Now You Can See an Interactive Tennessee Fall Foliage Map (2024)

View a data-driven map with 7 fall tips from a local They say the beauty of fall in Tennessee is due to the diversity of trees in the forest. Local flora – depending on what part of the state you’re visiting – may include oak trees, hickories, maples, American beech and hobblebush – just to name a few. But where

Creepy Looking Toxic Slime Coated Worm Spotted in East Tennessee

TVA has indicated that Hammerhead worms have been spotted around Norris, Tennessee, just north of Knoxville and may thrive in rainy summer weather As someone who has been digging in the East Tennessee earth for more than 30 years, I thought I had a handle on most of the creepy crawlies one might encounter. I’ve turned over rocks and scared

A couple walks hand in hand down the strip in Gatlinburg, TN

New Controversial Tennessee Law Bans Marrying Your First Cousin

​​​​A new bill banning first cousin marriages has passed in Tennessee but not all are in favor of the new law We’ve heard the stories. Young kids grow up in a similar area. Begin dating in high school and fall in love. Then, for whatever reason, they take a DNA test and find out their collective family trees don’t branch

marker of the state line of north carolina and tennessee

There Are Big Changes Coming to This Popular Road in the Smoky Mountains

What you need to know about Newfound Gap Road in the Smokies When my family visits the Smokies, we prefer taking the scenic route through Western North Carolina. My husband prefers driving on winding mountain roads. When the weather is warm, my kids love to stop in Cherokee and visit Oconaluftee Islands Park to play in the river. From there,

black bear climbs out of jeep cherokee

The Shocking Damage a Black Bear Can Do to Your Car in the Smokies

Couple gets huge surprise when they wake up to find a black bear in their Jeep on their honeymoon Millions of people visit the Great Smoky Mountains each year hoping to see black bears in the wild. But these two honeymooners from the Atlanta area got a unique encounter they could bear-ly believe was possible. After they married in 2020,

river rises up near no way jose's

Gatlinburg Looks Unrecognizable in Photos Taken During Recent Floods

Gatlinburg resident shares his story of how roads turned into rivers during the January 2024 flash flood event I expected January 9, 2024, to be just another uneventful day in Gatlinburg. Sure, it had been raining since late the night prior. But the rising waters would soon provide much more drama than we could’ve ever anticipated. Our day began with my

dolly parton at a red carpet event

Dolly Parton to Guest Host New Game Show in Tennessee

Pigeon Forge Family Challenge show to premiere February 2024 Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Entrepreneur. Queen of the World. Now, a preview video for a YouTube reality show debuting in early February has fans asking if Dolly Parton is about to add another job title to her already crowded business card. Parton appeared recently in an Instagram video promoting a new YouTube

Smoky Hollow Outdoor Resort's covered wagons and a firepit

The Stunning Smoky Hollow Glamping Resort in TN You Need To See

A look inside these magical glamping tipis and wagons The road to Smoky Hollow – a “glampground” located in Sevierville, TN – was a long one. More than four years ago, Rebecca Turner and her husband sold their Central Florida home and packed up with their kids to live life on the road full-time in an RV. “We would not

ole smoke popcorn sutton bourbon and likker

Ole Smoky’s New Moonshine Tastes “Just Like Popcorn’s” Says Pam Sutton

“I’m so happy that it’s Popcorn’s and he would be very happy because this is what he wanted,” said Pam The press conference was underway. Joe Baker – founder of Ole Smoky Moonshine – and Pam Sutton – widow of legendary outlaw moonshiner Popcorn Sutton were officially introducing Ole Smoky’s Popcorn moonshine style “Likker” and straight bourbon whiskey. As they

eastern hognose snake

This Useful Graphic Will Help You Identify Smoky Mountain Snakes

What you should know about snakes in the Smoky Mountains There is something primal about our fear of snakes. I suppose it’s the lack of legs or the possibility of a painful bite that reaches the core of our DNA. Once when I was young, my friends and I approached some overgrown grass. We were met by a hooded snake