new restaurants around the area, so we split up. I took Sevierville, and the rest of my team headed to Gatlinburg …

The Apple Barn

13 Best Restaurants in Sevierville

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains, you should know Sevierville is THE place to go in Sevier County for foodies. I, an area foodie and restaurant reviewer, would know. Below, you will find my ranking of the best restaurants – and some of the most popular restaurants …

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