Singer Brandon Davis spotted in the Smokies in viral concert challenge

SingerBrandon Davis

Country music singer Brandon Davis sings on top of a car at Beyond the Lens in Pigeon Forge as part of a concert challenge (photos courtesy of Brandon Davis Music)


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You could say that Brandon Davis’s life has changed significantly in the past year. 

And as it is with most things in Brandon’s life and career, it was Destiny that set the wheels in motion.

How Destiny intervened

Brandon has always loved music. He has been writing songs and playing the guitar since high school.

But it was a life-changing event that inspired Brandon to seriously pursue his passion.

In 2019, Brandon was working as a design engineer for a fire sprinkler company when he was involved in a head-on collision car crash with a distracted driver.

Realizing that life was short, he knew it was time to see just how far his dreams of a full time music career could take him.

Brandon’s wife, Destiny, had grown familiar with artists promoting their music on platforms like TikTok in hopes of going viral.

And she had a similar vision for Brandon.

The couple posted their first viral video shortly after returning home from a Father’s Day trip to Pigeon Forge in 2020.

The viral video with almost 14 million views

That video, which has now amassed almost 14 million views, features Destiny challenging her husband to an impromptu concert in their kitchen where he rotates through a playlist of hits, showcasing his undeniable talent, without missing a beat.

“It blew up,” Brandon said. “I went from having no one who knew my name to within a few weeks, we had 300,000 followers and a video with 13.9 million views.”

And they kept it up.

“That expanded to her putting me on the spot at any given point during the day. So, from doing the dishes to mowing the lawn, to coming in the door, she’d say ‘concert challenge’ and I’d jump up on anything I can find around and grab whatever I could find to use as a microphone and hope that it works,” said Brandon. 

The man is basically a walking jukebox. And the internet has taken notice.

Many of his viral videos feature popular attractions in the Smokies, where the Chattanooga-based duo vacation often, including Ole Smoky, The Island and even Dollywood.

It was the latest stunt that happened to catch the eye of our staff at, in the parking lot of Beyond the Lens.

Brandon Davis, Beyond the Lens
Brandon sings on top of a car in a parking lot at Beyond the Lens in Pigeon Forge, TN (photo courtesy of Brandon Davis Music)

Brandon’s concert challenge at Beyond the Lens

Destiny told the people in the car parked in front of them what was about to happen. She got permission for Brandon to use their trunk as a stage.

Then, she ambushed her husband.

“Concert challenge,” she hollered, pointing him in the direction of the trunk and beginning a countdown. 

Brandon scrambled into position and – using a Lemon-Lime Gatorade as a microphone – began belting out an acapella version of the song he’d written about their life, “Destiny,” for the traffic rolling past.

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That video, along with a few of his other hits, has been reposted below.

A country music career is born

Fast forward to the present day.

Brandon has accumulated 1.4 million followers on TikTok, has gigged across the country from Tennessee to California and played vacation destinations like Jamaica and Cancun.

And they accomplished it all without the help of major label backing. 

Editor’s Note: Directly following the original publication of this article, in October 2021, Brandon Davis was signed to Big Yellow Dog Music.

To put those numbers into perspective, Jason Aldean has 266,300 followers on the platform, and Tim McGraw has 2 million.

And through all that, his fans are now demanding more than just covers. They’re asking for his original tunes as well. 

“It’s been crazy, the music has exploded,” said Brandon. “It’s been a blessing beyond what I ever thought it could be and it’s growing every day without fail.”

Usually, it’s just Brandon and his guitar but he does occasionally put together a full band.

He’s even teamed with a couple of hard rock acts out of Michigan to produce a fiery cover of the Garth Brooks song “The Thunder Rolls” (music video below).

“We do have a studio,” Brandon said. “It’s a master bedroom closet with blankets hung up on the wall. You’ve got to make a sound booth somehow.”

The secret to Brandon’s viral success

Above all, Brandon says the key to his success as a songwriter is finding a way to connect with the audience.

Whether that’s through telling the story of his life with Destiny and their kids or about blowing off a little steam with a few beers or a party. A song won’t work without that connection. 

“It’s finding where the people relate to you,” he said, citing his original tune “Step by Step,” a song about Brandon and his relationship with his stepchildren. 

“So many stepparents, Godparents, foster parents or grandparents who stepped up to raise their grandchildren, they all have reached out and said, ‘Look you don’t know how much this song means to me.’ That’s the goal of every song we release. I want to find some way that someone says ‘This describes me. This is how I feel right now.’” 

“Country music is the best avenue, in my opinion, for that.”

Brandon grew up singing at an early age in a family band, And he has a healthy love for Texas-inspired country music. Certainly, the influence is obvious. 

“I love Texas Country,” he said. “George Strait himself lived down there.”

“I’m thankful that I’ve got a wife that drives me and supports me and makes sure that it all happens,” he said. “If it wasn’t for her, y’all probably wouldn’t be talking to me right now.”

Brandon Davis
Brandon currently has nine original songs available on digital music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music (photo courtesy of Brandon Davis Music)

Where can you find Brandon’s music?

Today, Brandon has nine original songs available on digital music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music

And of course, you can also follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

In order to learn more about Brandon’s original music and upcoming events, visit his website.

What do you think of Brandon’s Smoky Mountain performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I love that your wife is your biggest fan. You ever come to East Coast ,I will be in the front row!. Keep them coming. Love your music.

  2. I have always loved country
    Music but grew up more of a hip hop/rap fan. I know great music when I hear it, and before I knew anything about him, I knew I loved the music and he should be famous. Low and behold, he is!!! LOVE HIM!!

  3. That was amazing! Our son just married in September and is now stepdad to 6 and 9 year olds and we’re grandparents! I just heard Brandon’s song Step By Step and immediately sent it to my son because I tell him all the time that one day those kids are going to understand how much you love them and what an amazing Dad you are! This song just resonated with me!

  4. Love this guy! I fell in love with Brandon Davis’ voice from listening to his first song. They are all #1hits! Love how he loves God, his wife and his children. A country star is born! He will be around for a long time. He is sure to get the award for new vocal artist of the year. Can’t get enough of him and his beautiful family! 🎶

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