When will Ghost Town in the Sky reopen: The latest 2021 update

Maggie Valley's Ghost Town in the Sky has been closed since the late 2000s (photo courtesy of Gary and Carol Cox)
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There’s a possible resurrection underway in the mountains of North Carolina.

After weeks of social media murmurings and gossip, more information about Ghost Town in the Sky’s reopening is available.

According to the Smoky Mountain News, developers are trying to bring the Maggie Valley landmark tourist attraction, Ghost Town in the Sky, back from the dead.

Ghost Town in the Sky, aka Ghost Town Village, is a long-shuttered Wild West-themed amusement park that sits atop a mountain in Maggie Valley.

Maggie Valley is a beautiful spot in the North Carolina mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The popular tourist attraction began stumbling in the 1990s as revenue couldn’t support maintenance needs for rides, such as the famous Red Devil Roller Coaster.

In July 2002, the chairlift ride from the parking lot to the park died in the summer heat. This resulted in passengers being stranded for hours.

The park ultimately closed and was put up for sale. In short, Ghost Town lived up to its name and because a real ghost town.

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Why previous attempts of reopening have failed

There have been several attempts to re-open the park, but none took hold.

As evidenced by two decades of failed attempts, the job of breathing life back into ghosts isn’t an easy one.

The park’s infrastructure is in shambles. Getting people and fresh water to the top of the mountain has been a real problem.

There has been work done at the park periodically. Still, the investment to get the thing back up and running would be substantial.

Resurrection, you see, is a delicate process with many challenges, including housing and infrastructure problems.

In August of 2021, a key person working on the development for Ghost Town made a rare public speaking appearance.

The Mountaineer reports that Frankie Wood explained basic plans in front of the local Chamber of Commerce. The plans involve an investment of up to $200 million.

During the meeting, he noted that Ghost Town has “totally been through hell”. Some buildings will be saved and resurrected, but “not more than a few”.

Wood says he expects more information, including a specific timeline, to be available in about six months, or in early 2022. Read the full story here.

Ghost Town in the Sky
In this photo, Ghost Town actors perform a “shoot out” on Main Street during the park’s brief resurrection in 2007. Smoky Mountain News says that many of the old buildings will be rehabbed and become mixed-use retail/condos (photo submitted by Gary and Carol Cox circa 2007)

What will a rehabilitated Ghost Town in The Sky look like?

The folks at Smoky Mountain News say they have been speaking to one of the developers on the condition of anonymity for the past couple of years.

The full article, which can be read here, details a mixed-use retail and residential development.

In August, Wood noted that the lower level of Ghost Town might look something like “Broadway on the Beach” in Myrtle Beach, which offers shopping, dining and entertainment.

The second floor will eventually be sold or leased for residential use, according to Smoky Mountain News.

There is no word yet on what will become of the original rides.

However, Wood mentioned there may be some theme-park style rides, including a ferris wheel.

What about housing and infrastructure?

Better infrastructure and housing is a big part of the resurrection plans to help Maggie Valley become the tourist destination it was always meant to be.

For instance, it is estimated that over 200 employees would be required to run the resurrected Ghost Town in the Sky. This means 200 families would require affordable housing in the area.

The area is also in need of restaurants, a grocery store and an urgent care facility to support a local economy. This could, in turn, support the park.

During the meeting, Wood noted that they are working on a number of affordable housing programs. For example, this may include cottages, town houses and RV resorts.

Ghost Town In The Sky coaster
Many of the structures from Ghost Town in the Sky remain on the property, like the infamous Red Devil Cliffhanger. No word yet on whether or not the old rides will remain (photo submitted by Gary and Carol Cox, circa 2007)

When will Ghost Town reopen?

Ghost Town will reopen sometime after 2022. However, a timeline for the reopening has not yet been formally announced.

In fairness, there will remain a heavy level of skepticism as previous attempts have looked promising only to fail.

The process will be fascinating, even if they only get the doors open.

Why did Ghost Town close in the first place?

At one time, Ghost Town served as a worthy rival to the pre-Dollywood Silver Dollar City/Goldrush Junction theme parks. But as Dollywood and Pigeon Forge soared, Ghost Town began fading.

As beautiful as Maggie Valley is, it couldn’t attract the number of tourists needed to support the park. And as the park cut corners to keep things open, rides and services began to fail. This trapped Ghost Town Village in a vicious cycle in which it had to fight to stay alive.

Now, there’s an effort to bring it back.

It would be wonderful for Maggie Valley to have the park back. It would be wonderful for Western North Carolina and the region in general.

Tourists enjoy a show at the Ghost Town Saloon (photo courtesy of Gary and Carol Cox, circa 2007)
Guests enjoy a show at the Ghost Town Saloon (photo courtesy of Gary and Carol Cox, circa 2007)

If you build it, will they come?

The nostalgia factor alone would be awesome. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people who grew up going to Maggie Valley. These folks would love to share that experience with their kids or, more likely, their grandkids.

Ultimately, the effort will be a fascinating test case in the power of nostalgia.

In theory, if this plan works it could mean new life for legacy entertainment options throughout the region. Places with strong history that through bad breaks or a bad management decision got caught in a downward spiral in a competitive business. They couldn’t bounce back.

But until the doors open and we see how things go, we’re left to speculate.

You can build it, but will they come? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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147 thoughts on “When will Ghost Town in the Sky reopen: The latest 2021 update”

  1. So many wonderful memories from my childhood include Ghosr Town! From the chair lift to the little stuffed bears my parents bought me as a child! It would be great to share this experience with my own child! I hope this happens soon!!!

  2. I have such wonderful memories of Ghost Town. Would love to be able to takes the whole family there

  3. My parents took me to Ghost Town in the Sky at least two times when I was very young. I still remember the gun fights! Must have been in the mid 60s. I’m 65 now and would love to take my grandkids.

  4. My grandparents took me to Ghost as a child and I still remember the gun fights and loved every bit of it. I would love to be able to take my kids and share those memories as my grandparents shared with me.

  5. I remember going as a child back when child stars would appear in the summer. I met Jon Provost who played Timmy in the 60’s show, Lassie. We also took our son when he was 3 (in 1983). Sad to see it closed and abandoned, now.

  6. I look forward to the day it comes back to life to see the Indians dance was out of this world so friendly

  7. I remember the gun fights and riding the sky lifts with my mom and grandparents when I was really young and I would love to share my experience with my Family and Grandkids.. I will never forget this place!! It’s so AWESOME!!

  8. I remember going there when I was super young! My wife and I drove by it a few months ago and was sad to see it looking so desolate. I sure hope that it gets revived. I’d love to take my little boy and girl there!!

  9. If they can’t open up with rides.Make it a western town with rooms to rent in western style buildings .Have a saloon bar etc .general store to shop etc..Like the old west.Have a sheriff etc.would be cool.

  10. Would love to go back. We liked the gun show and watching the Indian dancing.We drive out there every time we’re in the mountains in hope it has opened again.

  11. Great memories as a very small child. Made a lasting impression. Well over 35 years ago. Would love to take our grandchildren.

  12. I think if you rebuild re-open people will come I have a lot of great memories of that place and I would love to continue taking my kids Buck Mountain

  13. So many good memories at ghost town…I got to go growing up and my children !I’m hoping I can take my grandkids one day

  14. Loved maggie vally ghost town went with my family want to have that wonderful time with my family it was wonderful hope it opens real soon

  15. Lots of fun and exciting times with my family growing up and would love to share it with my grandchildren. So yes please open back up soon.

  16. Would love to see it open back up.. I went there every summer when was a child and even in teenage years.. I loved the rides and gun fights..

  17. I went there as a kid. My favorite part was the ride that took you up the side of the mountain to get there. I would love to take my family there now. It was truly a hidden treasure.

  18. Went when my kids were small every year. Would now tske the granddaughter too. Loely memories from there and wznt to make many more. We go over the mountain each yr and pass by there. Would love to live in the area aswell

  19. Loved going there when it was open, sure hope it does reopen, I’d love to take my kids there, such great memories going there

  20. I loved it when I went there with 2 of my younger sisters. We had a blast! My husband and I went and liked it. I would love to take my sister’s grands there. They would love it! Please reopen.

  21. I took my son there a few times. We both loved it. We live in South Carolina so it’s very close. Would love to go and see the show’s again. Please keep me posted.

  22. I’d love to go back again my grandparents to me several times as a child. I would love to take my son and I’d love to enjoy it myself again.

  23. My hubby and I went there during our 1 year anniversary trip and we loved it. Would love to see it reopen so we can take the kids up there to see it.

  24. Please reopen ghost town has great memories for my kids and grandkids would love to go there on vacation again

  25. Im 56 now and still remember going there bout every year when I was young with my parents and sister and brother. loved the shoot outs as well as the lift and more . I prefer it over Dollywood anytime .


  27. I loved Ghost Town in the Sky. Brings back so many great memories of going with my parents. I remember the ride up the side of the mountain on the chairlift, the dancing Can-Can girls in the saloon, the gun fights and having my picture taken on the stage coach. I’d love to be able to make new memories there with my grandchildren.

  28. It would be absolutely amazing for Ghost Town to be alive and thriving once again. To walk down the main street while dance hall girls entertain us to “Buffalo Girl come out tonight” at the Silver Dollar Saloon or to “Frankie & Johnny” is sang at the Red Dog Saloon. Then the streets clear & 6 guns ring out from outlaws shooting it out with the sheriff after robbing the bank. My childhood was spent there, summer after summer, never getting tiring or boring year after year.

  29. My parents took me and my siblings several times when we were growing up. Have been wishing for years it would reopen so I could see it again. I am now 60 but still young at heart. Remember the gunfights, saloon showgirls, the graveyard with the wacky headstones, the old church which held sunday sermons, a man that did a one man musical show. I loved going. One thing they might want to consider adding for the children is a small petting zoo. Goats, rabbits, miniature ponies, even homeless pets for potential adoption. Just a suggestion.

  30. Did anyone happen to know the names of the animatronics? (pig, monkey, etc.)
    Love the park.

  31. Does anyone happen to know the names of the animatronics in America’s Music Hall or what they did (movements) I want to learn how to fix and repair animatronics, and these animatronics would be perfect to be restored back to their former glory and bring back the joy they would give to kids.

  32. I am have 2 professions one is a Nurse and the other is a photographer Let me come in the park a do a photo shoot to promote interest and let’s see where we can go with this. I would love to do some volunteer marketing for this place and help bring back to life my childhood memories!!! Open it they will come!!!! I have so many ideas for updates and marketing but I need investors willing to build it.

  33. I have been waiting for years and hoping that someone would bring Ghost Town In The Sky back to it’s original glory. I hope this time they get it there. We Will Come !!!!!!

  34. Please reopen. I went as a mother of 2 boys. We went several times. I would love to take my grand kids. That place is special. Please,please reopen.

  35. Yes love hearing bout ghost town. I would really love see it open again I love the shops gun fights. Really!!! Enjoyed it so please reopen it.

  36. Absolutely would love to see it open,Probably been there half a dozen times and would love to go back on a yearly basis with Kids and grandkids!

  37. I went for the first time in 1994 had a blast..went back when they tried to reopen but it was sad to see how bad it was..id love to go back if they get it fixed right..

  38. My parents took my brothers and me when we were little. I enjoyed it so much. I remember the saloons, the bank, the church, the gun fights. The undertaker coming out to get the “bodies” after the gun fight. There were Indians putting on a show. I was able to take my children before it closed. It was so much fun. I would love to take my husband, he is a big western fan. And my grandchildren would love it. Please open it back up.

  39. I would love to see the park reopen. Going there as a child, I have so many memories and would love to take my grand kids there to share my memories. Please reopen!

  40. My parents took me and my brother there many times. I grew up in NC back in the 60’s and the family would go there 2 or 3 times a year. If it opens back up I would take my grands there a couple of times a year.

  41. Hell yes me and my family visit the smokies 1 to 3 times a year and we always drive by and look at the park hoping it to reopen one day please reopen my family would love this

  42. When I was real small we use to climb Ghost town mountain. Ghost town had not come yet! Mom and Dad had friends that lived across road from mountain. When Ghost Town was built our parents took us several times, Years later took my daughter and my parents were with us again. My Dad enjoyed that trip with his granddaughter so much and so did I. Oh what great memories we have of the lovely Ghost Town. I do wish they would reopen. Love that place so much. Please bring it back! DONNA

  43. Maggie valley needs more things to do especially in this time we are in Ghost Town would help bring in tourists the right advertisement etc will help if you would do a survey asking people to open it again it would be to the good. People now days doing more family getaways more people camping now it will be worth it .

  44. Loved this place as a child and brought my kids until it closed ! Please reopen

  45. Loved going there as a child! And would absolutely LOVE taking my kids!! I think if done right it could help the economy like Dollywood did with pigeon forge. Will be checking in to see if this wonderful family vacation destination will be a planned family vacation in the future!

  46. I lived in Waynesville in 1974. A girl I knew worked there. I remember driving up a road to pick her up from work. Years earlier our family went to the attraction. I’d like to to take our son if it opens again

  47. There is an old rumor that Dolly Parton wanted to buy it. I worked there for R. B. Coburn who was the original owner and he told a coworker and me that she never came to the park nor had he ever spoken with her.

  48. Please consider ending the gun fight re-enactments!!! The glorification of gun culture has no place in a family oriented attraction in these times, when gun violence takes lives every week. Activities such as gun fight re-enactments serve to further desensitize observers -especially children- to the dangers of guns and gun violence. NO GUN FIGHTS!!!!

  49. A beloved Place and tradition from my youth. To the Karen that posted above, Find another place to be offended, The gun fights were a huge part of the experience and part of history. Bring everything back. Love from Georgia.

  50. My family loved Ghost Town. We loved everything about it. I have brought many children to Ghost Town. We would definitely support the reopening and visit often. It really took you back in time with all the excitement. We loved the gun fights which is the way it used to be. We loved the rides, the food, the games, the town and the Indian shows. There was something for everyone, no matter your age. I pray God will touch some hearts and see this great town open again. We need some good, clean family fun parks that aren’t too big and not so expensive for families to really enjoy with their loved ones.

  51. Sue H Ross

    I would like to see Gost Town in the sky reopen. So I can take my grandkids there .As my mom and dad took me my brother and sister when we were small

  52. Would absolutely love to see more in Maggie Valley. Love this area. I never experienced Ghost Town as a child but my husband did and he reminisces about it often. We would definitely come visit.


  54. Many new people in NC would love to visit, there is so much history in our beautiful state many would visit from elders who brought us as kids to new parents. New comers to NC.

  55. Used to take my three oldest children. We all loved it! Sadly it closed before I got a chance to take my youngest. They would all like to take their spouses and children. I would definitely go with them. My cousin and her kids used to go with us. Please bring it back!!!!

  56. I went as a teenager in 95 and absolutely loved it…Years later took my baby girl it was okay but not as great as before. If it was rebuilt and opened We would totally go.. 🙂

  57. Ghost town will always bring back great memories As a child with my parents . We were at ghost town at least twice a year if not more. I remember buying Moxigans Every time we went . I got to take my order too but I never got to take my baby. I hope they reopen so I can take him

  58. Would love to see it reopen. Great times there. I Believe people would come. Great memories there.

  59. Such Great memories when I was younger in the 70s, I loved the gift shop, chairlift and most definitely the shootouts! I would love to take my family to see what I experienced. Build it and they most definitely will come!

  60. I was there in the late 80’s. We had a great time and I always wanted to go back. I’ve told everyone I know about our experience! I was hoping to visit again, but now their closed. So sad! We have a group of 10 couples riding bikes down next weekend and I was so looking forward to seeing ghost town in the sky! So sad! Hope you open back up soon!

  61. I would love to see it open
    I remember my parents taking me, and I remember seeing the in town shoot outs. I think if y’all reopen it
    That you would have a good many of visitors that would bring it back to life, by showing up and supporting the Ghost Town
    I would say it’s worth fixing the old town back up.

  62. From MARCO ISLAND, Fl. We LOVE MAGGIE VALLEY & Ghost town. My favorite childhood memories formed here. Sent my family this article & we are STOKED for it to reopen!

  63. Loved Ghost Town. Headed up that way in November. Sure would be great if it was open!!

  64. I just heard a bought this place and was wanting to come in a week , because we are going to be camping near there ! I would have loved to take my family and friends there . It makes me sad to hear it’s closed

  65. Would love to see it re-open! I went there as a child and took my daughter there when she was a child. Now that I have a grand child, I would love to be able to take her there as well.

  66. Great memories of going there with my grandmother in the 70’s. Loved the lift that took you up the mountain to the park. Cherish the picture they took of us going up. Took my hubby there years later. I believe it was the Bellamy Brothers we saw in concert on that trip. Loved it up there! Hope it can make a come back!

  67. Our family went I believe a couple of years before it closed. Good memories!
    Except one with my son and I went up and down the mountains in one of their vans. On the way down their brakes started smoking and they called for a truck to come and get in front of us in case anything happened. They were very professional and safely brought us back down.The rest of my family rode the ski lifts . I’d say my son and I had the best thriller ride! I kissed the ground when we got back down! 😊

  68. I think an awesome idea would be to reopen it as a museum. You can fix the existing structures enough to make them safe and have an old fashioned store where you can sell jams, jellies, t shirts, etc. Then put up tons of videos, pictures, and placards explaining the history of the park. People love old, abandoned places, so you could charge a fee for admission to the museum and either take them up the road or refurbish the chair lift. It would not require too many employees. You would not have to redo the rides. And if getting water to the top of the mountain was an issue, you could put porta potties up there instead.

  69. I have the best memory of this place in 1995 I got married and had a honey moon in Maggie Vally and we decided to go my husband never had been on a roller coast we did front row he loved it so much we must have went 12 times we are still married and would make this place our anniversary spot every year and bring our kids and grand kids wish it was open maybe one day

  70. My Dad would load my 2 brothers and me up in the car for a trip to Ghost Town several times each year when we were growing up. We lived in SE Kentucky, so you can only imagine the excitement that we had on our trip! I always wanted to be one of the “saloon dancer” because I loved their dresses! The chairlift, the rides, the shows….all are a part of special memories for us! I HOPE that it reopens so that I can take my grandchildren, more so than ever, especially since I live in NC now!! ❤️❤️

  71. It’s been many years since I’ve been to Maggie Valley. Me and my dad always went 5 or 6 times a year. To see this place re-open would be amazing and wonderful. I’m 44 years old now and still remember everything about it. It was the place where me and my dad got to know each other again. I would love to take my kids there. It’s part of my history as a child.

  72. Went several times during childhood. Later took our children. Now I’d love to take my grandkids.

  73. Like many, I have wonderful childhood memories here. My wife is foreign and has never experience ghost town. Being away for so long I was unaware of their closure so when I brought her to Maggie Valley it was a sad reality to hear of the history that has happened to this place. There are hundreds and thousands of people who have wonderful memories of the place and are anxiously waiting the reopening, to not only relive their childhood memories but share them with their loved ones. So yes, if you build it they will come! I know I will!

  74. This is a treasure for those who want to avoid the rush/rush of a huge amusement park. The gun fights, shows and rides are great. Please reopen this attraction.

    Not to mention there was this little restaurant across the street from there that had the BEST country style food…

  75. I went when I was a kid. I loved all of it the chair lift, the gun fights. I went back in the early 70s when I was dating my wife , it was always fun. Yes bring it back. I would go again.

    1973 / I WAS 16 /
    MY MOM & DAD /

  77. Would love to come back,we used to come there every year, we still like coming to Maggie valley, be nice to go back on top to with grandkids and family again.

  78. Maggie Valley has the potential to be the biggest attraction north of Atlanta and west of the Piedmont. It has highways, elevation (Ski area), ranches, wildlife, rivers, Ghost Town, and a lot of FUTURE potential. Whether that will ever be realized will be directly proportional to resistance. Resistance of towns/county, planners, the State, and Oh Yes lets not forget the supreme thorn in the side, the tree huggers. IMHO, done right, with EVERYONE pulling on the oars, it could be phenomenal.
    WE WILL SEE…..

  79. Yes, as I am looking for some place to vacation away from the beach, and in past when younger, I remember Ghost Town and love it then as it was the place to go to for vacations. So it seems I’m disappointed again this year and could be next year too.

  80. Hmmm, I posted a comment and never saw it show up here ? So hoping this one is posted ? Been there in younger years, and loved it and would definitely go back again and again.

  81. I for one will come with my Grandchildren. Wonderful memories of when I was there with my Grandparents in the mid 60’s.

  82. My husband and I are looking forward to going to the Maggie valley area and hopefully visiting Ghost Town, we have so many fond memories of vacations spent there with our son trying to remove the boots from the graveyard and riding up the mountain to the attraction of the gun fights in the streets! Can’t wait to see the progress!

  83. Brought our children and were hoping to bring our grandchildren. So sad to hear it’s closed. But will definitely keep my ears open and keep praying for a reopen date to happen!!!

  84. Loved this place! Came with my children when small…. awesome place/fun/mountains/rides/gunfights!!!🙂

  85. I’m a old Brit who first came to ghost town in the sky in 07 and it blew me away going up in the chair lift through clouds, the Gun fights for a old western fan it was magic I’d go back now and I’m 77, give the kids a thrill

  86. Best memories of my life. Make it like it was … it can not be improved upon … WE WILL COME !!!!!!

  87. I remember one of the cowboys scared me but it was great. Didn’t they have the can can dancers in the saloon too? I enjoyed watching them.

  88. Went there once as a child. Loved the gun fights and Indian dances. Live in FL now. Tired of Disney and Universal. Would love to see Ghost Town re-open for a change of pace. Would be great History and Nostalgia.

  89. I’m 71 years old and I went with my family the first year it opened and many other times. I also was there the last year it was open and brought my grandkids. We now have a summer home in Maggie, so nothing would make me happier to enjoy Ghost Town and share some of memories with my family. Since I’m getting older this would be nice to remember some of my good times as a child.

  90. Went there as a kid in the 70s. I still have the old newspaper I had made there saying I had won a gunfight. I’d love to take my kids there.

  91. My parents took us there alot when we were kids in the 1970’s so many memories. My husband , granddaughter and I went by last year and I really wished that they would reopen at least as western and do shows , hotel’s to stay , do like ghost town movies. It is just so much that could be done with Ghost Town ❤️ I have so many pictures of my family when we would visit 😊

  92. Was this the place that had the giant Pink panther in front?
    If not, does anyone know about the Pink Panther? Where it was and what the place was?

  93. My parents took me & my brother back in the early 80’s. I loved it so much that I applied for a job as one of the entertainers. Such great memories! <3

  94. Yes my whole family will come…I was raised going to Ghost Town and so was my daughters….I would love for my grandkids to go up there…that would be awesome for Maggie Valley….

  95. Took our kids there years ago! Would definitely go back. My concern for whomever reopens it, would be that the nostalgia we all feel now, would die down again.

  96. Just last year (2020) I drove my son by The Main Gate to Ghost Town in The Sky. I was able to tell him awesome stories of gun fights and great rides. Please bring it back!!!

  97. I have so many awesome memories of this place. When I go to Maggie valley, I make sure to pass by the old entrance to see if it’s reopened. My parents brought me there and I brought my own kids. I have photos of the kids sitting on the old stage wagons. I would love to make memories with my grandbabies now. The sky lift up the mountain was beautiful. Please reopen. I will definitely visit.

  98. Very fond memories of going there when I was 6 or 7 years old (1974-75). I hope they can figure out a solution to the only bad thing about it. When it rains it’s a muddy mess. Dirt street is realistic, but a nightmare.

  99. When me and my 2 brothers were growing up, our dad took us up to Ghost Town about every year. Now that I’m grown with 3 children of my own. I’d love to take them and let them make the same memories that I did.

  100. I grew up in Cherokee and went there many times. I remember that it was called the mile high ghost town. There was even a sign near the top of the lift “5280” Just saw a picture of one of the town’s building’s with 4800 ft. Elevation painted on it. Was that just an exaduration for advertising purposes?

  101. Yes please rebuild I went there as a kid and would love to take my kids back there in the future when it reopens.

  102. Went there every summer when I was young so did my wife when our kids were young we wanted to take them up we got all the way to the top and chairlift stopped then violently went backwards needless to say we were hung there for over 4 hours then our son fell down mountain busted open knee rushed to hospital all we received was doctor bills but at least we survived they did give us four free tickets to come back but they shortly closed after that

  103. All Maggie Valley needs is to become a mess like pigeon forge.How about just removing all those broken down rides and letting it go back to nature.It seems like only tourists want ghost town to come back…No Thanks

  104. I went once, I had a great time, from the chairlyft, the old saloon, to the gunfights.. I truly enjoyed it. And would love the oppurtunity to go back!

  105. Always liked ghost town. Went many times and took our son. Went back went it reopened ,was disappointed. But would love to go back if it reopened. My father-in-law was too scared to ride chair lift always had to ride the bus to the top!!

  106. I grew up going to Ghost Town as my family had a cabin nearby. I currently live in East TN and would definitely take my kids and grandkids there, assuming that it’s affordable! I’m very excited to see the outcome of all this speculation!

  107. As a kid we camped on the next mountain over and you could see the small coaster at the back of the park on top of the mountain. We would go every year (10yrs old to 18yrs old) and It was awesome. Not only was the park fun but the valley was full of shops and roadside bands that popped up playing bluegrass and country favorites. It would be amazing to get that back and take myself, my kids and one day grand kids.

  108. Would love to see it reopen. My dad took us every year back in the late70’s early 80’s. It was a blast. The gunfights, chair lift ride up and down, and the bus ride the rest of the way up.open I have alot of grandkids to bring.

  109. My grandparents took me there as a kid first in 1993 then again in 1998 we loved it I’d had never been to the smokey mts before but my grandparents had and I love the smokey mts of north Carolina and Tennessee real pretty places😃

  110. If they build it, will they come?

    Well, I can tell you one thing…

    If they build it,

  111. We went to Ghost Town in the Sky every summer with my Nana that lived in Lake Junaluska. I remember holding a piece of paper in my hand while an Indian took a bull whip and cut it in half as I closed my eyes…this happened. Gun Fights, gunslingers falling off buildings onto matresses. It was awesome. It would be great to see it open again for sure!

  112. I loved Ghost Town when I was a kid. We went there every summer as part of our Smoky Mountain vacation. We were able to take our children there in the late 90’s. I would love for our grandchildren to be able to go. We still vacation there 2/3 times per year and this would be a great place to see. Hope it re-opens soon! More memories to make!

  113. I believe Ghost Town would be a great asset to Maggie Valley. The other attractions in the Smokies are always full so having another choice open up would give Tourists and Locals the opportunity to spread out, for a fun and a kid family atmosphere. Bring it on !!

  114. yes i would to see it open up again . me and my wife would love to go back again.

  115. I went there plenty of times as a child, took my kids there. My daughter and I drove by there one day when we were in town. Showed my grandkids where it was. I would love to take them. Everyone has fond memories of Ghost Town. So yes, if you build it I think everyone will come. It would be an awesome day.

  116. I have heard so much about it .would love for it to be opened up again so I can go visit it. I never been there so hoping it opens soon

  117. My parents took me there there when I was little and I loved it and took my son there when he was little and had a blast and when my 2nd was old enough we took him and it was closed and up for sale and we were heartbroken it has been years and I still can’t wait for it to reopen he’s 22 now we’re from ga .and I just can’t wait to see this place come back to life it just makes me sad is there a go fund me page for this?

  118. It would be great for a few years. But a park that small cant compeat with dollywood. Their just too close together..im 1 year older than ghost town.

  119. We brought our Son there several times years ago and still come to Maggie Valley because of it’s beauty. I would love to bring my grandsons there. Hoping it gets open soon.

  120. Yes, I have fond memories of it growing up. Do to bouncing all over the US as military family I never was able to take my kids but I would love to take my granddaughter! And finally my girls…

  121. We would love for Ghost Town to reopen! We love Dollywood but Pigeon Forge has just gotten too busy. We would love another option to take our young kids to for years to come!

  122. My father was the piano tuner who went just before opening season every year to tune all the pianos in the saloons. What a great memory to have with him riding that chair lift up the side of the mountain. That was when I was about 16 and I am now 62. Went to ghost town every year. It needs to be open.

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