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blazing fury inside and out

Dollywood Blazing Fury: 8 Insights from Walking the Track (Lights On!)

I walked the track of the Blazing Fury with the lights on, this is what I learned You’d be hard-pressed to find a local in the Pigeon Forge area who doesn’t have a special place in their heart for Dollywood’s dark ride Blazing Fury. You see, Blazing Fury is part of our heritage. It’s more than a ride. It’s a

Inventors Mansion at Dollywood

Dollywood Inventor’s Mansion: The Mysterious Lost House on the Hill

Remembering an attraction that used to be the centerpiece of the park, now permanently erased It’s appropriate that in a theme park dedicated to mountain life, the remnants of a mostly forgotten relic are fading back into the scenery. Or at least, they were fading. Now, it’s nearly all but erased. This is Dollywood. It is never long until lost

the magic world ufo and a critter from the confederate show

Remembering the Magic (and Problems) With Magic World in Pigeon Forge

A local shares memories of Magic World – a defunct theme park in the Smoky Mountains Imagine reaching into a child’s toy box in the late 70s, past the Star Wars figures and the Godzillas and Bat-people, and pulling out the little bits of molded plastic that didn’t get played with as much as the other toys. Then sprinkle them

dolphins at porpoise island

Remembering Porpoise Island, a dolphin-themed park in Pigeon Forge

The ill-fated Polynesian-themed attraction that barely lasted a decade in the Smoky Mountains They imported people from Hawaii and tame deer from “all over the world.” The porpoises? They lived in Mississippi, of course. Children, I’m going to tell you a tale. I certainly wouldn’t blame you a bit if, in the end, you called me a liar. Indeed, I might

dollywood entrance

7 Hilariously Accurate Signs That You Might Be A Dollywood Addict

A Smoky Mountain native shares signs that you, like she, might be addicted to Dolly Parton’s namesake park Dollywood is known as the friendliest theme park in the world, and for those of us who grew up with the park practically in our backyard as I did, visiting Dollywood feels like coming home for the holidays. Of course, there are

the log flume and a live stagecoach at silver dollar city

This is What Dollywood Looked Like Before Dolly Parton Bought It

Photos from the 1970s remind us of the park that came before Dollywood: Pigeon Forge’s Silver Dollar City Six Flags, Disney, Cedar Point and, yes, Dollywood, are managed with a statistical mastery of people’s behaviors. They are run with precise technologies that track wait times, dining and character interactions. On good days, the best modern amusement parks, of which Dollywood

upside down wonderworks attraction in pigeon forge tn

The Upside Down House in the Smoky Mountains That Your Kids Will Love

A local’s honest review of the WonderWorks museum in Pigeon Forge TN The bend of the Parkway from Sevierville to Pigeon Forge is one of the more surreal stretches of land in the Smoky Mountains. As you cross the Hard Rock Cafe, things get weird quickly. There’s the looming silhouette of the Titanic museum rising above the hill ahead. Across the

woman poses with dollywood photo op wearing tn t-shirt

9 Things Not to Do While Visiting Dollywood, From a Local

Dollywood fan offers tips on what not to do when visiting the Pigeon Forge theme park I love going to Dollywood. As a kid, I was lucky enough to grow up within an hour of the theme park. Nostalgia and bias aside, even as a now-adult I must admit – Dollywood still holds its own even when compared to some

mystery mine at dollywood

11 Scary Dollywood Rides That Thrill Seekers Need to Experience

A Dollywood pro shares her ranked list of the scariest rides in the park I’m always amused watching first-time Dollywood-goers explore Dolly Parton’s namesake theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. It always reminds me how, as someone who grew up with the park practically in her backyard, I often take things for granted. I think people expect Dollywood to be

cinnamon bread at the grist mill at dollywood

11 Life-Changing Foods You Need to Try on Your Next Trip to Dollywood

Local recommends the best food at the Dollywood theme park in TN As someone who has lived within a few minutes of the Dollywood theme park for the past 20 years, I can confidently tell you that the theme park has a lot going on for itself. Great namesake. Excellent rides. Entertaining shows. But among the many Dollywood accolades, it’s