Dolly Parton pledges $1 million donation to coronavirus research at Vanderbilt

Dolly Parton isn’t called “Saint Dolly” for nothin’.  On Wednesday, Dolly took to social media to announce that she would be making a donation of $1 million to Vanderbilt toward the advancements of research for a coronavirus cure.  In the post, Dolly refers to her friend, Dr. Naji Abumrad, whom fans have heard of before […]

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Practicing self isolation? Here’s our top 7 ways you can still get a taste of the Smoky Mountains from home (for both kids and adults!)

COVID-19 has put the world on lockdown, and while everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance, it still leaves many of us stuck at home —  lonely, scared, bored, or some combination of the three.  In response, some businesses in the Smokies are offering help in creative ways. Here’s a list of those doing their […]

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Smoky Mountain Pink® Jeep® Tour Review: I thought we were on a run-of-the-mill tour, until we met Beth

Beth is a grandma.  She is sweet, unassuming and happy to tell you all about her kids and grandkids. She’s also the type of grandma who is young, spunky and makes you feel like she could probably outrun you in a marathon. Most notably, she’s a savage behind the wheel of a Jeep®.   Beth […]

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