the biltmore estate and cornelia vanderbilt on her wedding day

Biltmore’s Dark History: Odd Happenings at the Asheville Landmark

Just as there are Titaniacs in the world, attracted to the intersection of wealth and tragedy, so are there Biltmoriacs As someone who has written extensively about the Biltmore Estate, I find the darker parts of its history appealing. The trappings of power and extreme wealth and decadence are seemingly attractive to those of us whose nature leans a little

the walker sister place and the sisters

The Sisters Who Lived Inside the Smoky Mountains Park for 20 Years

The Walker Sisters Place and the women who lived within, surviving off of the land, selling trinkets to tourists In the Great Smoky Mountains, history is often found in the hollers, in the lingering crannies found in the shadow of giant mountain ridges. It’s in these historic places that the great passage of time, which in our everyday lives is

Biltmore Estate Asheville North Carolina

What Tragedies Happened at the Biltmore Estate? 6 Fascinating Stories

Mysteries and rumors surrounding Biltmore as passed down through generations When I visit Biltmore, I always think about how we are trained to think of great houses as places of secrets and mystery. And when we think of the enormous North Carolina estate, a playground for people with enough money to buy their way out of trouble, the mind tends to wander.

the biltmore estate entrance

7 Fascinating Facts About Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

Things you never knew about the Biltmore Estate: $100 loans, pink hair and family drama Every time I visit Biltmore I am amazed. Amazed by its beauty, the architecture and its rich history. I’ve been fortunate enough to take the tour many times now – both self-guided and with audio. Below, are some of the fascinating facts I learned along

exterior of biltmore estate in asheville north carolina

9 Most Likely Ghosts, Haunted Places at the Biltmore

The Biltmore estate has been a place of beauty, wonder and mystery since George Washington Vanderbilt II committed his fortune to create a mansion and grounds worthy of the best houses of Europe in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Biltmore House and estate – which was 125,000 acres at its peak – is many things. It’s a testament