Pigeon Forge

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These 5 Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants Are the Best in Pigeon Forge

Local reveals his top picks for the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Pigeon Forge My day job is to observe. I look, I listen and I ask questions. Then, I relay the facts as I have learned them through the written word. Most days I like to think I’m good at it. But then there are times when I have a

Inventors Mansion at Dollywood

Dollywood Inventor’s Mansion: The Mysterious Lost House on the Hill

Remembering an attraction that used to be the centerpiece of the park, now permanently erased It’s appropriate that in a theme park dedicated to mountain life, the remnants of a mostly forgotten relic are fading back into the scenery. Or at least, they were fading. Now, it’s nearly all but erased. This is Dollywood. It is never long until lost

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Everything You Need To Know About Snow in Tennessee, From a Local

Tennessean offers tips on snow around the Smoky Mountains For many, a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in the winter months means an opportunity to see snow in the mountains. But finding snow can also be tricky. At the lower elevations, snow is usually a rare treat, falling in significant amounts only a handful of times each winter. If

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Is Gatlinburg Safe? What To Consider With Advice From a Local

A local offers his take on whether or not Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are “safe” I had a wonderful childhood with a level of freedom that would border on negligence today. For instance, I never sat in a safety seat. As an infant, I survived a car crash when my mom slipped me onto the floorboard and held on for dear

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Smoky Mountain Tourists Spend $10M a Day According to State Report

Sevier County ranks third in the state for visitor spending, saving locals an estimated $11,294 in state and local tax collections There may not be gold in the hills of East Tennessee, but there sure is a lot of green. According to a report from the State of Tennessee, Sevier County, gateway to the Smoky Mountains, ranked third in the

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These Are the Best Ways To Navigate Traffic in Pigeon Forge, From a Local

Local offers tips on the best roads to take when visiting the Smoky Mountains The great tourism mecca of Sevier County grew along a single spine known as the Parkway. The road connects Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the vast majority of tourism destinations in the area. As a local, I’ve seen it during the busy times of the year.

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Remembering the Lost Tommy Bartlett’s Water Circus Act in Pigeon Forge

While short-lived in Pigeon Forge, Tommy Bartlett’s Water Circus is fondly remembered by those few who attended It took ten years to find the perfect land for Tommy Bartlett’s Water Circus in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. In 1976, 110 acres of farmland were finally purchased with 450 feet of US Highway 441 frontage. A 20-foot-tall dam was built to hold 8.5

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7 Best Towns To See Near Pigeon Forge for a Getaway From Your Getaway

A local ranks cities close to the Great Smoky Mountains As a local, I know a thing or two about Pigeon Forge. For example, I know that several folks come to the mountains looking for some peace and quiet. Then, they arrive in Sevier County and discover a few hundred thousand of their closest friends had the same idea. Dollywood?

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Remembering the Magic (and Problems) With Magic World in Pigeon Forge

A local shares memories of Magic World – a defunct theme park in the Smoky Mountains Imagine reaching into a child’s toy box in the late 70s, past the Star Wars figures and the Godzillas and Bat-people, and pulling out the little bits of molded plastic that didn’t get played with as much as the other toys. Then sprinkle them

dolphins at porpoise island

Remembering Porpoise Island, a dolphin-themed park in Pigeon Forge

The ill-fated Polynesian-themed attraction that barely lasted a decade in the Smoky Mountains They imported people from Hawaii and tame deer from “all over the world.” The porpoises? They lived in Mississippi, of course. Children, I’m going to tell you a tale. I certainly wouldn’t blame you a bit if, in the end, you called me a liar. Indeed, I might