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Buc-ee’s in Sevierville TN Is Now Open [PHOTOS]

buc-ee's aerial image of grand opening in sevierville

The massive Buc-ee's parking lot was full for the grand opening (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

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When the self-styled “home of the world’s cleanest bathrooms, delicious barbecue, freshest food and friendliest beaver” announced plans to build the world’s largest convenience store in Sevierville, it generated a lot of attention.

The popular Buc-ee’s chain has stores in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, and yes, the Volunteer state. And now, the Sevierville location has officially opened. And it is the largest of all the Buc-ee’s. At least, it will be for a while.


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gov bill lee speaks at the buc-ee's opening event
Gov. Bill Lee speaks at the grand opening event on June 26 (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

When will Buc-ee’s in Sevierville open?

The Sevierville Buc-ee’s location in Tennessee is officially open. The store held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, June 26, 2023. Local and state leaders attended the celebration, including Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Buc-ee’s owner Arch “Beaver” Aplin III, Cherokee tribal leaders and many other partners and officials who helped Buc-ee’s bring the project to Sevierville.

The Sevierville store is currently the largest travel center in the world, at least for a while. The new location offers 120 fueling positions just outside its store with thousands of snack, meal and drink options for travelers on the go. The store’s 74,000-square-foot floor plan will remain the biggest Buc-ee’s until that record moves back to Texas, where construction is currently underway on a 75,000-square-foot location in Luling.

crowd at buc-ee's opening
A massive crowd of Buc-ee’s fans attended the grand opening (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

How was the grand opening at Buc-ee’s?

Much like its home state of Texas, it was big. And hot. The opening event filled the massive parking lot, which is not entirely surprising given the chain’s fans and followers. “They say everything is bigger in Texas, but not today,” said Cherokee Tribal Council Chairman Richard French. The opening festivities were paused after one of the attendees passed out and hit the ground mid-event from what was believed to be from the heat, although this has not been confirmed. He was transported from the event via EMS.

Otherwise, despite some friendly bickering amongst dignitaries regarding which was better – Tennessee or Texas – the overall theme was that this would be a mutually beneficial cooperation between East Tennessee and Texas. And everyone in attendance seemed happy about temporarily being the largest location, even if the “beaver man” himself called Dollywood “Dollyworld” instead.

Gov. Lee also spoke at the event. “As the governor of this state, whenever I get to see the people of Tennessee acknowledge the greatness of this state, it reminds me of the honor that we have here. I’m very, very fortunate to be in this spot,” said Gov. Lee. Overall, the grand opening event met its big expectations. The Sevierville location is now officially serving the same favorite Buc-ee’s staples as its Texan counterparts such as fresh BBQ, homemade fudge, their popular Beaver Nuggets, jerky, kolaches, fresh pastries and of course, their famous Buc-ee’s Brisket Sandwich.

Is there a Buc-ee’s in Sevierville TN?

Yes, although the official address is in Kodak. The new location for this massive convenience store is located on Exit 407 on I-40. Sevierville, for the uninitiated, is the gateway to popular tourist attractions including Dollywood, the namesake park of Dolly Parton, in Pigeon Forge, Anakeesta in Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The destination receives millions of visitors annually.

In fact, Exit 407 is one of the most heavily traveled sections of interstate in the country. For many, it is the first stop when they come to town for their family vacation. The gargantuan Buc-ee’s is located on land owned by Kituwah, LLC and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The land was acquired previously after being dormant for years due to a failed development.

crowd inside the buc-ee's grand opening
Buc-ee’s in Sevierville is temporarily the largest location in the United States (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

How big is Buc-ee’s in Sevierville TN?

Buc-ee’s covers a whopping 74,000 square feet of the 200-acre development along Exit 407. It is the world’s largest Buc-ee’s, at least for a while. It has a mind-blowing total of 120 fueling stations, EV charging stations and a car wash (nearly the length of a football field).

The previous biggest location of Buc-ee’s came in at 66,000 square feet. Buc-ee’s officials recently announced plans to build a 75,000 sq foot facility in Texas. Buc-ee’s Sevierville is the second Buc-ee’s location in Tennessee, joining Buc-ee’s Crossville, the first Tennessee Buc-ee’s, which debuted on June 27 last year. Buc-ee’s recently announced the brand is headed West with store groundbreakings in Colorado and Missouri.

inside buc-ee's of sevierville tn
Sevierville is known as the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

In short, it’s a big dang deal

I’m glad we now have a location in Sevierville. In fact, I’ve been less than impressed with the gas stations near Exit 407 of late. Recently, I pulled into one – which shall remain nameless – and none of the gas pumps were working correctly. Did they have any signs that let me know? Nope. They just let me drive from pump to pump like a fool.

In addition, several of the bathrooms at those stations near the exit are extremely sketchy. However, the humongous Buc-ee’s features world-famous award-winning restrooms. In fact, their website claims you can “potty like a rock star”. Anyway, I welcome our beaver-loving, gas station overlords.

a sign for exit 407 gateway for adventure
The new Buc-ee’s store in Sevierville is part of a larger development: The 407: Gateway to Adventure (photo by James Overholt/TheSmokies.com)

Other notable developments at Exit 407

There are more attractions on the way to Exit 407. For example, the area is expected to receive a Marriott Courtyard and The Smoky Gap District, an entertainment, dining and retail district opening in 2025. Previously, developers indicated the site might feature a “world-class” golf attraction (Editor’s Note: It better be a Top Golf) and a distillery experience.

fudge on the counters at the buc-ee's store in sevierville tn
This location will have the same Buc-ee’s food and snacks we all know and love (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

Does Buc-ee’s have food?

The massive travel center isn’t just known for the clean bathrooms. Since its inception, the company is also known for offering a wide selection of food, snacks and other quality products. “Buc-ee’s is known for pristine bathrooms, a large amount of fueling positions, friendly service, Buc-ee’s apparel and fresh, delicious food,” reads a press release.

buc-ee's the beaver mascot
A Buc-ee’s mascot welcomes guests to the new store (photo by Daniel Munson/TheSmokies.com)

Why Sevierville, TN?

For Buc-ee’s officials, this beautiful community which serves as a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains is the ideal stop to build their Taj Mahal of travel plazas. But don’t take my word for it, just ask Stan Beard of Buc-ee’s, Director of Real Estate.

“It is not a coincidence that we chose the 407 as our first big store location outside of Texas. We will be the proverbial welcome sign at the front door of the exceptional travel experience that the Smoky Mountains, Sevierville and Sevier County have to offer. You won’t forget your first visit to Buc-ee’s and it won’t be your last!” the exclamation point enthusiast said.

And we’ve not even mentioned the best part. What’s the only thing more exciting than giant gas stations and beef jerky you might ask? Jobs.

The Texas-based chain is bringing many permanent, full-time jobs with full benefits to the region. And starting pay is above minimum wage. Visit Buc-ee’s website for a list of jobs. Are you familiar with this popular chain from the Lone Star state?

Will you be starting out your Smoky Mountain adventure with a stop at this East Tennessee location? Let us know in the comments below!

59 thoughts on “Buc-ee’s in Sevierville TN Is Now Open [PHOTOS]”

  1. Yes very excited.
    I live in Sevierville and happy to see the development but only real concern is handling the amount of traffic.

  2. I live in Kodak TN, my biggest concern is also the amount of Traffic, its already difficult w/ Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg existing traffic. I am hoping Bru cee’s is making their own entrance & exit off of Interstate 40. Long enough away from Sevier entrance to Rt. 66. So it doesn’t back up even more than it does already.

  3. My husband and I left Texas to retire in Sevier County, and I’ve had Buc-ee’s withdrawals for 2 years now. I am SO looking forward to this little bit of Texas coming to Tennessee! If you’ve never been, you don’t understand. You will soon.🤗

  4. Can’t wait. Was in Buc-ee’s in Daytona beach Florida. Wow it’s awesome!
    Hurry I’ll be a regular customer coming from Knoxville,Tn.

  5. I sincerely hope some sort of recognition or tribute is offered to the American Indians whose land this was.

  6. I would like to work there I’m retiring in Alabama and moving there my daughter lives there off the parkway I am a widow and want to be close to my daughter..I will work fulltime if needed ..

  7. Love Buc-ee’s and am eagerly awaiting their opening!!! Bring on the chocolate chip cookies!!!!🍪🍪🍪

  8. Traffic and noise from the go carts may lower property values. Do they ever ask neighboring property owner’s opinion. Wouldn’t matter anyway, the county is just interested in tax revenue. It would happen no matter anyway…

  9. We don’t need anymore tourists the smokies have been ruined already just bringing more sickness to our beautiful area its already so congested out there like somebody said I hope they have their own entrance and exit because as it is you can’t get anywhere good luck everybody I’ll stay on my side of the Smokies

  10. I love Buc’ees! But I hate that intersection! It is awful right now, even before construction. I can’t even imagine what it will be once Buc’ees opens!

  11. As long as they are going to have a “golf experience”, they should buy River Islands. Just like they have Sequoyah National on the reservation.

  12. The brisket is great at Buc ees. Burritos and roasted nuts.. pork bar bq sandwiches. So many different drink choices and coffees and teas. Not to mention cute t shirts and other clothing. And your mama’s bathroom was never cleaner!

  13. Super excited! There in nothing like Bucees.. this will be amazing for the area and the folks who need great quality jobs and tourists who already come all over the USA to this area.. can’t wait u guys!!

  14. I can’t wait I’ve been to them and they are the nicest places to stop food bathrooms maculate

  15. From what I have heard, they don’t support or welcome trucking professionals as guest but rely on them to bring products, food and gas. Something to think about as a consumer.

  16. I stopped at my first Buc-ees today odd I-75 in south Georgia. Amazing! I’m slender but really appreciate toilet stalls large enough for plus sized ladies! I’m adding every southern Buck-ees to my saved list on Garmin.

  17. I moved here from Texas recently and I absolutely love Buceees. Im here to tell you eveeything about that store is awesome. Its clean, friendly service, the food is awesome and the store is so much fun to shop. Eclectic things is what you will find there. I cant wait for it to open!!!!!

  18. Good I hate avoiding big trucks at travel centers. And it’s not like there aren’t others. I suspect the family travelers in the minivan will appreciate no big trucks.

  19. We got them in Florida early this year. I asked my friend in Texas if he ever heard of them. He laughed and said “oh we Texans love our Buc-ee’s” “you’re gonna love Buc-ee’s”. Well us Floridians absolutely love our Buc-ee’s too. They turned the blighted and failing wold golf village into the most popular area around. I promise Tennessee will love their Buc-ee’s. You will have fair priced gas, lots of the cleanest restrooms in the world, great food, tailgate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and take home anything you want to eat. Or pick up sammiches to bring to work. Great prices on eggs, milk, beer, soda. Lots of unique snacks. And don’t worry about traffic, they kick in millions to the state to upgrade the area roads. No trucks allowed. Its just a convenience store, like Ted Nugent is just a guitar player.

  20. I’m extricate about the Severieville location. One is being built just a few miles from me in upstate SC but a road trip will be scheduled when TN opens.

  21. My husband would like to apply to ur Buccees store in Kodak tn for the supervisor position over operations when can he do this? We want to move to sevierville soon. He has supervisor experience since he’s worked at universal studios Orlando for 10 years now.

  22. We love Buc-ee’s! We have one in Calhoun Ga.now and it makes buying gas fun, believe it or not! Can’t wait until the Sevierville Store opens!

  23. I am excited for your opening here in Sevier county! I hear you will be pay 20.00 san hour to work here … Is this true? I sure hope so!!!!!!

  24. I drive A delivery truck from Atlanta to pigeon Forge Monday through Friday and since Buc-ees open in Calhoun Georgia I have been a regular customer, and with only a 30 minute lunch break it took me about a month to cover that Buc-ees with each stop and the cost…. Worth every penny I spent oookay make that every Dollar…lol
    So looking forward to the one opening in Sevierville.

  25. Would be nice if Buc.ees in Sevier county,TN have truck/rig overnight parking. That would draw a lot more business besides travelers in cars

  26. I live in Texas and love Buc-ee’s. I miss them when we travel. Pidgeon forge and Gatlinburg are two of my favorite places to visit. Can’t wait till there is one. Maybe next time I visit that area.

  27. I met my husband, 6 years ago, here in Sevierville and we married 3 years ago. He is from TX and about 4 years ago, was telling all about Bucees. I told him that Bucees needs to open their largest store yet, right here at exit 407, since it is highly traveled by millions who visit our Great Smoky Mountains every year! I was elated when I heard that my wish was going to come true! We live here in Sevierville, and my husband will make the best General Manager any Bucees has ever had! (My second wish)!

  28. Was bobtail and decided to stop at the one on I-35 just north of San Antonio for fuel and a bite to eat. I guess once the cashier seen I was a semi-bobtail truck pumping, they immediately shut my pump off and told me I had to leave. I wasn’t able to fuel or eat. Later found out the owner dislikes truckers. Bu-cees is not trucker friendly.

  29. Been to one in Tenn and Georgia. It’s beyond amazing and to handle thousands of people very very clean. I was so excited when I walked in there. They sell absolutely everything and so so many gas stalls. This is a must to stop at if you see. Will be visiting soon the area hope it’s open.

  30. As a big fan of Buc-ee’s, you should know it is a “truckstop style” convenience store for travelers & vacationers. They are not a Truck Stop, 18 wheelers are not allowed. There are dozens of other Trucking Company travelers stations. Buc-ee’s is like a carnival without the rides, you will enjoy it. 💙 They even have a dog park for your fur babies to enjoy. 🐕🐩

  31. I am super excited to have Buc-ees coming to Kodak/Sevierville TN!!!
    We have been to other ones. The brisket sandwich will melt in your mouth 🤤🤤🤤

  32. I think Buc-ee’s is aweome! They cater to cars and travellers, not semi-“professional” semi-drivers. They are always our first choice. I’m willing to “hold it” for another 20 miutes to get to a nearby Buc-ees. Being a recent transplant from long time Knoxville resident to the Florida Space-Coast, I think it’s awesome that Buc-ees is showing the Haslams and Pilot what could have been if they hadn’t been so greedy. Pilot has used market dominance along the interstate to screw travelers – gas is always 25 to 50 cents more a gallon at Pilot and Flying-J truckstops, as well as, the price fixing and rebate scandal of a few years ago.

  33. Cannot wait for the Buc-Cee’s to open in Sevierville,TN. Been to the one in Daytona and Kodak TN. Loved my visit to both. So much fun l looking at all the neat stuff they have.
    The food is great.

  34. The south ound traffic coming off exit 407 heading toward Pigeon Forge heading to Bucky’s will have to turn left crossing the four north bound lanes of rt 66. There will be a red light at the crossing but I predict that the south bound traffic will back up onto east bound hwy 40 causing major traffic problems.
    Bucky’s should have paid for a fly over traffic lane for the south bound traffic entering Bucky’s that will not interfere with the north bound traffic. The last thing that area needs is another red light on hwy 66.

  35. The BEVER stores have too much JUNK !! A truck stop that size with a grocery rather than a clothing store would be a hit.

    Not many places to stop and buy groceries to stock your truck on the road. No places to get hot food at night if you don’t want to microwave something in the truck. Just no more truck stops like Flying J anymore !! Pilot purchased Flying J and ran them into the ground. Flying J always had hot food available.

    Walmart lots are big enough to stop and get groceries but they put boots on truck tires for being in their lots. Walmart is one of the dirtiest when it comes to treatment of drivers!

    Got a little off subject BUT want to see better service for drivers driving all night long, not just Semi Truck drivers but other travelers as well.

  36. My husband and I make a point of stopping at any Bucees while traveling by. They are amazing!
    What would be icing on the cake is if the mascot changed to a bear at the sevierville exit!

  37. Its just a gas station. I used to live in Austin TX. and would drive to San Antonio a lot and stop for gas at the one in New Braunfels on the way back to Austin.

    The hype is not warranted. At the time it was the largest convenience store in the world (The New Braunfels location)…it still may be who knows. Its more like a fad, people go buy dumb shirts with a beaver on it and act like they just went on a vacation. Its kind of pathetic that people hype it so much, especially out there in Texas, they think since they went to Buccees they traveled the world. LOL

    The store is too large for quick stops. The only benefit was where the store was you can pump the gas and get right back on the highway after stopping at the light and getting on the ramp. Other stores you have to go a block or 2 in and traffic can mount up.

    I think for a great scenic place like in TN this will be a disgusting eyesore. I love Pigeon Forge and I think its slowly losing its identity. The mountains are taking a back seat to all the monstrosities. Sad really. Some people will claim Dollyville ruined the area somewhat, but reality is it brought a lot of tourists and its Dolly Partons home town so reality is she has more right than other businesses to be there and she made locals proud with her music. Plus she is a class act an cares about the area.

  38. Very exciting! Just stopped at two Georgia locations on I-75 traveling from Michigan to Florida. Although we were in a car, having rushed back to Michigan for a family funeral, we normally travel in a Motorhome. It was nice to see RV’s were welcomed and there are spacious fueling stations selling diesel fuel. When we head back to Michigan the end of April we actually have RV reservations in Sieversville. It will be interesting to see the development of this latest complex. Looks like we will just miss the grand opening.

  39. Recently stopped at the Richmond, Ky. I-75 bucees location just to check it out. Also noted the no semi-trucks signs… Wonder what would happen if ALL the deliveries (fuel included) to the stores stopped? Won’t be making the mistake of stopping there anymore & NO, I’m not a truck driver, just a red-blooded conservative AMERICAN that appreciates the truck drivers !!!

  40. Had my first Buc-ees experience last month in Crossville. I’m a believer. I’ve actually thought about relocating from up north just so I can work there and shop there. Is that weird?

  41. I live near Farragut TN and have made four trips to the Crossville TN Buc-ees so far. There was even a Sevier Co TN vehicle in front of me today. That means someone from Sevierville is tired of waiting for the 407 exit Buc-ees to open, just like me. Crossville is smaller than the anticipated 407 exit one but have bought a bunch of stuff already. Lots of beaver items and the Beaver Nuggets are amazing. They ran out of pork barbecue sandwiches so tried brisket. Just a thick meat barbecue and great. Went inside to get gas on pump 146, they pulled my car up on a screen. Is that you? Yes. That was
    cool. Nothing bad to say. All is good and not expensive even.

  42. They have without a doubt, the nicest restrooms I have seen anywhere and I do mean ANYWHERE! The place is absolutely awesome! I was just in Pigeon Forge and can’t wait to go back! I will definitely make it a point to check out this new Buc-ee’s. It is well worth the time!

  43. I was in the new store in Tennessee and think I left my credit card. I can’t find a phone number to call them.

  44. Stopped in Buc-ees on a recent trip to Sieverville, TN. First time in one of their stores and I loved it. Very clean and welcoming. Just about anything you could want. Will definitely visit again.


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