an aerial view of a mountaintop in pigeon forge

A Massive New Attraction is Quietly Being Built on a Mountaintop in Pigeon Forge

After months of anticipation, WildSide is finally set to open July 29 The Revel Group, LLC., the people behind Anakeesta, have been quietly working to bring a massive new project to Sevier County. WildSide will be on 850 acres of mountain land designed as a paradise for mountain sports enthusiasts. As someone who spent 30 years exploring the land just

cumberland falls is a stunning waterfall in Kentucky

Kentucky’s Niagara Falls: See the Massive Hidden Waterfall in Appalachia

This impressive waterfall is also known for being the only place with a predictable moonbow As someone who grew up in Indiana and has lived in Tennessee more than 30 years, my relationship with the Bluegrass State is complicated. For much of my life, Kentucky has been something you get through on the way to where you’re going, not the

red cave with body of water in tennessee

5 Hidden Caves Under the Smoky Mountains You Didn’t Know Existed

East Tennessee is known for the mountains, but its many caves might surprise you We’re used to the wonders of the Great Smoky Mountains. It has sweeping vistas, mountain streams and massive green forests as far as the eye can see. But did you know there’s a hidden world of wonders under the mountains almost as amazing as what’s above

marker of the state line of north carolina and tennessee

There Are Big Changes Coming to This Popular Road in the Smoky Mountains

What you need to know about Newfound Gap Road in the Smokies When my family visits the Smokies, we prefer taking the scenic route through Western North Carolina. My husband prefers driving on winding mountain roads. When the weather is warm, my kids love to stop in Cherokee and visit Oconaluftee Islands Park to play in the river. From there,

The Blue Ridge Parkway in NC was just voted 12th most feared road in the United States (photo bu Chansak Joe/iStockPhoto)

A Popular Tourist Road in NC Was Just Voted Among Most Feared in the US

Move over Tail of the Dragon here comes … The Blue Ridge Parkway? As someone who has driven large swaths of the Blue Ridge Parkway – chiefly in the Smokies – I was shocked when I found it listed as the 12th most feared roadway in America. Really? The Blue Ridge Parkway is the most fearsome road in North Carolina?

Pictured: Alum Cave trailhead to Mount Le Conte

The Dark History of the Most Feared Area in the Smoky Mountains

Welcome to the aptly named Huggins Hell – the most feared part of the Smoky Mountains due to its dark history I have always been fascinated with the hidden, oddly named, rarely explored parts of the Smokies – Mellinger’s Death Ridge, anyone? So, the minute I heard about Huggins Hell, I had to know everything I could about this dense

standalone chimneys at elkmont

The Eerie Standalone Chimneys in The Smoky Mountains You Need To See

Found deep within the Smoky Mountains is an abandoned town with an unusual sight – a collection of standalone stone chimneys As someone who grew up about 20 minutes away from Elkmont – maybe 30 if there’s traffic – I was aware of remnants of a strange settlement dating back to the days before the National Park. But the history

the wish bridge at foxfire

There’s a Bridge Hidden in the Smoky Mountains That’s Covered in Wishes

Thousands of visitors are leaving their handwritten wishes at this beautiful bridge in the Smoky Mountains ​​I’ve been around the Smoky Mountain tourism game for more than 30 years. So, I’ve come to expect certain liberties to be taken with local lore. Any mountain, cove, den, holler, waterfall or creek that happens to come under the ownership of a money-making

guests walking around john oliver place in cades cove

The Fight for Cades Cove and the People Who Refused to Leave

It turns out, not everyone was thrilled when the land became government property When touring Cades Cove today, we see one of nature’s true holy places. The verdant valley with its fields and streams, is surrounded by the high mountains. It’s a place of wonder and we rejoice that our forebearers nearly 100 years ago sought to preserve for us.

a lone star tick and fontana lake in the smoky mountains

A Bite From This Smoky Mountain Tick Could Give You Food Allergies

Meet the Lone Star Tick – A tick found in and around the Smoky Mountains whose bite might trigger food allergies in humans I can testify that Alpha-Gal Syndrome, or AGS, is real. My father lost his ability to eat beef following a tick bite. Also, this particular tick can be found in the Smoky Mountains. There is a tick