Is Mountain Monsters Real? What To Know About the Show

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In this article, we take a closer look at some of the most interesting monsters mentioned on Travel Channel's Mountain Monsters (media photo from Travel Channel, with rendering from Adobe stock)

How real is the Mountain Monsters show? Let’s Take a Deep Dive

The Appalachian Mountains are infamous for their mysterious creature sightings. Children who live around the mountain range, particularly in the Smokies, often grow up telling each other great stories involving ghosts, werewolves and Sasquatch, just to name a few.

Since 2013, Travel Channel’s hit reality TV show “Mountain Monsters,” now in its 8th season, has been bringing these obscure mountain legends to life in living rooms across the nation.

Is Mountain Monsters real?

The Mountain Monsters show features a band of native West Virginians who call themselves the AIMS team (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings). To explain, their mission is to explore the Appalachian Mountains and identify the legendary creatures that (allegedly) lurk in the shadows. Anyone who watches the show can probably see that the majority of the show is staged. However, much of the folklore discussed and the creatures the “hunters” (for a lack of a better word) look for are mostly, or at least loosely, based on popular mountain legends and folklore.

Some of the monsters are more well-known than others, such as Mothman and Spearfinger. Others are so obscure they make us wonder if they were manufactured by the show’s writers. And in the show’s defense, who among us didn’t make up a ghost story of our own every now and again? With this in mind, we’ve created a list of 24 of the most interesting unexplained creatures mentioned on the show along with a quick background of each, in order of appearance.

1. Wolfman of Wolfe County, S1E1

Introduced in season one, the Kentucky Wolfman is one of the more obscure monsters mentioned on the show. The Wolfman is described as a 7-foot tall, 500-pound werewolf-like beast that can stand on its hind legs and specifically loves to terrorize the locals near Wolfe County, Kentucky. Legend has it that the monster spends most of its time hiding out in abandoned silver mines and only comes out at night.

2. Grassman of Perry County (BigFoot), S1E2

Several Mountain Monsters episodes are dedicated to BigFoot and his cousins. For the sake of brevity, we will mostly focus on unique varieties in this article. The Ohio Grassman of Perry County is a 1000-pound, 9-foot tall cousin of Sasquatch.

The Grassman, like BigFoot, is much more infamous than some of the other lesser-known monsters on the show with numerous eyewitnesses reporting “sightings” and a plethora of grainy footage available all over the internet, mostly coming out of Salt Fork State Park in Eastern Ohio. The nickname “Grassman” comes from early sightings of the beast originally appearing in the grassy plains.

3. Devil Dog of Logan County, S1E3

Devil dogs are another nocturnal werewolf-like creature known for killing coyotes, sucking their blood and eating their livers. They are reportedly almost 4 feet in length with red eyes and three-toed paws.

4. Wampus Beast of Pleasants County, S1E4

The Wampus Beast of Tygart Valley, West Virginia is reportedly a large black cat that resembles a black panther. The creature weighs 600 pounds and is said to be 6-feet long. Legend says that the Wampus Beast is a known livestock killer. Furthermore, the beast smells like a wet dog rolled around on a dead skunk.

5. Mothman of Mason County, S1E5

The legendary Mothman, perhaps next to BigFoot, is certainly one of the most infamous monsters to be featured on the show. Entire movies, documentaries and museums have been dedicated to the creature, and suspicious sightings are plentiful. The Mothman is a large man-like winged beast with a moth-like head. He measures almost 8 feet tall and weighs up to 600 pounds with a 10-foot wingspan.

Legend says it has the ability to hypnotize people. The Mothman rose to fame when locals reported seeing the creature near the Silver Bridge before its mysterious collapse in the 1960s. Since then, it has been said that sighting the Mothman is akin to a bad omen and a sign of impending doom.

6. Lizard Demon of Wood County, S1E6

The Lizard Demon, also known as the Lizard Man, is said to hide in the ponds, lakes and rivers of West Virginia and Tennessee. It’s a half-man, half-lizard-like monster that’s known for killing cattle. It is said to have yellow parietal eyes that glow in the dark and gills that allow it to breathe underwater. Legend says that it largely travels along the Ohio River.

7. Kentucky Hellhound, S2E1

Making its debut in season two, the Kentucky Hellhound is a dark blue werewolf-like monster that is capable of standing on its hind legs. It is reportedly 4 feet tall, nocturnal, weighs 600 pounds and has an affinity for skinning young calves. Like many mountain monsters, early sightings date back to the early 1930s and were originally reported by moonshiners (one guess as to why).

8. Grafton Monster of Taylor County, S2E2

The Grafton Monster of West Virginia, also known as the Headless Horror, is a giant 1500-pound monster with 4-foot wide shoulders. Its hunched-over posture makes its head difficult to see from behind.

9. Yahoo of Nicholas County (BigFoot), S2S3

The West Virginia Yahoo is yet another cousin of BigFoot. It’s said to be almost 8 feet tall and weighs in at nearly 1200 pounds. Sightings date back to the late 1800s. Furthermore, it’s distinct from other Bigfoots in that it reportedly makes a sound that resembles the word “yahoo.” Somehow you’d think that would make it less terrifying, but who am I to judge.

10. Werewolf of Webster County, S2E4

The Webster Werewolf is a 7-foot tall half-man half-wolf creature that weighs 400 pounds with black fur and glowing yellow eyes. It is said to only be active during the full moon.

11. Red-Eyed Bear Beast, S1E16

The Bear Beast of West Virginia is said to be a large bear-canine hybrid that preys on other “normal” bears. It has the body of a large bear, the head of a canine and red beady eyes.

12. Cherokee Death Cat, S2E8

Well-known to the locals of Cherokee, North Carolina and weighing in at 500 pounds with gigantic paws, this Death Cat closely resembles a deranged lion. In particular, legend states that the Death Cat seeks vengeance for the Trail of Tears which forced the relocations of nearly 100,000 Native Americans in the 1800s.

13. Shadow Creature of Braxton County, S2E9

The Shadow Creature of West Virginia looks a bit like the creature from the Alien movie franchise. It is said to stand 8 feet tall with an exoskeleton and also sports huge teeth. Legend states that it once attacked and mutilated a small group of Union soldiers during the Civil War.

14. Snallygaster of Preston County, S2E10

The Snallygaster is a huge flying reptile that resembles a pterodactyl. In fact, it supposedly has a 20-foot wingspan and greenish-gray skin. The Snallygaster was first sighted in the mid-1700s. It is said to have an especially high-pitched piercing scream. If you’ve ever driven through West Virginia and noticed a 7-point star painted onto the side of the barn, the origin of this tradition relates to the Snallygaster. In particular, legend states the star keeps the monster at bay.

15. Cave Creature of Greenbrier County, S2E11

The Cave Creature is a human-like cave-dwelling monster with sharp teeth and goblin-like ears. The creature is also said to be hairless. Legend states that the Cave Creature is the leader of ghosts of the Azgen settlers who were killed off by Shawnee Indians in the 1850s.

16. Hogzilla of Hocking Hills, S2E12

Hogzilla of Ohio is said to weigh nearly 1200 pounds and measure over 9 feet in length. It’s basically a giant pig with gorilla-like paws that’s been terrorizing locals since the 1700s. Apparently, a lot of these monsters also have access to the fountain of youth.

17. Harrison County Howler, S2E13

The Harrison County Howler looks like an albino lion with white fur and a white mane. The Howler has a feline head with a canine body and is said to drink the blood of its victims. It’s also supposed to be bulletproof, which conveniently seemed to be one of the only factoids that the AIMS team was skeptical about. But then again if they aired an entire episode without ammunition, it would have felt more than a little off-brand.

18. Raven Mocker of Lee County (BigFoot), S4E10

Introduced in season four, the Raven Mocker of Lee County, Virginia is another variety of BigFoot. A foe of the Cherokee, the Raven Mocker has jet-black fur with white eyes – a bit like a large gorilla. Legend says that this particular BigFoot was a shapeshifter that could turn into any animal that it wanted to, including a human. It is said that it would frequently enter the body of a raven to see through its eyes. It is also said that when it would consume the hearts of the elderly, sick and dying.

19. Woman of the Woods the Black Wolf and the Little Girl, S5S3

This trio of mysterious characters, despite having little to no historical basis in folklore (at least that we could find outside of Mountain Monsters) spanned multiple episodes. Also according to Mountain Monsters, all three haunt something called The Dark Forest in Lee County, Virginia.

20. The Waya Woman of Jackson County, S6E1

This one was introduced in episode one of season six in correlation with a variety of related creatures (The Waya Woman, The Cherokee Devil, The Raven Mocker, The Silver Giant, The Cherokee Death Cat, Coyote King and Spearfinger). The Waya Woman – frequently misspelled and mispronounced in a variety of ways (Wyatt Woman, Wild Woman, White Woman, Whya Woman, Why A Woman, etc) – is a wolf-type werewolf creature. Also known as Queen of the Blood Wolves, she was known to emit a scream like a woman that was capable of drawing in other nearby wolves and control their minds.

21. Coyote King of Cherokee North Carolina, S6E1

The Coyote King is a giant canine with coyote-like features, yellow eyes, a tail and blunt claws. It’s capable of standing up on its hind legs and when it does, is said to measure in at about 6-7 feet tall.

22. Spearfinger, S6E1

Spearfinger roamed the mountains between what would become North Carolina and Tennessee. According to Cherokee legend, Spearfinger is a shape-shifting witch with stone skin and also a long obsidian spear in place of one of the fingers on her right hand. She would come in the guise of an old woman, fooling Cherokee children into trusting her because she appeared to be a village elder. Spearfinger would offer to brush their hair until they fell asleep, then she would stab them with her finger through the back of the neck or the heart and withdraw the liver, which she would devour. Legend has it, she has a mouth red with blood.

23. The Silver Giant, S6E4

This monster is a massive bear creature that stands at 11 feet tall. The Silver Giant is capable of running on its hind legs and also has a tell-tale silver streak running along its back.

24. Cherokee Devil (Cherokee BigFoot), S6E9

And last but not least we have the Cherokee Devil. The Cherokee Devil, also known as Tsul “Kalu”, is a well-known figure in Cherokee mythology. It has sloping eyes and also the appearance of a white gorilla. It is also believed by some, to be yet another variation of BigFoot.

What are your thoughts about Travel Channel’s Mountain Monsters show? What is your favorite monster? Let us know in the comments!

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57 thoughts on “Is Mountain Monsters Real? What To Know About the Show”

  1. I love watching Mountain Monsters but want to know if any of the dead animals are real like all the dead coyotes?

  2. Whether it’s real or fake. This show is amazing. I get bored with shows easy….but this I just cant wait to see more! The guys on the show are so awesome. It would be so cool to go out with them and try to find something. My favorite person I cant really pick…..but I do like buck. Thank you all for this show! Cant wait for more!

  3. What was in the box that Buck opened, at the end of “The Twisted Torch”episode, of Mountain Monsters. Also, what happened to the twisted torch and what was its purpose? There seems to be a huge gap between seasons 6 and 7.

  4. I think season 7 was basically a tribute to Trapper RIP weiss you. Hopefully season 8 will pick up where twisted torch left off!!! I can’t wait. I’m glad all of them are on discovery+ I rewatch them over and over again. Plus there is a mountain monsters by the fire on there too. Come season 8 I can’t wait!!!

  5. i love to watch Mountain Monsters especially new episodes. Takes a little longer for me until it is broadcast on German television. but I would seriously like to know if everything is faked here or not? Because, as is well known, behind every secret there is a bit of true background.

    • Fake. Absolute foolishness. Just a bunch of gun toting hillbillies with a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ mentality. They run around in the dark yelling and jumping at shadows drawing their own conclusions as they go along.

      • That’s exactly what I think. Not one of them looks young enough to encounter the huge creatures they claim to be hunting. The younger members of the group are Buck and Wild Bill. Buck might be smart enough but he’s grossly overweight and Wild Bill is as thick as a brick. How come their traps never hold the beasts?

  6. This show is obviously a scripted comedy. The men are right out of Central Casting. It’s a hoot! And they never capture any of the monsters on camera.

  7. I LOVE LOVE MOUNTAIN MONSTERS!!! My condolences to all the guys on the show and families for the passing of Trapper. I’m anxiously awaiting for a new series.

  8. What I find weird is a bunch of old white European descendants of European immigrants, are going around with old family tales of how they are Shawnees or Cherokee Natives. These Hillbillies are descendants of the same White invaders who ethnically cleansed the real Shawnee and Cherokee Indians out of the very lands they are hunting all these Beasties and Bigfoots! It’s gross indigenous erasure. All the Indians were removed with their people to Oklahoma or up North. Unless you belong to the Federally recognized tribes, then you have no right to go around self-indigenizing yourselves, and saying you are Shawnee or Cherokee when you are not!! This would be just as bad as the Muslims and Africans going around Europe, claiming that they are the Irish, English or Scottish. You are not Indigenous to America! You are clearly Hillbilly White Appalachians and Southerners of pure European and most certainly African descent. More Blacks passed as White, than Native Americans ever did! You can only say you are Shawnee, Cherokee, or Native American if you actually belong in an unbroken link to the Historic Tribal Nations like the Cherokee and Shawnee do. There is no such thing as a non tribal Shawnee or Cherokee!!

  9. Stop letting white hillbillies usurp and appropriate the identity of Indigenous Southern people who they ethnically cleansed and genocided from their ancestral homelands! Not only did your ancestors steal their lands, now their very descendants wish to Usurp and appropriate their identities, cultures, history, and folklore! I can almost guarantee that these Euro Americans picked up their Pseudo-Shawnee/Cherokee identities from false family tales. Native Americans didn’t leave their tribe or people, and to this day are still tribally affiliated and embedded with their tribal Nations. They didn’t leave their people to pass as white hillbillies. They never had that option. If you were not White, there was no chance to not be identified non-white. Only blacks passed into Whiteness after generations of White Master and Black slave interactions. These people have benefited from whiteness for generations, now they wish to claim indigenous status from one hypothetical indigenous ancestor from 300 yrs ago. Stop appropriating an ethnic lane that doesn’t belong to European immigrant descendants !

  10. At the end of the show it says, “No wildlife was trapped, hunted, harmed, etc on this show”, or something like that. Is this an admission that the whole thing is shot in the woods but there are no examples of the creatures they’re supposedly looking for in the area? Because some of those do exist, namely all the ones based on Bigfoot.

  11. How this show is still on the air is beyond me. The guys are so obnoxiously loud they wouldn’t catch a damn thing. It’s just a waste of air time. It’s in the top 10 of worst shows ever.

  12. Sometimes i enjoy watching these hillbilly goobs doing there thing but it is so ridiculously done theres no way the creatures exist that they are chasing and they never prove one dam thing but they are hilarious to watch and they have all these guns and never fire a shot

  13. Just watched Mountain Monsters for the first time. These guys crack me up. Smoke wolves was the episode. Parts of it made me think of a cross over of Riverdale and the Blair Witch lol.

  14. Some of these folks commenting on here should go somewhere and take a chill pill and then attempt albeit probably impossible for them to try and get a life somewhere. In other words, stop complaining and either enjoy the show or go back to your basement…

  15. I am kinda new to this kind of show, and of course believing all of it until I read how fake it is…I’m so sad about that because I like the suspense! I thought the names of some of the monsters were a little strange and really didn’t think they were out there! But on the other hand I feel sad because I want it to be real…also the guys are weird until I got to understanding them….sorry to hear they are staged too!
    There isn’t any thing on t.v. That’s really worth watching anymore!

  16. This is one of the best shows on T.V. the acting is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I may not believe in what their looking for, but boy, do they sell what they’ve come across. The shows creator needs to make a major horror film. The stories are fresh, and always new.

  17. The show may be staged but it is entertaining to say the least. I find myself laughing at these guys. In these times we need something that makes us laugh.

    As far as all this ethnic history goes for one commentator, he needs to chill out. You can watch any show and analyze it to death if you want. Get real, this is for entertainment and it will stay as such!

  18. Hey Everyone, you won’t believe this – but today’s my first time watching this show! OMG! I love it! Real or Fake, Authentic or Actor – the guys really capture you and it’s pure fun and adventure! I can’t wait to watch more!

  19. What you call a smoke wolf may be the same thing as what people in Canada call a dire wolf. It has been recorded on film chasing a dog…it was huge and black.

  20. we wait for it every Sunday. These guys are the best laugh in town. Watching these guys interact with each other is priceless. especially enjoy the “canned” animal growls, etc. They would be a fun group to have a beer with.

  21. As we all know we watch it fir the entertainment factor…they NEVER catch anything…it just fun entertainment…lol

  22. Did anyone notice in the last episode of Mountain Monsters how CALM the wolves were? If these wolves were WILD, wouldn’t they be baring their teeth and snarling at their capture’s? Obviously, these wolves came from a captive breeding area or neighboring zoo. Just saying . . . . .

  23. Fantastic!
    Clearly one of the best shows on the air right now! Been watching since season one, and I don´t care that it´s not real – it´s ENTERTAINMENT at it´s best!
    I would love to see a collaboration between Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters – Make it happen!!!

  24. Love this show hope to see more new ones been watching same ones over and over lol, have to say wild bill is my favorite would love to meet him reminds me of my papaw how he acts

  25. Hey guys my name is Tater I live in Alabama. I love the show and have been watching for years. I miss seeing Trapper but he guides you all on your quest. I want you to know I’m watching a show and in Wisconsin they also have trouble with the devil dog. So keep up the great work at finding these things. Looks like their starting to spread around. Love all you guys and I’ll be watching your hunts. Whoever gets this tell all the guys I said hello and stay safe.

  26. I love mountain monsters it’s the best show on tv I watch all the time it may not all be true but no one really don’t no for sure I hope it stays own I will watch and all the time and watch the the first shows

  27. Watching the mothman episode now. I read and watched a lot of stuff about Mothman, and some of the stuff Jeff says about him I’ve never seen or read. Like it’s drawn to electricity, can teleport, causes disasters where ever it goes. Point Pleasant Mothman supposedly lived in around an abandoned tnt manufacturing facility, no electricity. Never heard about it teleporting from witnesses but that it would chase cars flying. I thought it was sighted on the silver bridge the evening before the collapse, and afterwards the collapse was due to not maintaining the bridge and it failed no where near the location it was spotted on the bridge. I got the feeling it was more of a death omen. Also it was said it had some kind of physic abilities but all these were close up encounters, looked like buck was a 100 yards or more away when he collapsed. Last that people with close encounters with it would end up getting cancer or something earlier in life. Idk, like these kinda of shows, but when one seems to come up with a lore that’s not been heard before it seems maybe morw scripted.

  28. My daughter got me hooked on mountain monsters. Have watched it all and now on second time around. Currently up to The Waya Women. My 10 year old grandson was over for three days stay last week and wanted to if he could watch the big foot show. I told him I was watching a different Bigfoot one , hence 3 days in and he is as hooked as I am. A question I would like to ask is, will there be some new series soon please. Tell the crew absolutely love the show. Really miss Trapper. Wild Bill you really have a follower in my grandson he thinks you are really funny. We are from Australia keep safe everyone.

  29. The different entities they are hunting are real there paranormal shape formers they have been recorded for centuries they deserve a lot of respect because a lot of people turn up missing I had a big foot encounter it made me feel like I died inside I never been that scared and I never go into the woods unarmed I found a few paranormal hot spots and they appear to be satanic it will send you out of the woods on a run a gun will help sometimes it depends on how many times they come in and out of the light you can’t fight what you can’t see

  30. Those s guys just want to get richer and richer you know that it is fake it’s just a bunch of liars that wants you to watch there show

  31. I love MM! They laugh at themselves and each other. I got my grandsons interested in it. We spent many hours watching and talking about them. I texted them to let them know the new ones will be on tonight and I will record so we can watch together!

  32. Given how loud they are it is no wonder they never see anything. After a week of Covid isolation I had run out of good programming to watch so I kept this program on despite its BS factor.

  33. I like watching them whether real or staged. As for the comments from the “Normandie Kent” darlin you need to get your self righteous stick out of your tight end. You have NO IDEA, what their heritage is!! I for one do and can proudly say I am yes of Irish, Scottish, Welsch and Nordic decent as well as Iroquois and I have the DNA and documents to prove it! I am also a historian by degree and profession and can for one say you are being a very hardh and blindsided person! So darlin get over yourself, you don’t know anyone else’s heritage or DNA so I suggest you do not judge the book by the cover!! And also do not bad mouth southern people I guarantee you those men are very educated and just putting on a show and one is a Vietnam veteran and deserve a hell of a lot more respect than you ever will! Yes I’m also a military historian and big supporter

  34. Love this show it is hilarious these guys are so good and entertaining I’ve been watching it for years now I just can’t get enough being from Mississippi we have all our own ghost stories that we were raised up hearing it’s just part of our history

  35. How is it impossible to ignore this TV Show Mountain Monsters? Even million people knew all are staged and comedy. I had a good laugh all the time. Well, what is there to say bad about them? Nothing but very entertaining, southern and lacking tooth, scraps clothes, educated, funny and corny. I love it! R.I.P. Trapper!!

  36. I have relatives that live 30 miles from Tygart Valley,West Virginia so I called them tonight after watching Mountain Monsters to ask if they thought the Grafton monster is real, they said they know many people who have seen it and do not doubt at all that it is real!

  37. Just remember everyone all tv shows and movies are fake There for entertainment value only. Even if their based on a true story, they are still fake

    That being said, I just like watching people who make me laugh.

    Shows fake but the entertainment is the fun part

  38. I love the show and watch every episode. What drew me to it was the location – my mom and her dude of the family live in southern Ohio and the landscape looks the same. Trapper looked exactly like my old roommate’s father and wild bill looks exactly like her step father. It’s entertainment for sure.

  39. I truly , truly love this show . I have all seven full seasons and the first two shows on VUDU . I also have the fist seasons on DVD . I don’t care if it is staged or not , I have seen the hopes. It for me is great entertainment . I honestly hope they keep making it . AIMS Forever!!!!!

  40. Im seriously skeptical about anything pertaining to this show, everything about it seems to be staged nothing seems real nothing points to anyone actually finding anything.

    The story line’s the name’s of the so called monster’s just don’t sit right with me, I’ve watched several episodes of this show and its sad how people get caught up in bs and drama like this.

    I’ve also watched other show’s like this and just like this show everything seems staged the story line’s don’t make any connection’s to what’s real and what’s not real.

    I’ve lived in West Virginia for over 20 year’s and I’ve never heard of any these so called monster’s lurking in the mountains of this state or any surrounding area’s.

    It’s pathetic how so many people have fallen for show’s like this when you can clearly tell it’s staged.

    Example 1. If your supposedly hunting or searching for some mysterious beast monster or whatever why isn’t there any professionals who can actually catalog they’re findings.


  41. I love watching the AIMS team. The best show was 2/20/2022. I think Wild Bill and Willy were great in finding the big foots squirts. Wild Bill showed he was a expert on poop. I never have laughed so hard as I did during this episode. I realize it must be stage as they never fire their guns. Huckleberry’s gun would take down anything. Plus the government would pay big bucks for both a Bigfoot and it’s poop samples.

  42. I love watching the show. I was able to meet the guys back in November in Kentucky at Cryptid-con. They are awesome and love to meet fans. I enjoyed meeting and getting pics with them. I watch the show over and over cause I never get bored watching them do what they do. I hope they keep making new seasons of the show but I do miss Trapper not being on there.

  43. I really enjoy and love watching you every Sunday night watching you guys have me on the edge of my seat if I was younger I would love to be able to do what you guys are doing. That night you had the tribute to trapper I sat there and cried my eyes out it was very heart touching and sad I’m so sorry about his passing God bless and please be safe . God bless and please be safe

  44. Can’t ever watch more than 5 minutes of any episode of this show! It’s all staged and made up. How can junk like this be on TV, and have such a large following? I’ve never seen the guy, trapmaker(?) ever get anything in his traps, and the bumblers are so loud and obnoxious when they are tracking one of their imaginary beasts, they probably scare off every creature in the area, for miles.

  45. The show is a hoot.
    Love the characters and storylines.
    It’s a shame that some people mistake it for a real show though.
    Keep smiling, keep laughing all the way to the bank AIMS’ guys!!

  46. well me and my wife love the show yes we know its not real but who,s to say that some of the beast are not. Can,t wait for new shows. If you dont like it dont watch.Realy miss trapper.

  47. To the the Aims crew: i am a novice Dermatologist, and a devout Christian! If what i was watching was true; When Buck was running and saw the lady … : all i have got to say that was so close to a level 27 Demon, WOW! I had to stop the video three times and go back to look at it.. God bless all of you, and may he rest Trapper`s soul and may he not only watch over trappers, but all of your Family’s: Amen!
    P.S. If this is the case (A) Tell Wild bill to hold on to his Bible (B) I will be praying for all of you!

  48. hey guys im a big fan realy love the show have you ever thought about bringing a fan on the hunt with you guys i would realy love to hope to hear from

  49. Love how they never get a clear picture. And the only thing they have caught is a pig. Not a massive wild hog . Every trap trap is destroyed. And how much noise do they make I thought they were were trackers and hunters. .couldn’t hunt a flie on a pile of poo. Fake TV.

  50. I had a view dream’s in my life about the Crafton Monster. I had no idea that the Crafton Monster was real until I watched Mountain Monster’s. Watching Mountain Monsters confirmed that the Crafton Monster is real.

  51. I love this show. I am a well educated, God-fearing, human-loving skeptic who loves whimsy, and whether there is any truth to this show makes little difference to me…I love cryptids! I also think that AIMS has so much fun that it is impossible not to enjoy watching them (for me, anyway….) I also think that Bigfoot is very likely a ‘real’ creature, and possibly some of the other monsters they hunt, but it really doesn’t matter – if you don’t enjoy the show, then don’t watch.

    I, too, miss Trapper terribly. Rest in peace, dear brother, and thank you, AIMS team and producers for continuing the show after his passing.

  52. Ever since Mountain Monsters’ release and I have watched several of its episodes. I’m sure up to 90 percent that the show was staged and was produced for recreational purposes. However sometimes things would happen during the show that would make me re-asses my doubts. Sometimes the fear on the team members’ faces and in their eyes before they would go on their night hunts would catch my attention. For example in season 2 episode 4, which was about the werewolf of Webster County, the way Willy fell off that log seemed to be extremely natural and spontaneous. Not even the wildest stunt man would agree to stage such a fall as it would be hazardous for his health. I reviewed that scene several times and came to the same conclusion. Being well experienced as a hunter, he was obviously tense and nervous from something, in order for him to trip and fall off that log.

    The most bizarre hunts took place in those episodes and it thrilled me to watch that awesome team go after those legendary monsters. Imagination, dazzling the audience with impressive scenes, and suspense are some of the techniques used by directors to keep the audience at the edge of their seats throughout their productions in the cine and tv world. Or else what is the true motive of the audience from buying all those horror film tickets in the cinemas, or watching them through online streaming, when they now it is all fiction and not real. It’s just the game of entertainment. However I just left that ten percent for just one probability. And since the program is categorized as “reality TV.” Were these guys really successful in hunting down to some extent some of those creatures? Why categorize a fictitious program as reality tv when you know before hand that you may never outsmart the audience, and sooner or later they will realize that it is all fake. You put a lot at stake from lying about the issue to the public. However things are, I enjoyed the show tremendously. Cheers to everyone!



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