7 New Restaurants in Pigeon Forge, Surrounding Areas [2023]

neighborhood beer house in sevierville

The Neighborhood Beer House is a new family-friendly venue in Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

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In the Great Smoky Mountains area, change is the only constant.

In fact, there’s never a shortage of new restaurants and attractions popping up in and around the area.

And as we approach 2023, this year will be no exception.

Here are some of the new restaurants and eateries coming soon, or now open, in Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas:

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pinchys lobster
Pinchy’s Lobster is expected to open very soon in Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

1. Pinchy’s Lobster (Sevierville)

This new restaurant will offer fresh seafood and beer.

Expected to open “in a pinch,” Pinchy’s will offer New England-style seafood with lobster rolls, Maine oysters, clam chowder and bisque.

Pinchy’s is part of the growing food scene in downtown Sevierville where the venue is expected to also feature live entertainment in the beer garden.

Certainly, it will be the ideal location to have a great meal and experience the growing downtown Sevierville scene with great food and live music.

Trotter’s is now open on Bruce Street in Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

2. Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ (Sevierville)

Another addition to the growing downtown Sevierville foodie scene, Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ is now open.

The menu offers appetizers featuring pimento cheese, pork rinds and burnt ends as well as meat plates and a variety of smoked sandwiches with banana pudding for dessert.

The meat plates include a choice between rub chicken, spare ribs, short ribs and housemade smoked sausage.

With Pinchy’s and The Appalachian – one of the best restaurants in East Tennessee – offering fine dining downtown, the face of the Sevier County food scene is changing. Good times are happening in downtown Sevierville.

Azul Cantina Pigeon Forge Under Construction
Azul Cantina continues to make construction progress (photo by John Gullion/TheSmokies.com)

3. Azul Cantina (Pigeon Forge)

Located on Teaster Lane, Azul is another restaurant set to open soon.

Billed as a flavorful twist on traditional Tex-Mex dining, Azul promises wood-fire grilling methods and traditional Mexican cooking styles with roots from South America to Texas.

Throw in homemade Cerveza-style lager and a variety of hand-crafted cocktails made with top-shelf tequilas, Azul will be destination dining with the first rooftop bar in Pigeon Forge.

Featuring real-deal food, this is almost certain to be one of the best new restaurants in East Tennessee. 

Azul Cantina has been teasing an opening for months now, but the restaurant posted a construction update on its social media page last month, showing considerable progress.

It is in the same area as Downtown Flavortown, another fairly new restaurant in the area from Guy Fieri that offers a tiki bar, arcade games and duckpin bowling.

exterior of cumberland jack's restaurant in gatlinburg
Cumberland Jack’s is along the strip in Gatlinburg (photo by Alaina O’Neal/TheSmokies.com)

4. Cumberland Jack’s (Gatlinburg)

This restaurant opened in the fall and received quite a buzz on social media.

Cumberland Jack’s, from the same folks who brought you Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, offers Southern staples like beef liver and onions, ham steak, corned beef and cabbage, pot roast, fried chicken, mountain trout, fried catfish, smoked chicken, pork chops, pulled pork, meatloaf and pork ribs.

Their signature trademark is the complimentary lil’ mug of soup. Between the good service, delicious soup and rolls, this restaurant is a real treat.

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pizza rio banner at restaurant
Pizza Rio is expected to open soon (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

5. Pizza-Rio (Pigeon Forge)

Pizza-Rio is a wine and bar expected to open soon in the Pigeon Forge.

But it’s not just any pizza place. Pizza-Rio is offering Brazilian-style eats with hand-crafted sangrias and cocktails.

One of the main differences in Brazilian-style pizza is the crust, which is traditionally very thin and closer to the Italian style of pizza.

The restaurant will be located near the Hollywood Wax Museum along Showplace Blvd.

exterior of neighborhood beer house
The Neighborhood Beer House is now open in Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

6. The Neighborhood Beer House (Sevierville)

The Neighborhood Beerhouse is family-friendly and dog-friendly and is now open in Sevierville.

Carrying brands like Sweetwater, Yeehaw, Sierra Nevada and more, there will be something for everybody at this new venue.

Notably, there are more than 50 beers on tap as well as tasty food options.

The venue will also offer live music on select dates as well as a large outdoor seating area. The Neighborhood Beer House is located at 1448 Winfield Dunn Parkway in Sevierville.

b51 chicken
B51 is now open in Sevierville (photo by Morgan Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

7. B51 (Sevierville)

This restaurant promises the best, fresh chicken from a mountain farm, marinated in their special Peruvian recipe and cooked to perfection.

B51 is a new chicken Peruvian restaurant in the Smokies. Menu selections offer treats like the Burguer Royal, a half-pound burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, plantains, sunny-side-up farm eggs, and Peruvian mayonnaise on ciabatta.

The Chaufa Rice with fried basmati rice, red bell peppers, onions, ginger root, eggs, cooked chicken and oyster sauce also looks delicious.

B51 is located at 1304 Parkway, Suite 101 in Sevierville.

Are you looking forward to the new eateries? Have you tried one on our list? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. Where are employees coming from to staff these new restaurants when there are not enough working people staffing existing restaurants?

  2. The gimmicks are getting as old as riding back and forth to find a new family oriented restaurant. A cornbread castle © would make a mint.

  3. Need a Soul Food Restaurant! Good home cooking, seasoned perfection, food made from scratch, Also Healthy foods too!

  4. And how are they going to staff these places. Just there less than a month ago and nobody could run their restaurants properly because of the employee shortage in the area

  5. What about the Guy Fieri Chicken Guy restaurant being built on the Parkway in Gatlinburg?

  6. Can’t wait to go down and eat at all new places. Hope coupons will be available

  7. Who are they going to get to work. Every business is struggling right now due to lack of employees.

  8. Yep, where will the workers appear from….??? Keep building things but no workforce or local population cause no place to live. I also agree others the gimmick places are getting old, how about just having good decent family places to eat with good food instead of stupid gimmicks!!! And those milkshakes look disgusting and probably cost a fortune, way to over the top and just stupid!

  9. Regardless of who comes in, patronize the locally owned establishments. They have paid their dues through thick and thin. All the outside establishments do is take the money and run, leaving nothing behind but a mess for those that remain to clean up. And please for those that visit the area, leave it in better condition than it was when you arrived. Be responsible and respectful of nature’s beauty, take your trash with you or dispose of it properly or stay the hell out of the area.

  10. More Restaurants are great but I’ve not heard of any of these? What about a Chili’s ,Carabbas, something we know please.

  11. If people don’t want to work have people pick their own up at a area that would get rid of those people who don’t want to work we’ll work around them . But we have to come up with another way around this mess so we can go out to eat in peace.

  12. Would love to move to the Smokies if could fine a reasonable place and might want to work part time somewhere

  13. Check out the newly expanded “Listening Room Cafe”. It will be a restaurant with local talent as well as songwriters. The original location is in Nashville on 4th Avenue, but they are expanding to Mountain Mile this summer.

  14. If the State and the Federal Government stops spending the tax payers money and quits allowing the people to just sit around and do nothing for the Unemployment checks that they pay out to each of them each week, and makes them go out and actually look for a job and be able to prove that they were looking before they get an Unemployment check they might just find out that there’s a lot of people out there that could fill those positions. The Problem would be taken care of quickly in no time at all.

  15. I thought the milkshakes in canning jars were an Awesome Creative amazingly new thing! Kids will flip over for these and dance in the street! Congrats to Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar! Love them!

  16. I am very excited for all these new restaurants coming to our area! Will absolutely love for Glades Road in Gatlinburg to have a little more spice and a place for couples to enjoy an evening out. Like the old saying goes (Far but Near)!

    Also love Guy Fieri and can’t wait to see his location at the Mountain Mile!
    Famous Quote: Build it, they will come!

    Brenda Harper

  17. Hey what about Culver’s Burgers Best in My Neighborhood.. Live to See More Thai and Vietnamese food places. Tired of chick wings.

  18. There are no “reasonable” priced homes in this area. Everything is catered to tourists & rentals for tourists. Local officials don’t care about locals- only how to get more tourists to this tourist town & pocket more money. Very sad

  19. Does anyone know when Azul Cantina will open ? It’s been delayed 2 times. I’m very interested. Want to see music they will have. This area is lacking good music but nice Restaurants. Very excited about AZUL CANTINA I hope it opens by October 1st, 21 I got friends coming from Florida. Hope they open late

  20. I would like to see Johnny Rockets open another place here in Sevierville or Pigeon Forge,
    Others that might do good would be,
    Perkin’s, Pizza Inn, Jack In The Box,

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