Guests can now stay in this unbelievable castle in North Carolina

Smithmore Castle in North Carolina

This castle, located about 50 miles from Asheville in North Carolina, is available for rent on VRBO (photo courtesy of Smithmore Castle / VRBO)

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There’s a place of opulence in the mountains of North Carolina, offering the chance to view the majestic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains while enjoying the height of luxury.

It is grandiose vision rendered in luxuriant reality, as if the architects viewed the massive wonder of God’s creation around them and tried to build a home to match.

It is magnificence carved in stone and marble and realized in an incandescent crystal chandelier.

It is a jewel in North Carolina’s crown.

But no, it’s not THAT one.

This one you can book all for yourself on VRBO.

A view of the Blue Ridge Mountain from Smithmore Castle
The Smithmore Castle offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains (photo courtesy of Smithmore Castle / VRBO)

Where is the Smithmore Castle?

Smithmore Castle, located atop English Knob, is about 50 miles northeast of Asheville.

It offers a luxurious getaway for all manner of occasions; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or graduations.

The castle is a private mountain estate with over 100 acres of land near Spruce Pine, North Carolina. It offers spectacular views, unparalleled hiking, a world class chef and, if you book one, a concierge.

The castle itself is unlike any I’ve ever seen taking elements of Victorian architecture and placing them in a four-tower design all masterfully rendered with a shockingly white exterior.

Located there on top of the mountain where the deep green of the forest rises to meet the dark blue of the sky, Smithmore Castle is a stunningly beautiful, exotic location that appears as if plucked out of a dream.

And that’s just the outside.

A bedroom inside Smithmore Castle
This North Carolina Castle sleeps up to 14 guests and has six bedrooms (photo courtesy of Smithmore Castle / VRBO)

What’s inside this North Carolina castle?

Inside is even better.

The castle, which sleeps up to 14 adults, and has six bedrooms and features a three-story fireplace that fits nicely with the Victorian-esque theme.

Guests may enjoy the vintage “starlight” bar, the Tuscan-themed lounge or the exquisite wine room.

The dining room is available for guest’s dinner parties and the entire castle is decorated with exquisite frescoes that provide a European castle vibe in the mountains of North Carolina.

The extravagant centerpiece of the castle is the Great Room, which features marble floors, fine paintings and a magnificent Swarovski Crystal Chandelier.

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There’s even a grand fountain (with spectacular views)

Outside the courtyard features a grand fountain, as well as a large open deck over the portico which overlooks views so spectacular, it will leave you wishing you’d booked a poet along with the masseuse, chef, hiking guide and concierge.

The castle sits high up on the knob, with a clear view of the mountains stretching out for what appears to be miles and miles and miles of dark green forests and rippling ridgelines.

When the conditions are right, the mists hang low in the valleys, creating the sensation of a gleaming castle in the sky.

I started to write White Castle but that really ruined the whole vibe and made me hungry for sliders.

Once booked, the castle is flexible to your needs. There is a nearly endless supply of amenities. Add-ons include guided hiking tours, massages or cooking classes with the 5-star rated gourmet chef.

The castle is available for booking year-round but can be chilly in the winter – dress accordingly. Also, winter visitors should be prepared for inclement weather. Though Smithmore is beautiful in the snow, snow plows may not be able to keep up with a heavy storm.

An aerial view of Smithmore Castle
Smithmore Castle sits on 100 acres of land (photo courtesy of Smithmore Castle / VRBO)

Why is this castle in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina?

I find a bit of the same disconnect with Smithmore Castle that I do the Biltmore. When I think of the mountains, I think of great beauty, yes, but not opulence.

It’s jarring to see such luxury among the North Carolina pines, or in the great forests of Tennessee.

It’s easy to forget that these mountains were the destination of choice for a certain generation of the nation’s elite. It’s easy to forget that the mountains don’t have to be beholden to the idea of rustic beauty alone.

I’ve toured many of the castles open to the public in the south of England, been to Versailles and its miraculous gardens.

But those things are so attached to the idea of what Europe is; it’s strange to those ideas transplanted on American soil.

But they’re also so plainly cool. In general, I prefer my castles to have a crumbling bit, somewhere. That’s the bohemian in me. But I am also awed by the perfection of Smithmore. I don’t know if I could ever feel at home there, but I guarantee I could have one hell of a good get away.

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Can you really stay in the Smithmore Castle?

If you can swing the cost, you can absolutely stay in this incredible property.

The castle sleeps up to 14 adults, has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The minimum stay is two nights, currently listed at $2,057 per night, but rates vary depending on the date.

There is a $350 cleaning fee, a $150 pet fee and an additional guest fee if you have a party greater than 10 people.

You can view the listing and more photos on VRBO here.

Smithmore Castle is located only four miles from the city of Spruce Pine, four miles from its private airplane hangar at Avery County airport, 10 minutes from the Blue Ridge parkway, 50 miles from Asheville and 61 miles from Asheville Regional Airport.

Would you stay in a castle like this one? Let us know in the comments!

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