Where does the Cherohala Skyway begin? Your guide to this scenic drive

Cherohala Skyway in the fall

The Cherohala Skyway is a beautiful drive any time of the year – but can be especially beautiful once the leaves begin to change in the fall (photo by Darrell Young/stock.adobe.com)

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There’s a road running across the mountains connecting Tellico Plains, Tennessee to Robbinsville, North Carolina.

And if you catch it on the right day, when the sky is the right blue and fluffy white clouds dot just the right places, it seems like the top of the world. 

How many miles is the Cherohala Skyway?

Of course, the 43-mile ribbon that is the Cherohala Skyway isn’t exactly a secret. 

It’s frequently traveled and well-publicized. It connects two national forests, the Cherokee and Nantahala, which collectively draw millions of visitors each year.

But while millions have been to the mountains, I can promise you millions haven’t been to Tellico Plains. It’s a sleepy little mountain town right on the edge of where it starts to get wild. 

Importantly, it should be noted that other than a couple of outhouses and a handful of picnic tables, there aren’t a lot of facilities along the way.

Make sure you’re good and gassed up and maybe use the restroom before starting your adventure. 

Bald River Falls along the Cherohala Skyway
Bald River Falls is a quick detour from the Cherohala Skyway (photo by Rahul/stock.adobe.com)

How long does it take to do the Cherohala Skyway?

The Cherohala Skyway drive is a little bit over an hour if you don’t stop for the sights.

But that would be a mistake.

Sometimes it’s done significantly faster by motorcycle riders looking for the thrills offered by its cousin to the north, the infamous Tail of the Dragon.

There is less traffic and less chance for police interference on the Skyway.

Editor’s note: Please drive safely.

Where does the Cherohala Skyway begin?

On the Tennessee side, the Cherohala Skyway begins alongside the banks of the Tellico River, a premier trout fishing stream. 

As you start your journey, stop by the Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center at 225 Cherohala Skyway, Tellico Plains, TN. They are open 9 am-5 pm.

There are some beautiful cascading falls near the Tellico River Gorge where the Skyway diverges from the river and climbs higher up into the mountains.

In the winter, I have seen those falls frozen over. I have seen pictures of people posing on the frozen water, but I don’t recommend that. 

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Take the side trip up to Indian Boundary Lake, a tiny lake situated at the top of the mountains. In truth, it’s one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever seen.

In addition, at the Indian Boundary Lake Recreation Area, there’s a campground and picnic spot with a swim beach and fantastic hiking options. It offers spectacular mountain views and occasional wildlife viewings.

And when you’re up there by yourself, it’s possibly the most peaceful spot in the mountains. 

It’s heavenly. 

Lake view overlook along the Cherohala Skyway
A view from Lake View Overlook along the Cherohala Skyway (photo by Jim Vallee/stock.adobe.com)

Cherohala Skyway overlooks

Not far from the turnoff for Indian Boundary Lake is the Turkey Creek Overlook, a pull-off that offers a panoramic view of the mountains below, and there are toilet facilities on hand. 

The Turkey Creek Overlook is one of five along the route. 

Once you cross into North Carolina, you can park and hike to Huckleberry Knob. The trail is 1.7 miles and is good for most hiking skill levels.

The trail is known for its beautiful wildflowers and is dog friendly if they are kept on a leash. At the end of the hike, Huckleberry Knob features 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. 

Not far from the Huckleberry Knob parking area is the Spirit Ridge Observation Deck, a good spot for families with kids to get out and “hike.”

The trail is more of a paved path and is friendly for most skill levels. It runs through a beautiful forest setting to an overlook deck that can offer scenic views in the right conditions. 

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Indian Boundary Recreation Area
The Indian Boundary Recreation Area is located along the Skyway (photo by ehrlif/stock.adobe.com)

Is the Tail of the Dragon on the Cherohala Skyway?

As you exit the Skyway, you’ll see the somewhat confusingly named Tail of the Dragon Family Rentals which offers scenic rental homes and mountain adventures.

While the facility is just a mile from the Cherohala Skyway, it’s about 20 miles from the Tail of the Dragon, which runs along Highway 129 and comes out near Maryville on the Tennessee side. 

You can make the trip along the Skyway and back in about 2.5 hours if you don’t stop for anything. I don’t recommend it.

Both Tellico and Robbinsville offer fun little mountain getaways and things to do outside of the more well-traveled tourist routes. 

Take your time, soak up the view and enjoy the experience. Many of the overlooks along the way make for excellent picnic spots, as do the facilities at Indian Boundary Lake. 

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Is the Cherohala Skyway open?

It is also important to note that the Skyway does not close in the winter months due to inclement weather.

The Visitor Center is open Monday-Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Visit their social media page to learn more and view current updates.

Also, be sure to check out a detailed weather report before venturing across in the colder months. Just because the road is open, it doesn’t mean it will be an easy drive.  

Have you visited the Cherohala Skyway? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  4. Before kids, my husband and I would accompany the Plantation Jeep Club for a week of camping and wheeling in Tellico Plains. One of my best memories is when we took a Scenic Drive along the Cherohalla Skyway. It was in October and the crisp weather and colors of Fall made for a most memorable experience.

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