Who has the best steak in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg? Our top 6 steakhouses

The Peddler Steak

The Peddler is best known for its quality steak (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

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Ultimately, I am a carnivore.

I enjoy a good salad. Love a properly prepared potato.

Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts? Bring ‘em on. They’re great.

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But can they touch a good steak? No, they cannot.

I do not judge people who do not partake of steak for health or ethical reasons.

There are days I think I could be a vegetarian too.

But then my wife and I go shopping at Tanger Outlets, and the smell of fine meat being masterfully prepared wafts through the air, finds my nostrils and uses them to lift me off the ground, floating me to a carnivorous epiphany.

Despite my better angels and intentions, I was born to eat meat, and if you’re like me, there are plenty of places you can go in the Sevier County and Great Smoky Mountains areas.

So who has the best steakhouse in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge?

I’m not going to discount any of them. To each their own. I’ve had a pretty good steak at the Waffle House, you know? But, if you’re going somewhere to eat a steak, these are the places you want to go.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best steakhouses in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and the surrounding area.

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Calhoun's in Pigeon Forge
The folks at Calhoun’s know their way around meat (photo by Alaina O’Neal/TheSmokies.com)

6. Calhoun’s (Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg TN)

Calhoun’s is an East Tennessee staple born on Kingston Pike in Knoxville in 1983. This establishment is first and foremost a barbecue joint featuring ribs that have won national awards.

So, it’s not surprising that most people don’t think of steaks when they think of Calhoun’s. But my friends, I promise you, the folks at Calhoun’s know their way around meat.

The “Ale” Steak, a 7 or 10-ounce sirloin marinated in olive oil, mustard, garlic and Cherokee Red Ale comes topped with Worcestershire butter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pronounce it when you order. It’s fantastic.

For something more classic, the filet is tender and always expertly prepared.

I give negative points for the Bar-B-Que Steak, which is simply a bridge too far, but all in all, Calhoun’s is a consistently excellent dining experience.

Fox and Hounds in Newport
Fox and Hounds is about 35 minutes away from Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

5. Fox and Hounds (Newport TN)

Located about 35 minutes from downtown Sevierville, Fox and Hounds may sound like an uppity English pub, but it ain’t. It’s an authentic East Tennessee experience.

When I moved to East Tennessee, people warned us about going to Newport like it was Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest … or South Carolina. Don’t go there, they said.

Newport was known for several things, all of them interesting, most of them bad. I’m talking moonshine, cockfighting, weed, stolen cars and official corruption.

Two decades and multiple FBI investigations later, Newport’s pretty cool, but I still wouldn’t leave your keys in the car or anything.

Anyway, Fox and Hounds is located in a former speakeasy, the kind of place with a big door and a bigger guy standing behind it. If you didn’t know the password, you weren’t getting in. Today, the door’s still there but you don’t have to use any secret handshakes or anything.

The food is great. The steaks are expertly prepared and worth the drive.

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The Local Goat in Pigeon Forge (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)
The Local Goat in Pigeon Forge is very popular, which can make it hard to get a table (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

4. Local Goat (Pigeon Forge TN)

Fox and hounds and goats, oh my.

Located in the heart of the Pigeon Forge strip, the Local Goat is fairly well accessible by Pigeon Forge’s labyrinth of back roads, which is good. However, because of its prominent location and, frankly, its delicious menu, getting a table at the Goat isn’t always easy.

In addition to craft beer and drinks, the Goat has a tasty selection of steaks at not-too-exorbitant prices. When I’m in the mood for something a little different, I go with the Hawaiian Ribeye.

However, if you’re more of a traditionalist, the Flame-Grilled Ribeye will do nicely.

Although technically in Sevierville, on the edge of Pigeon Forge, The Chop House is open until 11pm and offers quality food with family friendly atmosphere (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)
The Chop House is open until 11 pm and offers quality food with family friendly atmosphere (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

3. The Chop House (Sevierville and Kodak TN)

The Chop House was stablished by Mike Connor, Knoxville restaurant royalty, in 1992.

It delivers everything promised in its name. Fine cuts of meat, perfectly prepared.

During the holidays, my wife and I make it a point to take a break from holiday shopping at the Tanger Outlets to visit the Chop House, conveniently located right smack dab in the middle of the thing.

For years, I’ve ordered the T-Bone and spent the evening making George Constanza-esque T-Bone jokes to my wife who humors me with a faint smile. She doesn’t watch Seinfeld.

The time I left our name with the hostess as Cartwright went completely unappreciated. Still, there are worse places for your jokes to die than the Chop House, which I was really tempted to put higher on the list except for the existence of …

The Peddler Steakhouse in Gatlinburg, Tenn. (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)
The Peddler Steakhouse in Gatlinburg TN is famous for its delicious steak (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

2. The Peddler (Gatlinburg TN)

In a former life, I was the sports editor for a small daily paper in South Alabama. As such, I was afforded press passes to all football games at the University of Alabama and Auburn University.

At the time, in the pre-Nick Saban days, Alabama football was down, almost atrocious, and their arch-rival Auburn was flying high. Still, anytime I went to cover a game at Bama, there was a certain snootiness that came with their long legacy as the unrivaled kings of college football.

Staff members were indifferent, as if they’d been trained by the maître d in Ferris Bueller who weeps for the future. Auburn, however, was different. Despite their success, Auburn seemed genuinely glad to have me there. Staff members knew my name. Every phone call and every request was greeted with the enthusiastic manner of a Chick-Fil-A employee.

I say all that to say this: The Chop House reminds me of Auburn while the Peddler reminds me of Alabama. It knows, deep in its heart, it has a place at the top.

I always get the feeling I’m inconveniencing someone when I show up at The Peddler and walk in without calling ahead at my own peril.

But we’re not ranking niceness, we’re ranking steaks, and the Peddler has some of the best.

The custom cut steaks will make you cry tears of joy with every bite. You can get a strip or ribeye in 10, 12 or 16 ounces, or you can just pay $2.50 an ounce more and order whatever size you’d like.

It’s like I imagine heaven to be, except they charge you.

The filet is mouth-watering and tender. The Prime Rib is excellent. I wish, dear reader, that I could tell you that the snootiness is unearned, but when you’re dealing with genius you must give it a wide berth.

Also, if you order several more ounces on a steak you’re gonna need that wide berth to haul your butt out of there, I’m just saying.

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The Greenbrier Restaurant
The Greenbrier Restaurant is a historic landmark in Gatlinburg (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

1. The Greenbrier Restaurant (Gatlinburg TN)

The Greenbrier Restaurant is a higher-end establishment in Gatlinburg.

It’s also a bit of a hidden gem, located far off the beaten tourist path.

To find it, you have to know what you’re looking for. You won’t see it heavily advertised or located right off any main roads in the Smokies.

Restaurants who don’t need to advertise know that the food does all the work for them. This is the case with The Greenbrier Restaurant.

When you order a steak at The Greenbrier, it comes out cooked and seasoned to perfection.

It’s so juicy and tender that there’s not too much chewing involved. The meat practically melts in your mouth.

The menu at The Greenbrier changes periodically, but at the time of this writing, they offer a New York Strip and Filet of Beef.

Seasoned with black pepper and kosher salt, you can order the filet petite (7 oz), king (10 oz) or Oscar-style. The steak here will cost you about $40-50, but it will be worth it. It is meat perfection.

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Greenbriar Steak
The steak at Greenbrier is a bit higher-end compared to other steakhouses in the area, but it’s worth every penny (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

Where is your pick for the best steakhouse in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: While we do our best to bring you the most up-to-date information, attractions or prices mentioned in this article may vary by season and are subject to change. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any mentioned business, and have not been reviewed or endorsed these entities. Contact us at info@thesmokies.com for questions or comments.


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92 thoughts on “Who has the best steak in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg? Our top 6 steakhouses”

  1. The Alamo is one of our most favorite steakhouses. Consistent flavor and quality matched with great service.

  2. Holstons has a pretty darn good steak too. I do agree on your assessment of The Peddler, lol.

  3. The Cherokee Grill in Gatlinburg has the best steak that we have had in our seven years of vacationing there at four times a year we have tried most of the others

  4. The Grease Rack in Newport has one of the best Porterhouses I have had and the Sunset Grill in Newport has the Best Ribeye I have had from here to Michigan.

  5. Looks like we all have a different opinion on the best steak in the smokies. I love the ale steak, eat one while I’m up there and take one home. Eat it cold and it’s great. Peddler was ok but just.. Howard’s was ok but can’t wait to try Alamo, and the others. Ale steak,yummy
    Wish they’d ship one cooked and cold..

  6. The Peddlar by far!!!!!! And when the had the salad bar, it was heaven!!!!!!!

  7. I worked at Howard’s in Gatlinburg in my early 20s and they have the absolute holy grail of best steaks.

  8. Good thing I live the 5minutes from Fox and Hound and yes there steak is to die for!

  9. Greenbrier!!!! Gatlinburg
    No contest. I do not understand how Greenbrier has never even been mentioned.

  10. I appreciate a great steak and IMHO Cherokee Grille has the best steak in the area.
    Very consistent and great atmosphere.

  11. I love the Ribeye at Trailhead in Townsend. Impeccable attention to cleanliness, all of their health reports for the past several years are on display.

  12. The Chop house is amazing! I need to try other places on this list. To everyone saying Alamo I have to disagree we had to return my husbands steak it was so poorly cooked and we aren’t complainers normally.

  13. Greenbrier Steaks, amazingly seared but it hits your wallet pretty hard . Then there is Texas Road House oh yes!! Also love Holston Steaks, the ribeye is excellent too. Dont forget Longhorn Bone in Ribeye.

  14. Alamo is the best place for beef, with a mighty fine selection of seafood, too. We usually eat lunch and dinner there, a few times
    while in town. In all these years, we have never been disappointed. It’s worth a trip to drive up just to dine there on occasion.

  15. Alamo all the way! The one in Gatlinburg is slightly better than the one in Pigeon Forge. Don’t know why I suppose better chef? Their prime rib appetizer with horseradish is to die for…holy moly.

  16. My husband and I weren’t impressed by Alamo at all. It was just an older dated steakhouse. Will have to try Peddler next time! I love Connors.

    The writer of this article is a joy to read, BTW. Love his style!!

  17. I cant believe The Park Grill in Gatlinburg isn’t on here? Their steak was amazing!

  18. We just returned to FL from a stay in Pigeon Forge. We eat at numerous restaurants, and our best steak experience was the Hawaiian ribeye at Holston’s

  19. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a steak in Gatlinburg, but back several years ago you couldn’t beat The Park Grill and I’ve had one from The Peddler. Look forward to trying the others when I’m back there again.

  20. Our family loves Alamo! Steaks are the best I’ve ate! Definitely should have been listed!

  21. I’ve lived here in Gatlinburg all my life 38 years. I really like Alamo they offer a free dinner on your birthday if yHolston, of anything on the menu. The local goat is good too. As well as Greenbriar,Howard’s, peddler, holstons,pottery house cafe,Tony Gores,all have really great food and places to visit while im my area .

  22. We went to Peddler for our anniversary. It was the worst steak I have ever had in my life. The quality of cut was horrible and it was very badly over cooked. The fat In the ribeye was elastic and inedible. My wife’s steak was covered in blood (she ordered med well) she sent it back and it was burnt to a crisp. Salad was one of the best I’ve ever had guess that’s a plus. If you want a good salad this is your spot. If you want a good steak run!!! We were so disappointed we called it a night and headed Krispy Cream to drowned our sorrows.

  23. Longhorn Steakhouse is awesome. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned even mentioned as an afterthought.

  24. Greenbrier for steak or anything else! Knocked out of the park, over the top deliciousness!!

  25. We love the Cherokee Grill sirloin steak as well as the atmosphere with hugh fireplace. Always eat there!!

  26. Our favorite used to be the Alamo. Since the fire, however ….. well, it just wasn’t the same amazing flavor. I really miss it. We have been to Howards — very good.

  27. I love the steak at, of all places, a seafood restaurant called Chesapeake’s in Gatlinburg!!

  28. I’m shocked Texas Roadhouse wasn’t mentioned. They have hand cut steaks and you can pick your own. They have their own in house meat cutters & their steaks are fresh and reasonably priced. I’ll take Texas Roadhouse any day over the Peddler.

  29. The Whistle Stop located in front of Tusculm University in good ol’ Greeneville, TN they have steak that will make your tongue slap your face so hard you’d think your momma done it!! Second best would be the Butcher’s Block which is also located in Greeneville,TN, the Peddlers was just okay in my book but that Whistle Stop blew my taste buds apart!!

  30. Steak Delivery and More in Gatlinburg! So cozy to be able to have your steak, loaded potato and salad delivered to your door!! (Sweet tea is awesome there, too)

  31. I love a good juicy ribeye and my husband is a filet man.. we make it a point to eat at The Bullfish when we take our yearly trip to Pigeon Forge. The steak is awesome and so are the sides!!

  32. In many visits to PF and Gatlinburg, Peddler only disappointed once. Alamo was bad first time so gave it a second chance and was terrible again.Goat is excellent for steak and anything else. Peddlers steaks and that great salad bar are generally the best.Thank goodness we all have the beautiful Smoky Mountains to visit.

  33. Yep. Tried them all in the last 20 yrs. New fave is Chrerokee Grill. Texas Roadhouse is gone as it should be. Anybody like shrimp with their steak, nothing compares to Longhorns Wild West Shrimp with their filet!

  34. Cherokee grill is the best stake in town. Can’t beat the price and flavor is tops.

  35. We love the Alamo. We’ve never had a bad experience. Wonderfully cooked and flavored steaks

  36. Can’t wait to try Greenbriar, Howard’s, and the place in Newport, so I can’t speak for them.
    However, I feel like The Peddler has seen its better days, and is still trying to ride off of those. Their steak is good, and I would say top 6 worthy, but not top 3 worthy. I would put Park Grill in the top 3 though, and I agree with the others that Alamo should be on here somewhere.
    I love Calhoun’s, and yes, their Ale Steak is delicious. But, it is a sirloin, and a true steak lover is not going to want to make a special trip for a sirloin, so even though I love it, I don’t feel it is appropriate for this list. Otherwise, good job on the article, the writing style keeps it interesting.

  37. Alamo by far the best! Peddler was horrible both times I have been there. Tough poor quality meat.

  38. Fox and Hounds in Newport…the food is delicious, the atmosphere is fun, and the staff is friendly.

  39. Smoky Mountain Brewery. Their Ale steak beats them all. I’ve had steak at all the other places but the Brewery is the best. Bear Creek Grill was the best. So sad it closed.

  40. The Alamo is the best I think. It is soooo good. We eat at the the one in pigeon forge.

  41. Going to Gatlinburg in September for our Anniversary, my husband loveeee Steak so reading all the comments help me out where to try to eat at. Thank guys!!

  42. The Pottery House Cafe literally has one of the best ribeyes I’ve ever eaten. If you try it, I think you will agree.

  43. Went to Peddlers for first time. Reserved seats by window by creek! Hugh salad bar, Filet, Marinated Chicken (yum!), rolls, vegetables, cheesecake and strawberry shortcake were all fantastic!!! Service was Quick and efficient. Will definitely go again!!!

  44. Ye Ole Steakhouse must have closed. Award winning since 1969. Only way it was not on the top of the list.

  45. The hidden gem…the Greenbrier…is THE BEST! Food, service and atmosphere!

  46. THE GREENBRIER is the best restaurant in Gatlinburg- best food & atmosphere!! Steak was cooked to perfection- off the beaten path but great break from touristy areas.

  47. While in retrospect I agree with the editor on one thing, we love steak and honestly a well cooked, well seasoned steak need any type of sauce for dipping. Being a steak buff ourselves I’m the type of person that gives a hole in the wall eatery a chance and I hate saying it but out of all those places listed only two made our list…. 1.) being the Peddler (2.) being Fox and Hounds. With that being said let’s travel on up east TN backroad from Newport to Greeneville/Tusculm Our #1 is The Whistle Stop, the steaks are Amazing and they need no introduction but you will need to make a reservation. #2 Buchers Block again an amazing steak that will pick you up and make your taste buds wanna lick the plate! #3 The Peddler it’s a great steak but it’s not Ruth Chris #4 Fox and Hounds was a delightful steak full of flavor but just lacked the burst of flavors. All and all that’s about as far as my list goes but if you want a great steak it’s all in the Marinade, flavoring spices, and temp the meat is cooked on low temp and longer duration cooks the steak just right a grill that’s to hot will dry out the meat. I make a mean steak at home however that comes from asking questions about how the chefs cook things and the ingredients they use to perfect each steak.

  48. We love the Peddler and The Park Grill. Both are superb. Very Surprised The Park Grill didn’t make the list.

  49. The Peddler is the absolute best. The Greenbrier is as good but much more expensive and not worth the price difference. The Alamo isn’t in the same league as them.

  50. Nobody has mentioned Crystal Creek Cafe……very very juicy & divine. Atmosphere is casual & fine. Very clean. Cocktail bar is yum….back to the steak: trimmed up, lean marinated & cooked perfectly. Very particular about meats anyways; Calhouns isn’t that great nor is Texas Roundhouse or Long Horn. Chop House is meh. For the price of all those places you must must try Crystal Creek…..you won’t be disappointed!

  51. Best steak first is Cherokee Grill, second The Alamo, third Greenbriar, fourth Peddler, fifth Howard’s, sixth Chop House

  52. One of our soul purposes of a trip to Gatlinburg from Middle TN is to eat steak at the Alamo! Absolutely the best!

  53. No one has mentioned Ye Olde Steak House on Chapman Hwy outside of Sevierville down toward Knoxville. I order my filets extra extra well done and they are so tender I don’t even need a knife to cut them!
    They have pan fried potatoes with onions (called wood shed potatoes), fresh-cut french fries and baked potatoes; and charcoaled mushrooms.They have fresh fish and chicken. And their dessert menu is absolutely wonderful; I don’t think there is any kind of dessert they don’t have! You will have to drive about 15 minutes outside of Sevierville to get there but you will absolutely believe it is worth your trip! On top of everything else it is in a rustic old log house so atmosphere is great!

  54. Sunset Grille in Newport has the best Baby Medallions and Ribeye I’ve ever had! Hand cut in house a must try.

  55. The Peddler.. #1 (please make reservations). The Park grill is own/operated by the same people as the peddler..so no surprise the comments on the park grill.. I’m sorry, the Alamo used to be outstanding back in the early 2000s.. today? they are hit or miss… haven’t been back in 5 or more years… we visit Gatlinburg twice a year for the past 30 years.. like a second home.

  56. Old Mill Pottery House Cafe had the best steak I’ve had in the Smokies. Plan on visiting Cherokee Grill in a few weeks to try one

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