then and now recreation photo in rock city

These Recreation Photos of Rock City Will Make You Smile

A photographer took his mother to Rock City for recreation photos, and the results are amazing Gary and Carol Cox travel anywhere they can get a good photo. So when Gary came across old photos of his mother, Maxine Cox, in Rock City from the late-1950s, he saw a unique opportunity to do a then-and now-recreation. The family packed their

downtown knoxville with the sunsphere in the background

4 Cities in Tennessee Have the Worst Drivers in the US, Study Finds 

A recent survey finds 4 of the top 20 cities with the worst drivers in the country are located in Tennessee As someone who has been driving in Tennessee for nearly 35 years, I was shocked by a recent Consumer Affairs report. Tennessee, the report says, has four of the Top 20 worst cities for driving in the country. Memphis

sweet tea in restaurant

Not Following These 5 Rules Will Ruin Good, Southern Sweet Tea

Tennessean lists the sweet tea commandments Sweet tea is a heritage. A birthright. An art. If you want the purest distillation of the South in culinary form, pour a glass, honey, cause we’re about to talk about the nectar of the gods known as sweet tea. By the way, that’s the last time I’m calling it sweet tea. The truth

The Oliver Family (foreground) the oliver cabin (background)

The Real-Life Kissing Cousins of Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains

Nearly half the residents in Cades Cove in the 1850s can be traced back to two families: The Olivers and the Shields As someone who has lived in and around the mountains of East Tennessee, I’ve heard all the insults. They’re particularly rampant on social media – especially if you frequent certain SEC football message boards. Mouth breeders or kissing

space needle in gatlinburg next to sign for pigeon forge tn

Is There More To Do in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge? A Local Declares Winner

Local compares two mountain towns in attractions, accessibility and more The towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are only separated by a few miles, but getting back and forth between the two can be a real pain. So, if you’re planning a getaway vacation to Sevier County, you may want to decide which place you’ll be spending most of your

tourist photographing a cup in gatlinburg tn

5 Things To Avoid if You Don’t Want To Look Like a Tourist in Gatlinburg

East TN local offers tips for visiting like a local in the Smokies When I travel, I like to do touristy stuff. I proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower, after all, so it’s not like I’m super original. But I do like doing the normal stuff, too. Ultimately, I find the idea of inserting yourself into another life – of

A macro head shot of a 17-year cicada

Get Ready, an Insane Number of Cicadas Are Coming to Tennessee in 2024

A record-breaking billions to trillions of cicadas are set to emerge this spring The cicadas are coming. How many cicadas? As someone who has spent way too much of his life worrying about cicadas, I can say officially, it’s a buttload.  In Spring of 2024, a pair of specific cicada broods will be hatching at the same time for the

cars with for sale signs line the parking lots along the parkway in pigeon forge during rod runa

Ban Proposed on Beloved Pigeon Forge Rod Run Tradition

The days of seeing cars lined up with ‘For Sale’ signs along the Parkway may be numbered In my 30 years in the area, Rod Runs meant classic cars lining the parkway adjacent spots in Pigeon Forge. Some were there to ogle the classic cars, others were there to trade, dicker and deal. But now, state officials want the city

large cabin in the smoky mountains

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Renting a Cabin

What not to do when you rent a cabin in the Smoky Mountains There are a lot of factors you want to consider when you book a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. For example, you’ll want to make sure you book at a good price, get a good view and find a convenient location. But have you ever considered what

wild eagle roller coaster at dollywood

7 Most Thrilling Roller Coasters at Dollywood (2024)

Local ranks best roller coasters at Dolly Parton’s theme park I spent my formative roller coaster years as a child of the Midwest visiting King’s Island, Six Flags and Cedar Point. These amusement parks were the roller coaster meccas of my youth. When I came to Pigeon Forge TN for the first time, I was a tourist. Back then, the