There’s a Bridge Hidden in the Smoky Mountains That’s Covered in Wishes

the wish bridge at foxfire

Smoky Mountain guests love to leave wishes on this unique Wish Bridge just a short hike into the mountains at FoxFire (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Thousands of visitors are leaving their handwritten wishes at this beautiful bridge in the Smoky Mountains

​​I’ve been around the Smoky Mountain tourism game for more than 30 years. So, I’ve come to expect certain liberties to be taken with local lore. Any mountain, cove, den, holler, waterfall or creek that happens to come under the ownership of a money-making operation suddenly become bestowed with mountain magic. There’s a certain tradition of spinning out a yarn or two to help the tourists get a little more excited about your spot. However, when the folks at Foxfire Adventure Park say there’s a hidden bridge covered in wishes? They ain’t lying. 

Wishes are a big part of the experience at Foxfire Adventure Park. In addition to the Wishing Well, there’s a bridge – the Whispering Winds Covered Bridge – that carries thousands of wishes from visitors to the park. 

The Covered Wish Bridge Foxfire Mountain
The covered bridge is located just beyond America’s Swinging Bridge to Prosperity at Foxfire (photo by Morgan Overholt/

What is the Wish Bridge?

The Whispering Winds Covered Bridge aka the “Wishing Bridge” a small-covered bridge along the hike to the Lost Mine Falls. Visitors can pick up colorful tags in the main office on which to write their wishes. They then attach those wishes to the bridge and they are supposed to come true.  The bridge itself is part of the hiking trails and swinging bridge experience at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park, which also offers miles of wooded hiking adventures.  

a woman hangs a wish on the wish bridge
Visitors pick up colorful tags in the main office, write a wish and then hang them on the bridge (photo by Morgan Overholt/

How To Find It  

It is just beyond America’s Swinging Bridge to Prosperity at Foxfire along the upper hiking trail path on the way up to Lost Mine Falls.

There are two hiking paths at Foxfire. One is the down by the river and the upper path that carries you over it. Take the upper path over the swinging bridge. The Wishing Bridge is just to the right. You certainly can’t miss it, the whole of the covered bridge’s interior is covered in wishes. 

The bridge is just part of the attraction at Foxfire, which is 150 acres of historic mountainland centered around Foxfire Mountain.  In addition to the hiking, there are two different zipline routes above the tree canopies. There’s a small village with a climbing wall and quick jump, dining at the Fox and Flame Food Truck, a playground, a ropes course, gem mining and a petting zoo. 

Foxfire is home to the former Sweden Furnace Iron Mine, somewhat obscured by the Lost Mine Falls. For safety reasons, you’re not allowed to go into the mine. But you can see down into the operation that provided ore for the famed Sweden Furnace, which began its life as the Short Mountain Furnace in 1820. The furnace – which used local ore to make “pig iron” – changed owners and names in 1836. The furnace later closed in 1840 on the heels of economic panic and the deterioration of the ore. If you want to look into the mine, it’s better to take the lower River Walk Trail path. There is also a Walking Tree Canopy Tour.

Swinging Bridge to Prosperity Foxfire Mountain
The Bridge to Prosperity is somewhat long, it swings and can also be quite slick, so do exercise caution (photo by Morgan Overholt/

A Word of Warning 

The Bridge to Prosperity is among the more comforting swinging bridges I’ve seen. However, you’re still 70 feet above the East Prong of the Little Pigeon River and it does move. It’s also extremely slippery when wet. Use caution if visiting Foxfire in the rain.

At 335 feet long, it’s billed as the second longest of its type in America. If you have an issue with heights, or swinging bridges or have seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom too many times, you might want to consider making your wishes elsewhere.  

Foxfire Mountain Entrance Welcome Sign
Foxfire Mountain is off the typical beaten tourist path. Cell reception is spotty to nonexistent. Our advice? Just like hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (or elsewhere), never hike alone (photo by Morgan Overholt/

Hours, Parking and Location

Foxfire Adventure Park is located at 3757 Thomas Lane in Sevierville. It can also be a bit of an adventure getting there – it’s off the beaten tourist path. I’d recommend locking the directions into your GPS before heading out. Service can be very spotty out there. Parking is also a bit limited, so maybe plan for your visit early in the day. The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily. 

The hiking trails and swinging bridge experiences at the time of this writing are $11.95 for kids and $24.95 for adults. The climbing wall starts at $24.95 as does the Ropes Challenge course. The zip line tours range for $89.95 to $98.95. There is also a package available

PS: Pro-tip, grab some Preacher’s Smokehouse BBQ before or after you go – it’s on the way!

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