purple lights in the astra lumina night walk experience at anakeesta in gatlinburg, tennessee

These 3 Attractions in Gatlinburg Were Enough To Make Me Move Here

I moved to my favorite tourist town, and here are three attractions that helped in that decision My family and I made dozens of trips to Gatlinburg before moving here. We often would alternate restaurants or try to squeeze in a new one with every visit. Attractions, for us, were secondary. After our first few visits, Gatlinburg became less of

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These 4 Hidden Gems Are the Best Mom and Pop Restaurants in Gatlinburg

I’ve dined at dozens of eateries in Gatlinburg, these are the best mom-and-pop restaurants in the area Nowadays, the term “mom and pop” is code for a restaurant that isn’t a chain or is owned by a single restauranteur or family instead of a restaurant group. But we’re still attached to the idea of a certain kind of place. Take,

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13 Celebrity Sightings in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains

These are a few famous faces that have been known to make an appearance in and around the Smoky Mountains When you live near a popular tourist destination like the Smoky Mountains, you must keep your head on a swivel. You never know when the person behind you in line at the Salt and Pepper Museum might be a famous

the new observation deck and the existing skybridge

You Won’t Believe the Massive Expansion Coming Soon to Gatlinburg SkyPark

SkyPark officials announce new SkyBridge, viewing area, restaurants and more With its 70th-anniversary celebration approaching, Gatlinburg SkyPark is preparing for its next 70 years. Having first gone up the mountain nearly 40 years ago, I’ve personally watched and marveled at the competition to be Gatlinburg’s top dog. SkyPark is certainly firmly entrenched in a three-way competition to be Gatlinburg’s premier

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This Is What Spring Break Is Actually Like in Gatlinburg

Local offers tips for spending spring break in the Smoky Mountains When visitors plan a vacation to Gatlinburg, most of them don’t realize that spring break can be just as busy as the summer months. I live here in Gatlinburg and I can tell you that it’s quite a shock seeing the flock of tourism during this time. This year

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These are 3 Things I Won’t Ever Do Again in Gatlinburg

A Smoky Mountain resident talks about experiences he won’t try again in Gatlinburg As someone who has been hanging out in Gatlinburg for more than 30 years, I’ve been burned a few times. It could have been a restaurant, an attraction or an experience. Sure, we all have our favorite things, but we also want to try something new. Sometimes

The Village Shops in Gatlinburg

The Frozen-In-Time European Village in the Smoky Mountains You Need To See

The little European village in the Smoky Mountains you need to see As someone who has visited Gatlinburg since the middle ’80s, I’ve never known a time without The Village. But what is The Village? It’s a collection of shops featuring European-style architecture. Along with the Pancake Pantry, The Village Shops has set the mood for anyone coming to Gatlinburg

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Is It Expensive To Live in Gatlinburg? An Area Resident’s Take

Gatlinburg captures the hearts and minds of millions of visitors every year. Many folks dream of moving to the Smoky Mountains, thinking it will be the breath of fresh air they need. While that is certainly true in my case, it doesn’t come without its costs. Of course, vacationing here gives you an idea of what to expect in terms

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Here’s What You Should Try at Gatlinburg’s Famous Pancake Pantry

Local reviews Gatlinburg’s first pancake eatery In 1960, a pair of tourists from Indiana decided to bet their futures on a specialty pancake restaurant in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. I think of June and Jim Gerding as visionaries determined to start a hotcake revolution. When the Pancake Pantry opened, it was Tennessee’s first and only pancake house. And

hiking in Gatlinburg

Is It Safe to Hike in Gatlinburg? Advice From a Local

A local talks about how to safely hike in and around Gatlinburg and recommends three of his favorite trails I’ve never had a safety issue and I’ve been around the Smoky Mountains for more than 30 years. So, I don’t think of the Smokies as dangerous. But as someone who has also lived on this planet for nearly five decades,