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Are There Witches in the Smoky Mountains? Talking Southern Superstitions

Witchy superstitions and stories are practically tradition in the South. Here are a few of the most famous witches and tall tales. I grew up at my grandmother’s knee hearing stories about witches and goblins from her Depression-era childhood. With this in mind, I try to come to the topic of the supernatural in the mountains with something of an

A Tweet/Xeet by the NPS reads "Your chances of being hunted by a turkey are low, but never zero." with the photo of a turkey staring straight into the camera from a windowed door

6 Funniest Tweets From the Hilarious National Park Service Twitter Account

The National Park Service has jokes, and we’re here for it ​​Like any massive bureaucracy, the United States government has its strengths and its weaknesses. Strengths? Good at starting clandestine wars in faraway lands. Weaknesses? Not really known for quality humor or at least not until you get to the folks at the National Park Service who use their official

rainy sky with gatlinburg space needle in tennessee

These Are the Rainiest – and Least Rainy – Months in Gatlinburg

How Gatlinburg sees a surprising amount of rain compared to the rest of the country When visiting an outdoorsy destination like Gatlinburg, the weather might be top of mind. Gatlinburg has a temperate climate. For example, last summer, my family and I experienced some Gatlinburg climate magic. While the rest of the southeastern United States was languishing under an intense

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The Mystery Surrounding the Sudden Wears Valley Name Changes

Wears Valley formerly known as Crowsons Cove, and Wears Cove, has undergone several name changes over the years I grew up running around Townsend and using Wears Valley Road to get to Pigeon Forge. But I never knew the Valley by any other name. I can’t remember anyone calling it Wears Cove and certainly don’t remember noticing the sign marking

a raccoon on a leash and the welcome to tennessee sign

6 Utterly Bizarre Tennessee Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

​​Tennessee has a few bizarre laws on the books which range from rollerblading at the state Capital to owning pet raccoons I’ve covered Tennessee politicians for more than 20 years. As a result, I know that they are much better at putting new laws on the books than they are at removing old ones. For instance, for years both atheists

the tennessee welcomes you sign next to the new tennessee georgia border

Tennessee-Georgia Border Controversy: A Mistake That Might Reshape the State

The strange mistake that reshaped the state of Tennessee (literally) and why Georgia isn’t happy about it There’s a dispute along the Tennessee-Georgia border. It goes far beyond the singing of Rocky Top and red-clad adults who like to bark at football games. It’s a water war, y’all, with headwaters that go back more than 200 years. It’s a dispute

interstate signs for y-12

The Oak Ridge Prophet: The Man Who Predicted Y-12, WWII 40 Years Before

It was a top-secret project. No one was supposed to know. But the Oak Ridge Prophet? He predicted it 40 years in advance. There is quite a history of land near the Smoky Mountains being taken over by the federal government for a variety of reasons. In addition to the National Park, for which price and access were negotiated, there

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The 3 Best and Worst Reviewed Attractions in Pigeon Forge (2024)

We analyzed over 200 local Google business listings to come up with this list of the best, and worst, reviewed attractions in Pigeon Forge I have lived in the area for more than 30 years and first visited almost 40 years ago. So I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the best and worst attractions in Pigeon

smokies stadium entrance

Hilarious Savannah Bananas Weigh in on Rumored Smokies Stadium Takeover

If the Savannah Bananas are keeping their eyes peeled for expansion opportunities, Smokies Stadium would be ideal The end of an era is quickly approaching as the Tennessee Smokies abandons its home in Kodak and returns to Knoxville. I have a long history covering Smokies baseball. I wrote about the move from Knoxville to Sevier County for a class project.

guests walking around john oliver place in cades cove

The Fight for Cades Cove and the People Who Refused to Leave

It turns out, not everyone was thrilled when the land became government property When touring Cades Cove today, we see one of nature’s true holy places. The verdant valley with its fields and streams, is surrounded by the high mountains. It’s a place of wonder and we rejoice that our forebearers nearly 100 years ago sought to preserve for us.