A Tweet/Xeet by the NPS reads "Your chances of being hunted by a turkey are low, but never zero." with the photo of a turkey staring straight into the camera from a windowed door

6 Funniest Tweets From the Hilarious National Park Service Twitter Account

The National Park Service has jokes, and we’re here for it ​​Like any massive bureaucracy, the United States government has its strengths and its weaknesses. Strengths? Good at starting clandestine wars in faraway lands. Weaknesses? Not really known for quality humor or at least not until you get to the folks at the National Park Service who use their official

a raccoon on a leash and the welcome to tennessee sign

6 Utterly Bizarre Tennessee Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

​​Tennessee has a few bizarre laws on the books which range from rollerblading at the state Capital to owning pet raccoons I’ve covered Tennessee politicians for more than 20 years. As a result, I know that they are much better at putting new laws on the books than they are at removing old ones. For instance, for years both atheists

the tennessee welcomes you sign next to the new tennessee georgia border

Tennessee-Georgia Border Controversy: A Mistake That Might Reshape the State

The strange mistake that reshaped the state of Tennessee (literally) and why Georgia isn’t happy about it There’s a dispute along the Tennessee-Georgia border. It goes far beyond the singing of Rocky Top and red-clad adults who like to bark at football games. It’s a water war, y’all, with headwaters that go back more than 200 years. It’s a dispute

dolly parton in outfit with wings at her theme park

Dolly Parton Says Getting Kicked Out of a Hotel Inspired a Famous ‘9-5’ Line

Dolly recounts a story where a NYC hotel thought she was ‘turning up tricks’ Dolly Parton has had countless hits, but one of her most famous songs, “9 to 5”, came from her 1980 film featuring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Most fans know that Dolly famously wrote the theme song while filming with the help of her nails –

the great smoky mountains national park sign with a scared emoji

3 Reasons Not To Go to the Smoky Mountains, From a Local

Look, I’ve lived on this Earth long enough to know that nothing has a 100 percent approval rating. There are people – if you can believe it – who don’t like pizza or Star Wars movies. But as someone who left the Smokies for a brief period in the early 2000s and was desperate to return, I can say the

the welcome to pigeon forge sign and douglas lake

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is Running Out of Water

How the tourist town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is running out of water and what the city is going to do about it When you think of infrastructure issues in the Smokies Mountains you think about backed-up traffic clogging the arteries of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. But what if I told you city leaders are facing another challenge that

titanic museum in pigeon forge

These are the Best Museums in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg

TN native lists top attractions in the Smoky Mountains, with coupons No trip to the Great Smoky Mountains is complete without checking out at least a couple of museums and walk-through attractions in the area. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to spend your vacation dollars. Remember that any pricing mentioned in this

dolly parton speaks at a media event at dollywood in pigeon forge, tennessee

Dolly Parton Reveals Carl Dean’s Surprising Nicknames for Her

Carl Dean has more than one cute nickname for his famous wife Dolly Parton is known by a myriad of nicknames. Some nicknames reference her incredible career in country music, like the Leading Lady of Country and the Queen of Nashville. Other names refer to her East Tennessee roots, such as Smoky Mountain Songbird, Backwoods Barbie and Appalachian Queen. Additionally,

traffic along roads of gatlinburg, tennessee during spring break

This Is What Spring Break Is Actually Like in Gatlinburg

Local offers tips for spending spring break in the Smoky Mountains When visitors plan a vacation to Gatlinburg, most of them don’t realize that spring break can be just as busy as the summer months. I live here in Gatlinburg and I can tell you that it’s quite a shock seeing the flock of tourism during this time. This year

volcano in smoky mountains

Are There Volcanoes in Tennessee? How Some of Us Got Burned

Popular April Fool’s Day article stirs rumors of volcanic activity in the mountains As a writer for TheSmokies.com, I uncover the hidden truths behind the mountains, track search trends and immerse myself in East Tennessee culture. But on days like today, I end up addressing topics that surprise me. Notably, I never thought I’d be re-learning about plate tectonics in